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Orwellian language

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Because there are exactly three genders: 1) Female 2) Male 3) Mentally handicapped Jokes aside, Z-Man devotes an hour to explaining how democracy, if it does not die first, necessarily leads to this. It doesn't stop here. Like a shark, it cannot stop. Once it does, it dies. Until then, it indefatigably moves to be... Read More
Steve Sailer recently called out the fake news Washington Post on attempting to retcon the history of the vocabulary used to describe those illegally present in the country. Ever since our elites legislatively opened the third-world floodgates in the sixties, we've had "chain migration", not "family reunification". We've had "illegal immigrants" and "illegal aliens", not... Read More
The contrasting crowd reactions here and here starkly illustrate what motivates people on the right and what doesn't. It's terrible news for the Cathedral. The dissident right is unquestionably on the ascent.Speaking of the Cathedral, is this a Trumpian dog whistle to those dissident rightists?Maybe not, as explicitness is Trump's style. "[You Jews are] not... Read More
During the fourth Republican presidential debate, Fox News flashed a word chart in which the size of words corresponded to the alleged concern about the words, the larger the words the greater the alleged concern and the smaller the words the lesser the alleged concern. Conspicuously missing was a term that, according to Google Trends... Read More
The question isn't whether or not reparations should be paid out, it is whether or not they should stop being paid out: From 1882-1968 3,446 blacks were lynched in the US. That comes to an average of just under 40 blacks per year. In 2011, to take a recent year in which data are readily... Read More
The functional purpose of George Orwell's newspeak is to limit freedom of thought by eliminating from our collective lexicon words that describe concepts potentially threatening to the Party. It is through an Orwellian lens, then, that one might naturally view the risible 'controversy' over the New York Times use of the adjective "burly" to describe... Read More
Calling for reinforcements to the battlefield that is Urban Dictionary. Definitions are ranked (and thus made visible) by simply taking the number of positive votes a definition receives and subtracting from it the number of negative votes it receives. In other words, it's not based on a ratio of positive-to-negative votes. Every affirmation counts! If... Read More
The importance of the ultimate questions--who? whom?--gets hammered home in a Seattle Times story (via Steve Sailer): I'm left unsure of whether marijuana is Good or is Evil. The GSS shows that, with the notable exception of black men*
++Addition++Wm Jas notes that when it comes to "homosexuals" vs "gays", the latter has probably only just finally pulled ahead in the last couple of years. Also, "same-sex marriage" (yes, I know that's the proper way to write it, but I thought including the hyphen would cause "same sex marriage" to be missed since most... Read More
Liberty or equality? The inner party demands an end to your subversive questioning. Liberty is equality! Diversity is strength! This is all you need to know: Actually, Steve Sailer improves upon this with an aphorism rivaling his "invade the world, invite the world, in hoc to the world" quip in its elegant profundity: "Liberty, equality,... Read More
In the standard MG mold, a comprehensive (and bar none for reference purposes) post mocking the spurious explanations for disparities in outcomes among members of different racial and ethnic groups references the phrase "institutional racism", noting that it seems to have been replaced by the (even more) amorphous "white privilege". Perspicacious writer, that MG. The... Read More
M.G., author of Those Who Can See, has yet another tremendously data-packed post, this time on institutional racism (including a fun yeti metaphor). Like the terrifying shambling strider, it wreaks havoc and destruction wherever it treads, yet no one is ever able to pinpoint any hard evidence of its actual existence. That doesn't stop us... Read More
Steve Sailer writes:That doesn't actually appear to be a given black name (at least not yet), but it reminds me of a funny thing that happened a couple of years ago. At the company I work for, we were using a new in-house program that had been working fine, without incident, for a couple of... Read More
Take lessons in class and character from Steve Sailer. He graciously praises Andrew Sullivan, who has shown no compunction in the past for nailing people to the wall for political incorrectness in the past, for a qualified public defense of HBD realities with regards to average IQ differences between different groups. That's laudable intellectual leadership... Read More
In putting together a follow-up to the previous post tracking the descriptors for blacks through time, I checked the first few pages of return results to see if "colored" would be used as an adjective to describe something other than race. This article on an anniversary for the "colored home" grabbed my attention as a... Read More
After Harry Reid's remarks about Barack Obama's favorable political utility were revealed, my brother told me that he'd heard a local conservative talk radio host predictably sputtering over the majority leader's comments, which served to illustrate leftist racism and hypocrisy. What Reid said of Obama:After apologizing to the President, he hastily spread his contrition around:My... Read More
The treatment potentially accorded those who make a Watson- or Summers-esque comment in a public setting usually limits my discussion of HBD issues to face-to-face conversations or pseudonymous online postings. There are times when discipline fails me, though. A friend answered in a facebook social interview question asking what she'd talk to Barack Obama about... Read More
This White House press release:... brings to mind this release from the Ministry of Plenty:"Comrades!" cried an eager youthful voice. "Attention, comrades! We have glorious news for you. We have won the battle for production! Returns now completed of the output of all classes of consumption goods show that the standard of living has risen... Read More
The State Department, DHS, and the NCTC urge that it's time to forever separate Islam and terrorism--in our diplomatic lexicon, that is: "Islamo-fascism" never made much sense. "Islamic fundamentalism" is a better descriptor of the ideological force driving terrorist attacks on Western targets. Of course, such a phrase indictes Islam as a compelling engine of... Read More