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The following map shows mean average IQ by state using 2013 NAEP scores from eighth graders in math and reading: And this map shows the average credit scores by state, according to 2017 data from VantageScores: Despite the War on Noticing, indefatigably astute readers will detect a similarity between the maps. This is on account... Read More
The Fraudulent News Network gets caught admitting the putative Putin-Trump connection is "bullshit" and a "witch hunt" that mendaciously garners big ratings:
Seeing figures on the median income range required for households to fall between 66 percent and 200 percent of each state's median income (via Jayman) set me thinking about differences in monetary standards of living across the US. Due to the wide variations in costs of living across different regions, income figures alone provide an... Read More
Agnostic's post from a couple of weeks ago got me wondering at what point Black Friday became a bigger deal than the holiday it follows (or used to follow--it now tends to start on said holiday, or even before the holiday begins). Well, Google Trends provides a powerful picture of the transition. Here is a... Read More
Steve Sailer, touching on the tendency for presidential elections to bring out marginal voters who don't participate in mid-term elections: That seems a plausible working assumption, though trying to quantify the electoral differences between mid-term and presidential election cycles has revealed it to be less obvious than I would have assumed it would be. Taking... Read More
My house sold this weekend. The offer was about 5% higher than I--in my more optimistic moments--had thought the place could conceivably fetch, let alone would actually bring. It's not all jubilation, though. It requires that I cover all closing costs, home insurance for a year, and that I leave my major appliances in the... Read More
Rand Paul is spitting into the wind. Unfortunately so from my perspective, but it's what he's doing all the same. Pew recently released the results of a survey in which respondents were asked whether they would increase, decrease, or maintain current spending levels across 19 different expenditure categories if they were writing up the federal... Read More
++Addition++See Jason Malloy's work in the comments.---"Have kids" wasn't exactly the right answer to the question of how one finds his way to happy happy village, though "don't have kids" doesn't get the peregrinator any closer, either. But happiness doesn't echo through time, it expires along with its bearer. A question of greater consequence is... Read More
Upon realizing that for cost-cutting reasons there were insufficiently sized exit polling operations carried out in 19 safe states and the District of Columbia, I'd resigned myself to the actualization that it wouldn't be possible to create hypothetical electoral maps based on select demographic characteristics for the 2012 Presidential election. Damn. But the media consortium... Read More
The Romney/Obama split on individual campaign contributions from current employees of Bain Capital over the last year through the end of the latest FEC reporting period is 77.7%/22.3%. Among those who listed the federal government as their employer, it's 17.0%/83.0%. It's obvious an Obama administration will do everything in its power to keep the beast... Read More