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National security

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A DACAmnesty legalizes 800,000. Via chain migration, the number quintuples in a few years and the only sensible vote in 2020 becomes Adam Kokesh running on a platform of dissolving the United States into 51 independent, sovereign states because the last chance at something resembling a nation will be as dead as Trump's reelection campaign.... Read More
No need for a dramatic rescue this time around: My instinctive reaction is to cheer the virility the Maersk has acquired over the last year. Whether or not it is economically prudent for cargo ship operators to hire private security forces is another question for which it is difficult to get precise data. Annually, around... Read More
The state of Texas is creating its own contingency plans, in addition to those already in place at the federal level, for the potential breakdown of the Mexican government and consequently its inability to control drug gangs operating in the country:Of the 18,000 Border Patrol agents, fewer than 2,000 are devoted to the US-Canadian border.... Read More
More evidence that the mass deportation argument--that the repatriation of the US' illegal immigrant population would require a massive manhunting and governmentally-funded transportation effort--is a brittle strawman with no grounding in reality: Pass laws with real penalties for residing in the US illega
The foiled Rambo attack plot on New Jersey's Fort Dix epitomizes the inanity of our immigration situation in several ways. At least three of the six plotters likely crossed illegally into the US via the Southern border: A legacy of the 1986 amnesty that our Executive and most of our Senators want to repeat, albeit... Read More