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Obama Presidency

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Revisiting a poll from a few years ago reinforces my belief that the US is headed for political dissolution within the lifetimes of most people reading this. In the latter part of 2014, Reuters-Ipsos asked a huge number of respondents (N = 16,668) if they supported or opposed "your state peacefully withdrawing from the USA... Read More
I've a couple of other posts queued up and don't have anything novel to add at the moment, but diverting attention away from a scandal bigger than Watergate isn't something that can be done with a clear conscience. Collusion between the FBI and a presidential campaign to violate the constitutional protections of the oppositional presidential... Read More
The Derb cringes in response to Trump's ebullient praise for China's president: China can be China as far as I'm concerned. There's no country more advantageous for the US to be in the relative good graces of, and if it takes an extra application of verbal lather to get there, so be it. I certainly... Read More
Commenter Random Dude on the Internet turns a light bulb on in my head: While I spend an inordinate amount of time mining the GSS, I still miss things. Big things, sometimes, and this is one of them. In three iterations the survey has asked respondents if they are citizens or not. Across these three... Read More
If you haven't, see Steve Sailer's and Heartiste's reactions to the Reuters-Ipsos detailed exit poll data. First, Heartiste notes a commenter at Steve's pointing out what I should've emphasized: A couple of clarifying comments. Steve's subsequent post looked at work from professor George Hawley who asserted that "the relationship between marriage and voting declined" in... Read More
The following map and table show the change in the margin of victory in the 2016 presidential election relative to 2012, by state, with positive (negative) figures indicating an improvement (deterioration) in the margin for Republicans. That is, the colors do not indicate who won the state in 2016, but show how much better (worse)... Read More
When Obama was sworn in as the 44th president, 46% of the population thought the country was more politically divided than ever before to 45% who did not think so. During Obama's eight years, perceived political division steadily increased all the way to the extent that when Trump was sworn in as the 45th president... Read More
As Obama gives his farewell address leaving the party he's lead for eight years in shambles, now is as good a time as ever to point out how much more interest the Trump phenomenon garnered than the Obama one ever did. From Google Trends, search volumes over time since the beginning of 2007: Trump generated... Read More
The recounts produced a wider margin of victory for Trump in Wisconsin and turned up severe voter fraud in Democrat-controlled Detroit. Too bad they missed the recount deadline in Pennsylvania--Philadelphia's corrupt political machine is notoriously even worse than Detroit's! From commenter Sid: And: The Democrats have thus handicapped themselves for ideological reasons. There are far... Read More
It's worth remembering that the Obama administration was actively making foreign policy concessions to Ecuador in an attempt to get that country to influence the outcome of the presidential election: It's an administration just trying to do what's in its own best interests, of course:
Trump's shattering expectations. I got on the Trump Train back in July 2015 for three primary reasons: 1) Immigration -- his candidacy was a referendum on a wall. 2) Political correctness -- any other political figure who'd said one-tenth of the things he did would've been toast. Instead of groveling, he doubled down. Rather than... Read More
From a net favorability rating of -29.2 at its nadir to -6.4 and climbing less than a month later: Among whites, the divisive, extremist, racist demagogue is now more popular than Obama is. Trump's current net favorability rating among whites is +8.0: Obama's, in contrast, is -13.5: Not a bad start.
Headlines from RCP and USA Today, respectively. They ran a mere day apart from one another: Are these people truly this incompetent or is Obama subtly sowing discord and confusion among Hillary's ranks? My money is on the former, or as Steve Sailer likes to say, that they're not even trying anymore.
The following table shows how each state's percentage of the Reuters-Ipsos' national polling sample running from 7/28 through 10/25 compared to its percentage of the nationwide vote in the 2012 presidential election. In other words, it shows how over- and under-weighted each state is in determining R-I's nationwide polling results. Figures over 100% indicate that... Read More
I don't have anything particularly insightful to say here, but this can't be disseminated too widely. Assuming it is credible--and WikiLeaks' record is impeccable--why wouldn't we assume electoral fraud is also in the works? We're looking at a situation where the Obama administration's state department has made negotiation concessions in an effort to influence the... Read More
How self-identified political liberals voted in the 2012 presidential election, by race: Sample sizes are 327, 84, and 50, respectively. Surprised that not a single black liberal voted for Romney? Don't be, there's plenty of precedence. Exit polling from New York state had a black sample larger than this in 2008 and they didn't find... Read More
Again, what isn't? How self-identified political conservatives voted in the 2012 presidential election, by race: Sample sizes are 469, 57, and 41, respectively. "Blacks and Hispanics are natural conservatives, we just need to communicate our message to them more effectively," clucks the cuck. If increasing the ranks of NAM conservatives is the Paul Ryan-led GOPe... Read More
Then again, what isn't? How self-identified political moderates voted in the 2012 presidential election, by race: Sample sizes are 361, 129, and 17, respectively. Yes, the Hispanic sample is prohibitively small. I'm confident it allows us to generalize all the same. GSS variables used: POLVIEWS(4), PRES12(1-2), RACECEN1(1)(2)(15-16)
Mara Liasson, who has spent most of the last year smugly missing the mark, hit the bullseye yesterday in an article with the descriptive title "Trump Just Gave The Speech Republicans Have Been Waiting 20 Years To Hear". I couldn't agree more. This is Pat Buchanan with even more moxie, with independent wealth, and without... Read More
Trump's speech on the history of Clintonian corruption was postponed so he could deliver one in response to the mass shooting in Orlando where an inanimate carbon assault rifle killed fifty people. The topic was to be covered was billed as terrorism. Substantively, though, it was more a speech on immigration that also included terrorism... Read More
Take a moment to appreciate Trump's instinctive rhetorical brilliance: This was posted just a couple of hours after the Orlando news broke. He beat Hillary to the punch, getting to it before she was able to get her thrice-consultant-approved boilerplate nothingness blather response up. If Obama refuses to use the perfectly descriptive and contextually appropriate... Read More
The following table shows the change in the number of white votes Hillary Clinton received in the 2016 Democrat primaries and caucuses compared to the 2008 Democrat primaries and caucuses for states where exit polling was conducting in both years (with the exception of Iowa, whose entrance polls in '08 didn't record respondent race):State%chngWest Virginia-75.9Vermont-65.4Mississippi-51.4Oklahoma-42.0Indiana-36.9Arkansas-34.3Pennsylvania-31.2North... Read More
Quite a bit packed into a couple of minutes:- Talking over a reporter as she asks a question about the Republican frontrunner, Obama sedately says "oh no". The giggling gaggle's reaction confirms what we already know about the efficacy of the term "Establishment". Professional journalism is a joke.- Over the course of an answer less... Read More
Seeing this: Served as an impetus for these:  
We've seen that Trump cleans Hillary's clock among independents by a more than 2-to-1 margin, while against Cruz she actually holds a modest lead with them. What about Democrat likely voters in November? Turns out Trump does better than Cruz here as well. Hillary vs Trump: Hillary vs Cruz: If Trump is able to beat... Read More
According to the markets: I must confess a lack of familiarity with most of the potential nominees, so I'll trust that these odds are explainable entirely by the perceived qualifications, temperament, judiciousness, etc of the jurists under presidential consideration.
The Confederate-flag hating blackety-black occupying the Oval Office and the head papistical muckety-muck both impugn an unapologetically white Protestant just days before a primary in the Deep South, in a state that is one of the most fervently Protestant in the country. Beautiful. It gets better. Obama--who is notorious for jetting around on long vacations,... Read More
A couple of months ago, after having a rally shutdown by a couple of fat negresses, Bernie Sanders continued to prostrate himself in front of the country in the hopes of mollifying the BLM crowd:
In a series of posts he is constructing on contemporary support for Barack Obama using Reuters-Ipsos opinion polling data, Hail discovered an interesting positive correlation between religiosity among blacks and increased support for Obama. It is conventionally assumed that piety, especially of the Christian variety, tends to accompany relatively greater support for Republicans in the... Read More
Illegal Alien With Criminal Record Kills AZ Clerk Over a Pack of Cigarettes: The corpulent cherub had been arrested on previous occasions on his way to acquiring a felonious rap sheet. Inexplicably, he still wasn't deported. Don't expect to hear anything about this from the Justice Department or from Barack Obama about how Grant, the... Read More
Writing at Secular Right, Andrew Stuttaford quotes Barack Obama on Indonesia:When evaluating flattering fluff like this, my instinct is to try and quantifiably evaluate how much truth, if any, it contains. When the subject is international in scope, the World Values Survey, imperfect and eccentric though it may be, is one of the best places... Read More
Writes Jack Hunter: Ever the proverbial fool, after seeing that pithy rhetorical ploy I knew I had to say something. The Herostratus effect must be an order of magnitude larger than any further attempts to restrict the public's access to guns could hope to be. A decade their senior and having never toked up in... Read More
Apparently reeling a bit from a publicizing of the uptick in deportations that have taken place under the Obama administration, the department of homeland security announced that it will abnegate deportation proceedings against some 215,000 El Salvadorans illegally present in the US through at least late 2013, citing damage from earthquakes--earthquakes that occurred in the... Read More
++Addition++Patrick Cleburne makes note over at VDare.---In the July 2nd broadcast of Radio Derb, John Derbyshire delivers a beautiful cliche-by-cliche refutation of open-borders appeals delivered by President Obama earlier in the same week. Responding to the "nation of immigrants" bromide, the Derb remarks:Harry Truman had actually made use of it six years earlier, in a... Read More
Intellectual leaders of the Democratic party fear that if President Obama is unable to salvage a health care bill that increasingly looks like it it's indefinitely stuck in legislative limbo, party members will be unwilling to touch it in the future: In a recent VDare column, Steve Sailer linked to a handy report from the... Read More
In putting together a follow-up to the previous post tracking the descriptors for blacks through time, I checked the first few pages of return results to see if "colored" would be used as an adjective to describe something other than race. This article on an anniversary for the "colored home" grabbed my attention as a... Read More
After Harry Reid's remarks about Barack Obama's favorable political utility were revealed, my brother told me that he'd heard a local conservative talk radio host predictably sputtering over the majority leader's comments, which served to illustrate leftist racism and hypocrisy. What Reid said of Obama:After apologizing to the President, he hastily spread his contrition around:My... Read More
This White House press release:... brings to mind this release from the Ministry of Plenty:"Comrades!" cried an eager youthful voice. "Attention, comrades! We have glorious news for you. We have won the battle for production! Returns now completed of the output of all classes of consumption goods show that the standard of living has risen... Read More
President Obama's address to the nation's school children this Tuesday is unlikely to contain anything provocative, especially given the sharp criticism it has drawn. This gem from the Department of Education, intended to serve as companion list of classroom activities to accompany the speech, illustrates why the reaction has been so negative:Obama's astute political move... Read More
Jack Cashill has not abandoned his dogged diligence in digging up suggestive evidence that Bill Ayers played a significant role in President Obama's 1995 book, Dreams from my Father. His suspicions have been corroborated by a couple of other investigative journalists. A sampling of the newest discoveries:Rather astonishingly, as Mr. West points out, at least... Read More
Pointing out political bias in major media sources is old hat. When the subjective slant tilts in Barack Obama's favor, reading up on it creates a feeling of novelty comparable to what discovering your great grandfather's homburg from a time before the bombing of Pearl Harbor does.To ensure that readers remain saturated with examples of... Read More
By the stealth of day, they no longer even try to conceal:He met with the entire Congressional Hispanic Caucus.By the way, isn't it funny how lukewarm restrictionists are constantly badgered into saying their concerns about immigration have nothing to do with race or ethnicity, while this amnesty trumpeting is so often done in front of... Read More
++Addition++The House bill passed with the provision included. The Senate version, which will likely be voted on next week, does not include it. So what happens in conference committee will be crucial. Consequently, there is still ample time to contact your Congressional representatives in front of the SCHIP expansion passage.---It appears one of the first... Read More