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Per A123's suggestion, an open thread if one is worth creating about the category 4-pushing-5 hurricane headed towards the Louisiana and Texas coasts in the Gulf of Mexico. There are still four months left in 2020. Surely you didn't think the catastrophes were over yet. Does Laura have a friend named Katrina, by the way?
OneSTDV's post in support of the idea of hunting led me to wonder about the political orientation of hunters. It has red-state written all over it, of course--NRA membership, male bonding, virility, self-reliance--so it comes as little surprise that hunters, as a group, lean conservative. But as the tagline captures this blog's raison d'etre, this... Read More
After OneSTDV articulated his hypothesis that Jews are to blame for the spread of vegetarianism, Half Sigma angrily rejected it, asserting as unlikely that Jews are anymore disproportionately atop the vegetarian movement than they are at the tops of virtually every other movement on account of enjoying an average IQ advantage of nearly one standard... Read More
Although global warming climate change has been a "hot button" issue for several years, until the 2010 GSS surveys were completed, my favorite database for gauging American society hadn't pushed it. What spurred me to check the newest stuff was a post by Half Sigma a few months back where he lamented what he sees... Read More
Sam Harris' post (via RP) detailing practical steps to take and things to think about to minimize one's risk of becoming a victim of physical violence is a worthwhile read. A snippet: At the risk of invoking the naturalistic fallacy, I'll point out that Harris' prudent advice is not just applicable to humans, but exists... Read More
I was under the impression that the phrase "global warming" had been progressively phased out in favor of the all-purpose "climate change", a la Michael Crichton's novel State of Fear (p314):I am obviously not qualified to speak authoritatively on long-term climate variations and their causes. Even if the catastrophic anthropogenic global warming narrative is accurate,... Read More
Ilkka Kokkarinen recalls the ozone hole scare that was part of popular parlance a decade ago, noting that it has essentially disappeared since then:I vaguely remember hearing about ozone depletion and how I'd better where SPF 30 or higher sunscreen when I went to Oceans of Fun unless I wanted skin cancer before I finished... Read More experience the last throes of global cooling, before our Purgatory becomes irreversibly locked within the walls of Dis. Here, in unmolested purity, are some pictures of what the ice storm that swept through the Midwest left as conciliation for the damage it wrought. I took them on a trek through the woods, made into... Read More
Kenyan farmers are being harrassed by rapacious monkeys: The monkeys are sexually harrassing the village's women as they till and harvest their land. As is the case with virtually all other primates, vervet troops are male-dominated. These guys are being crass lads while they plunder. Despite their lack of cultural sophistication, the monkeys are able... Read More
As a follow-up thought to a previous post about spiders, I wonder why they strike so much fear into so many people. In terms of posing a danger to humans, mosquitoes present the greatest bug threat (due to being malaria agents), followed by wasps.Bees and wasps are hardly a legitimate reason for anxiety. The numbers... Read More
Evolutionarily-conditioned (instinctual) human fear hasn't had enough time to be calibrated optimally to the contemporary threats humans face. That people so frequently drive immediately after waking up or while intoxicated without great concern are examples of signicant but historically recent dangers. Becoming scared while watching a horror movie is an extreme example of fear arising... Read More
Children who live with two biological parents are the less likely to be prescribed Ritalin than children of divorced parents (as well as those living in other household arrangements): This is a classic example of the vicious (or virtuous) cycle of the mutual reinforcement of nature and nurture. Successful, socially functionable parents are the most... Read More
A pogrom is being executed against some of the most pleasant members of the US' ornithological community: Crows are amazing birds, with complex social interactions and a keen intelligence that tops the avian world. Robins live almost exclusively on the insects that make going outdoors on a muggy summer evening a little less heavenly. Blue... Read More
Steve Sailer’s two-part essay on the political implications of Darwinian thought, written eight years ago, remain must-reads. They are here and here.With the proliferation of the blogosphere, the work of heavyweights like Philippe Rushton and Ricahrd Lynn, and the mainstreaming of evolutionary explanations for variances in human populations by reporters like the NYT's Nicholas Wade,... Read More
Love--or lust, anyway--isn't rational. Like flavors of ice cream, you simply like some and dislike others. It's a realm that pure reason cannot seem to dominate. But be uncertain no longer--as Nicholas Wade reports, it's in your hardwiring: Dante embraced unrequited love. Fine. But the miserable Sydney Carton died for it. I find his experience... Read More
Summer's coming, I can feel it coming, like a flock of turkey vultures clumsily drifting in the warm updrafts, I go running... Eastern Kansas loses these scavengers around the end of September each year, as the temperatures begin falling below freezing on a regular basis. The darker months do see a modest increase in the... Read More
Al Fin has tracked down Martin Durkin's skeptical documentary on the catastrophic anthropogenic global warming hysteria, which aired on Britain's Channel 4 last a week ago. It's made its way onto the internet, escaping the omertas and intellectual censorship of those holding the 'consensus' view. Escaping the hostile intolerance wasn't easy, however. Durkin struggled for... Read More
The removal of the Gray Wolf from the Endangered Species list has me refreshing myself on North American wildlife. I'm not that familiar with Gray Wolf management (wildlife management is basically artificially-maintained defense against Darwinian natural selection in action), although a common misconception is that wolves are dangerous to people. To the contrary, they almost... Read More
As many of those who see this blog also read Steve Sailer, I feel compelled to bloviate a bit in reaction to his recent comments about the raptor who harrassed his son's pet rabbit. Steve originally thought the perpetrator was a hawk: Falconer and naturalist Stephen Bodio and I both doubted a hawk as the... Read More