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Pathological Altruism

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Parenthetically, categories are mutually exclusive, so "less than monthly" are not double-counted as "no more than annually" as well, etc. The response to the objection that this is merely capturing the fact that religiously active give to their religious institutions is twofold. Firstly, the question asks how often respondents have "given money to a charity".... Read More
Riffing off a previous post and a stultifying example of pathological altruism in which a jury who convicted an illegal alien of theft paid her legal fine out of their own pockets (via Derb) comes a graph showing percentages of people, by race, who have made multiple charitable contributions in the last year (N =... Read More
Without clicking on the link, take a guess as to what search phrases returned these results from Google Trends:
Mara Liasson, who has spent most of the last year smugly missing the mark, hit the bullseye yesterday in an article with the descriptive title "Trump Just Gave The Speech Republicans Have Been Waiting 20 Years To Hear". I couldn't agree more. This is Pat Buchanan with even more moxie, with independent wealth, and without... Read More
Slave morality -- It was an evil thing Europeans did to American Indians, so they deserve to have something similar done to them. Master morality -- This was bad for the people who allowed it to happen to them. We will not allow it to happen to us. Nietzsche's duality is applicable not just in... Read More