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The following graph juxtaposes expressed hypothetical support for a candidate who is X but who is otherwise generic (ie nothing is known about his or her political orientation, partisan affiliation, etc). The first bar for each X, displayed in a color based on my editorial discretion, shows net support (% more likely to support -... Read More
From an extensive YouGov poll conducted earlier this week comes the following gem: Fewer than one-in-five (18%) of respondents answered "not sure". Those responses are excluded above. A few other comments: - Some 89% of Trump voters view Israel as either an "ally" or "friendly" to the US. Just 5% view it as an "enemy"... Read More
I've previously created indices based on GSS responses to questions about whether various 'controversial' speakers should or should not be permitted to speak publicly. The selection of five types of speakers does a pretty good job running the political gamut (atheists, communists, and homosexuals on the left; militarists and racists on the right). That means... Read More
Following are excerpts from a letter entitled "A new accountability: We can, and will, be better" sent out to all students and faculty at the University of Kansas. Yes, it was sent out to all students, some of who forwarded it to me. KU's current enrollment is 28,447. For readers whose last contact with academia... Read More
The following graph shows free speech index scores by selected demographic characteristics. The index is a simple average of the percentage of respondents who said that five different categories of controversial advocates should be allowed to speak publicly. The higher the score, the more supportive of free speech the group is. The five categories are... Read More
In 2016, non-Hispanic whites continued to comprise a majority of all Democrat presidential candidate votes, albeit narrowly so: The Hispanic Heritage Foundation's poll shows that will not be the case for much longer, maybe another election cycle or two: The Democrat party's elite whites are ancient. Non-whites are the party's future at the bottom, the... Read More
Excerpting TWCS, Heartiste talks about quantifying the costs of Diversity!, the structure of which is characterized by an iceberg effect with the most conspicuous costs representing a small fraction of the total while the most go unnoticed by all but the few who deliberately look for them. While TWCS defeated the kraken, I'll throw my... Read More
Happiness quotients, by race, computed by taking the percentages of GSS participants who self-describe as "very happy" and subtracting from them the percentages who say they're "not too happy", presented in both table and graph formats. The higher the score, the happier the group. For contemporary relevance all responses are from 2000 onward (n =... Read More
In the previous post it was noted that according to exit polling data the entire increase in Hispanic turnout in the 2016 election compared to the 2012 election was accounted for--and then some--by an increase in California's Hispanic turnout. Pithom doesn't buy it: I didn't make it clear enough that I'm skeptical of the veracity... Read More
Here's the graphic accompanying the portal into Reuters/Ipsos' poll in which participants were asked, on election day (this looks like it could be Steve Sailer's missing R/I exit poll, but at least up to this point, isn't being fully released), if they agreed or disagreed with the statement, "These days I feel like a stranger... Read More
In the 2008 Democrat presidential nomination campaign, Hillary beat Obama among whites and among Hispanics, but he crushed her among blacks and ultimately ended up as president for eight years as a consequence. This time around Hillary is the new Obama and Bernie Sanders is the new Hillary. These Nevada entrance poll results illustrate the... Read More
Via Google Trends, the places where the share of searches for "Ben Carson" are the highest. By country: And by city: Baltimore is 63.3% black, DC 49.5%, Atlanta 54.0%, Charlotte 35.0%, and Houston 23.7%. The United States as a whole is 11.8% black. Nairobi and Lagos are Kenya's and Nigeria's most populous cities. The late... Read More
Commenting on the threshold of 28% sub-Saharan African ancestry for people in the US to self-identify as black, I suggested it likely a consequence of the broader flight from white phenomenon. Long-time blogging polymath and budding regular NYT op-ed writer Razib Khan disagrees: If by adopting an assumption of whiteness he means they don't adopt... Read More
Reading Steve Sailer's movie review of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, the sequel to the 2011 Rise of the Planet of the Apes, I expected a mindless, gory, action-packed allegorical illustration of oppressive white America on the receiving end of righteous reprisals administered by the recently liberated non-whites, a la Django Unchained, with... Read More
Way back when, an intellectual giant of our time--nay, THE intellectual giant of our time--kindly described a post I'd put together as "an elegant little regression analysis". It would become standard fare for this audacious amateur, and should continue to be to this day. In that spirit, then, a few correlations with the percentage of... Read More
The facebook status (with nearly 100 'likes' in less than a day) of a pretty well-adjusted, friendly black college girl I know, who has lived an unbroken affluent existence all her life: This was subsequent to the public release of all the evidence served to and then masticated and digested by the grand jury. That... Read More
This clip from a speech by former president Bush has been making the rounds over the last couple of weeks following Megyn (sp?) Kelly bringing attention to it on Fox News: Yeah, he's correct. The problem is, he could have been giving that speech in 2017 or 2027 and, assuming we'd maintained a continual presence... Read More
Some findings from a recent Pew Research report entitled "How Americans Feel About Religious Groups" follow. Allow a few technical considerations to be run through beforehand. The (ir)religious groups under consideration are not defined in the questions Pew posed to survey participants, so the somewhat nebulous terms "Jew" (is it an ethnicity, religious persuasion, either/or?)... Read More
Below are selected hatefacts from Pew's recent statistical portrait on racial groups in the US. Because Pew is an empirically-driven, mostly honest and respectable organization, I'll add my own color commentary on the data to redirect the hate away from Pew and towards myself. Cross-bearer, I know, I know. For brevity's sake, all groups are... Read More
But isn't it racist to lead off in English?
Liberty or equality? The inner party demands an end to your subversive questioning. Liberty is equality! Diversity is strength! This is all you need to know: Actually, Steve Sailer improves upon this with an aphorism rivaling his "invade the world, invite the world, in hoc to the world" quip in its elegant profundity: "Liberty, equality,... Read More
I vaguely recall seeing this commercial a Super Bowl or two ago, but outside of the NFL I don't watch TV so I'm not sure if it's been hanging around for awhile or if it has recently been resurrected, but it serves a useful illustrative purpose that I won't skip over again. A sign of... Read More
Writing at Secular Right, Andrew Stuttaford quotes Barack Obama on Indonesia:When evaluating flattering fluff like this, my instinct is to try and quantifiably evaluate how much truth, if any, it contains. When the subject is international in scope, the World Values Survey, imperfect and eccentric though it may be, is one of the best places... Read More
Half Sigma recently rehashed the familiar reasons why Asians are, as the so-called "model minority", also the inconvenient minority: A Pew survey on Asians in the US adds another reason for why Asians are the left's stickiest minority group, even though they tend to be socially liberal on issues like abortion and mostly vote Democratic... Read More
Ed Tom Kowalsky previously commented as follows:The Baby Name Wizard is a great resource for tracking the popularity of American names extending back into the late 19th Century. Name popularity is amalgamated by decade up until 2003, at which point statistics for individual years are available.Keep in mind that names are tracked by newborns receiving... Read More
In Multiculturalism and the Politics of Guilt, Paul Gottfried excerpts (p62) from a speech given by Bill Clinton a couple of months after 9/11 as an illustration "exemplifying the power of multicultural concepts to influence political celebrities independently of tangible career interest" (that is, multicult worship is not merely a tool for achieving some desired... Read More
++Addition++OneSTDV asks:From Pew's religious landscape survey, a breakdown of blacks by religious affiliation in the US:Affiliation%Black churcher52.6Protestant (Evangelical)16.2Unaffiliated11.4Muslim7.1Catholic4.6Protestant (Mainline)4.2Jehovah's Witness1.3Orthodox0.6Mormon0.5Buddhist0.5Other (Christian)0.4Other (non-Christian)0.3Jewish0.2Hindu0.1The majority of American blacks belong to black churches, but it isn't overwhelmingly so. Among Christians (including Witnesses), two-thirds are members of black churches.It is conceivable that active black churchers are more racialist than... Read More
Lately Inductivist has been investigating how whites feel towards blacks and other whites, the feelings Jews have for various racial groups, and to what extent these groups return the favor. Having seen group perceptions looked at in these ways from fairly contemporary (2002) data, bringing it all together in a single graphical representation is irresistible.The... Read More
Last month blogger TGGP wondered why the myth that Native Americans had no concept of private property is so remains so reticent today:The image of North America's indigenous population has been transformed over the last century from the stoic warrior (which is why their variations have been such popular sports team mascots) to the pacifist... Read More
In the comments of the previous post, an anonymous reader left the following:To which Billare responded:There is good reason for the presumption. Current occupation is one of the ten possible descriptors from which GSS respondents were asked to identify as most important in describing themselves. Among white men, 50.6% of included it among the top... Read More
In a couple of previous posts, the propensity to self-identify by race or ethnicity was examined by, well, race and ethnicity. In addition to the groups already discussed, results for Jews, Native Americans, those McCain-belt Scotch-Irish types who tell census takers they are simply "American" by ancestry, white Republicans (the question was not cross-referenced with... Read More
The previous post showing more evidence that non-whites are more racialist than whites are led me to wonder how racialism varies among those of European descent. The following table shows the percentage of people, by ancestry, who included race or ethnicity as one of the three most important methods of self-identification from a list of... Read More
To assert that whites don't think in racial terms and non-whites do is hardly novel in the Steveosphere, but the narrative that holds white racism to be ubiquitous and oppressive relies on the assumption that whites are racially conscious.There is little evidence for this assumption. The GSS asked respondents to choose the three most important... Read More
Memories of my time spent deep in the heart of Texas (Coppel!) do not include anything like this:Walking Cesar Chavez Boulevard sounds about as enticing as walking Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard
The AP-Yahoo poll reporting Obama's putative troubles* with white Democrats is revealing not so much in what it presents but in what it omits. The message bandied about in the media goes like this:As Inductivist remarks, these descriptions are presumably in comparison to other groups, and consequently can be seen as showing the percentage of... Read More
Maybe the acronym will be expanded to NAANYCP, to stand for the National Association for the Advancement of non-Yellow Colored People. Phonetically, nahn-neh-kip has a nice, Kit Katish sound to it: As less than an amateur, I'm not qualified to make a refined judgment on sculpting ability, but the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Project... Read More
After having briefly reflected on the secular decline in the influence of newspapers, I was able to put a little perspective to it when I stumbled upon a timely bit about one Northeastern paper at the turn of the nineteenth century.In 1898, circulation of the New York Journal had reached 800,000. That was before the... Read More
The Semler saga drags on, still mostly under the national media radar. The absurdity of the groups attacking Semler and her supporters is too blatant for leading leftist sources to delve into. It'd be a repeat of the New York Times incredible obsession with the presumed guilt of the three lacrosse players involved in the... Read More
The invaluable Pew Research Center just released the most extensive survey of American Muslims conducted to date. The work is made even more insightful in light of the surveys Pew has conducted on and concerning other Muslim populations in the West. Predictably, the headlines of media sources that've picked up on it focus on the... Read More
To filch from the writers at VDare, we might say "Diversity is strength! It's also... Road Rage". Autovantage has released another survey this year on the civility (or lack thereof) of the 25 largest cities in the US. It looked at the frequency of behaviors such as honking the horn at a perceived bad driver,... Read More
A recreational soccer game concluding an "interfaith dialogue" in Norway ended on a sour note: After the imams refused to play with women, the priests agreed to drop the females from the Church's team. Shortly thereafter, however, as a Church of Norway spokesman recounts, that offer was withdrawn: Caught between feminism and Islam--what an unhappy... Read More
While humorous, the distinction between 'immigrant' and 'settler' is of the utmost importance in assessing the impact of cross-border migration. The first three migration waves to hit the US consisted of immigrants eager to be part of the blossoming US, the newest Latin American settlement wave is increasingly becoming a parallel society, one that lives... Read More
Watching pundits and partisans spin the Virginia Tech incident in forty different ways has been exhausting.Generally, it's a political draw. The left 'wanted' (once the atrocity was known but the shooter's identity still concealed) a white kid who'd been brought up in a pro-NRA household. The right wanted a Middle Eastern exchange student. A South... Read More
Gigot and company must be fuming. Too bad the WSJ's own Greg Jaffe reports (free partial here) on yet another successful example of a constructive wall in a tenuous area of the world: Peterson apparently finds time to read Parapundit between his duties in Iraq! More somberly, he adapted based on his experience on the... Read More
Barnes and Noble, illustrative of the new wider trend in the markets at large, announced expected earnings for 2007 to be more than 25% below Wall Street expectations. The bookseller, regionally out of the ZGD stronghold of Ann Arbor, witnessed firsthand how providing an encriching, educational environment doesn't necesarily turn East St. Louis into, well,... Read More