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It's easy to feel like progressive morality is always advancing, sending the gods of the copybook headings heading for the hills and creating new gods in their stead. Writes dfordoom: Homosexuality went from being disgusting to ignored to tolerated to accepted to celebrated in remarkably short order. In considerably less than a single lifespan it... Read More
YouGov inquired in 2017 about the perceived morality of ten different personal behaviors. The percentages who deemed them to be "morally wrong" (as opposed to "morally acceptable"), by age cohort: On six of the ten behaviors--birth control, divorce, premarital sex, assisted suicide, gambling, and drinking alcohol--zoomers (and younger millennials) are the least morally permissive age... Read More
As has been stated here several times over the years, abortion may become a winning 'hot-button' social issue for Republicans. Scientific and technological progress doesn't bode well for the pro-choice position, especially the harm dimension of morality. It is a dimension leftists put greater emphasis on than others do. New media is exposing another vulnerability... Read More
The results from a question asked for the first time in 2018 about whether respondents would want--or would want their wives--to have an abortion if it was revealed that the unborn baby would have "genetic defects" follows. The non-white samples are small, so this should be taken only as suggestive, but one group has a... Read More