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In the 1880s, American babies were eight times as likely to be given a first name beginning with the letter F than they were a century later: This is fascinating. Or maybe to get with the times, I should say it's xascinating. In the inclusive spirit of our age, the three most expendable consonants in... Read More
The modal decade of birth for these sisters is the 1960s. They're boomers--or in Karen's case, maybe the leading edge of Gen X. Tyrone and Stacy are Xers, most commonly born in the 1970s. Chad is a millennial, coming into the world during the Reagan administration. Tangentially, some names are experiencing a renaissance. When I... Read More
Steve Sailer's insight into the secure masculinity of biblical male names has been of great personal interest recently. While it's a great place to start, however, it isn't without exceptions. He never claimed it was, of course--I've just finally gotten around to putting a little pressure on it.Aaron/Erin is the first exception that comes to... Read More
I'm interested in setting my child up in the most favorable position I'm able to. Elementary, middle, and high school choices will all be determined by how icy they are because, excluding genetic contributions, our most lasting influence will be contingent upon the kinds of people we surround him/her with. I'm soliciting advice on naming... Read More
I'm into the fifth season of The Office. As a cog in the machine, its lampooning of the corporate world hits home and the hot-cold mix of blatant-subtle presentation really does it for me. My onomastic obsession has been activated since the beginning, though. The show is set in contemporary Scranton, PA but if one... Read More