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Chaimstream Media: That maverick McCain was a real hero. Thinking American: How do you mean, mendacity personified? Chaimstream Media: Well, uh, he crashed a plane and got captured by the Viet Cong. Thinking American: How does that make him a hero? Chaimstream Media: [Angrily] He pushed more amnesties, started more wars, and bankrupted more future... Read More
As someone who enjoys classical music's greatest hits but who has tried and failed on multiple occasions to find an opera without "rock" in front of it that he likes, I felt some validation in revisiting the GSS module in which respondents were queried on the genres of music they like and finding that opera isn't... Read More
Steve Sailer recently reiterated an observation made by Linda Gottfredson that perhaps the surest way to assess a person's IQ from casual conversation without risking a false positive is by asking the person whether or not he likes classical music. If the answer is "yes", his IQ is in the triple-digits. If he doesn't enjoy... Read More