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From SurveyUSA comes an interesting quantification of the proxy for in-group impulses that is professional sports. The survey (N = 700) was conducted in the San Diego metro area. In the 2017 NFL season, the one that ends next week, the Chargers moved to Los Angeles. The survey inquired about fandom. Some 69% of respondents... Read More
In the post on millennials, I overlooked perhaps the most important data set included in the primary source. It wasn't fully fleshed out in the report the GenForward released, but the complete results are there in the topline survey (thanks to commenter milan for the heads-up). Respondents were asked to select their "top three most... Read More
The following table shows the percentages of respondents, by ethnicity (with sample sizes of at least 150), who "strongly agree" they would rather be citizens of the US than of any other country: Does Vox Day's characterization of "Fake Americans" apply to those who don't much pretend to want to be Americans in the first... Read More
Junior, who wields the social media rapier exceptionally well, captures why Gen Z is going to be quite problematic for the cultural commissars indeed: A theme revisited frequently here is that being on the left in The Current Year means spending all your time and energy coming up with different ways to say "that is... Read More
In 2014, the GSS asked respondents whether they agreed or disagreed with the statement that "I feel more like a citizen of the world than of any country". The following graph shows the percentages who "agree" or "agree strongly", by race and also by whether or not they were born in the US (N =... Read More
Here's one to file neatly under the blog's tagline. The following graph shows the electoral behavior of foreign-born voters--mostly voting legally--in US presidential elections since 1992*: Bringing in ringers. Electing a new people. Choose whatever metaphor you'd like to describe the disenfranchisement of Heritage America. We have to go back to 1988 to find an... Read More
This is causing a lot of grumbling among immigration patriots: It shouldn't. Congress is an amnesty killing field. The bipartisan swamp attempted it in 2007. Middle America grabbed the pitchforks, surrounded the palaces of their congressional Cloud People, and demanded the McCain-Kennedy be destroyed. It was. The bipartisan swamp made another major attempt in 2013,... Read More
Vox Day passes along an anecdote--for "a non-believing nationalist, the most compelling evidence for Christianity is the globalists' irrational hatred and fear of it." Nationalism and atheism aren't terms that score high together on word association tests. Nationalism is predicated in large part on the cultural unity of those comprising a nation's population. The GSS... Read More
Marijuana legalization should be decided at the state level. This Trumpian position should be ported onto other Culture War issues, and it should be done so explicitly. It should also be done pithily. When asked "What do you think about X social policy?", Trump answers "People have different opinions on that. It's something the states... Read More
As a result of my reaction to the Pence pick I found myself in an extended twitter exchange with some prescient god who took issue with my assessment (the exchanges are scattered here). A revisiting, then, to expound and clarify. Sessions would have been the best 'top tier' pick by a mile, no one else... Read More
With the Republican primaries culminating in Trump going 13 for 13 in the thirteen colonies, the GOP nominee gave a speech demonstrating the perfect blend of the god-emperor and the presidential candidate.There's an elegance in being able to describe oneself as a "Trump Republican". For the good of the cause, clemency will be granted to... Read More
Ed West doesn't think many Europeans would, if the prospect of military action between Russia and the West was actualized, be willing to fight for the EU. I suspect it would be a moot point because the US would end up providing the lion's share of the 'Allied' forces, but his sentiment seems about right.... Read More
With a victorious--if only symbolic, temporary, and ultimately futile--stand against amnesty looking to be secured thanks to the majority of Republicans in the House, the only part of the federal government I still have any hope at all in (and that hope is shaky to say the least), let's take a look at international sentiments... Read More