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The following graph shows free speech index scores by selected demographic characteristics. The index is a simple average of the percentage of respondents who said that five different categories of controversial advocates should be allowed to speak publicly. The higher the score, the more supportive of free speech the group is. The five categories are... Read More
The following graph shows average (mean) number of children by race and intelligence*. For contemporary relevance, all responses are from this millennium. To avoid language fluency issues, only those born in the US are considered. To allow time for family formation to occur, responses from those under the age of 35 are excluded: The dysgenic... Read More
On multiple occasions an anonymous commenter has pointed out the Trump campaign's missed opportunity with regards to registering unregistered white voters over the last year: The thought is that without additional white voters, Trump will have to do about 3 points better than Romney did among whites in 2012. Trump will have to get 62%... Read More
From a Pew report entitled "Parenting in America": In this case, (educated white) mother knows best. NAMs are more likely to attribute their children's outcomes to the specifics of their parental approaches than whites are. That's a recipe for perpetual frustration and heartache. Beyond making sure basic needs are met, a parent's two most important... Read More
For accosting a criminal brazenly disregarding the law and then acting in accordance to police training and protocol, a white police officer's fatal act of self defense is immediately regarded as an exhibit of murderous white racism by the major media and its race-hustling and guilt-tripping comrades. Despite any empirical evidence supporting such vicious accusations,... Read More
A couple of immediate reactions to mid-term congressional exit polling: - Non-Asian minorities (NAMs) are natural Democrats. Consequently, Republicans always get trounced among blacks. Scarcely any more surprisingly, regardless of whether Republicans go the McCain route and play the role of open borders champion or garner the support of restrictionist paladin Kris Kobach, they lose... Read More
Tangential to Steve Sailer's recent post on the acid test for climate change activists being their positions on immigration is a table showing the percentages of GSS respondents, by ethnicity*, who often/always "make a special effort to sort glass or cans or plastic or papers and so on for recycling". The impetus is a remark... Read More
Calling for reinforcements to the battlefield that is Urban Dictionary. Definitions are ranked (and thus made visible) by simply taking the number of positive votes a definition receives and subtracting from it the number of negative votes it receives. In other words, it's not based on a ratio of positive-to-negative votes. Every affirmation counts! If... Read More
Pew Research recently published a post entitled "More Hispanics, blacks enrolling in college, but lag in bachelor’s degrees". The titular description says it all. Educational romanticism, and the consequent student loan 'crisis' it has fostered, hurts NAMs--especially blacks--more than it hurts ice people. Among those who are not of collegiate material but who chase college... Read More
The GSS is a gift that keeps on giving. I was unaware of a series of questions the survey put to respondents in 1990 and again in 2000 about the perceived proneness to violence among members of different racial groups. Inexcusable on my part, really, as that sort of thing is this blog's bread and... Read More
Taking note of Alfred Clark's observations about the 'ghettoization' of Christianity, the Derb recently wrote a piece for VDare exploring the phenomenon of white flight from the religion, an abandonment distinct from the general trend towards secularization in that it appears to be occurring more rapidly among whites than among NAMs. The GSS has data... Read More
After ruminating on Dinah Shore (yeah, I read everything Steve Sailer writes because Steve Sailer wrote it, not because it necessarily piques my interest), Steve concludes: The GSS has queried respondents on their feelings towards four times in its history, most recently in 2004. It asked them to use a "feeling thermometer", for which ratings... Read More
Marshaling evidence from the GSS, Jayman has thoughtfully and diligently looked at white fertility rates by political orientation over time. The tendency for conservatives to be more fecund than liberals extends at least as far back as the cohort of people born in the 1920s, and it has become more pronounced since then. Jayman argues... Read More
In a blatant but understandable attempt to gain electoral advantage (anything that makes voting more restrictive benefits Republicans, and anything that makes it easier to do benefits Democrats), the Justice Department rejected South Carolina's version of a voter-ID law requiring putative citizens to produce proof that they are indeed citizens eligible to vote in their... Read More
It's been noted that among whites, self-described liberals are slightly more intelligent than conservatives are (both have considerably higher IQs than moderates do). Non-whites are more leftist than whites are, of course, and when the population of the US as a whole is considered, conservatives actually have a slight IQ edge. Parenthetically, if you're looking... Read More