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Remittances from the United States to Mexico totaled nearly $32 billion last year. Exporting social problems in return for tens of billions of dollars and political influence in another country is an impressive bit of statesmanship. Too bad the US doesn't have someone able to artfully pull off a masterful kind of deal like the... Read More
In last week's Power Hour, the Z-Man noted that one major reason Trump gets so little Establishment push back for tangling with China--despite the real dangers involved--is because our elites are legitimately worried about the Middle Kingdom. Crowding out top American colleges, stealing the intellectual property elites live off of, pricing them out of major... Read More
The following table shows the percentages of respondents, by ethnicity (with sample sizes of at least 150), who "strongly agree" they would rather be citizens of the US than of any other country: Does Vox Day's characterization of "Fake Americans" apply to those who don't much pretend to want to be Americans in the first... Read More
SurveyUSA commissioned polls in California and Minnesota after the 2016 presidential election. Both asked Clinton supporters if they thought Trump voters were racist and also if they thought Trump voters were sexist. The wording of these questions were identical in each survey. Perceived racism, by state: Racist? Yes No Unsure California 65% 16% 19% Minnesota... Read More
I remember more than a decade ago regularly encountering arguments that building a wall along the US-Mexico border would be a prohibitively expensive undertaking. It was a risible argument then and it's a risible argument now. Trump says he can do it for under $12 billion. Skeptics say it'll cost upwards of $25 billion. Financially... Read More
++Addition++Throwing Trump supporters to the wolves doesn't appear to have been the result of incompetence or ineptitude. It looks like it was premeditated and intentional. See here.---My initial reaction to Milo Yiannapolous being assaulted at De Paul while security personnel stood by idly was that I was watching a Cathedral tactic in its seminal stages.... Read More
Citizens of the world like to point out, with heads shaking, the public's ignorance of what percentage of the federal budget goes to foreign aid. Kaiser found a mean estimate of 26%. The actual figure is about 1% (curiously, this reaction is not elicited when it comes to overestimates in the populations of blacks, Jews,... Read More
A few points worth remarking on from a Pew report gauging public opinion on the subjects of inequality, optimal economic systems, and the like in a host of countries: - Of the 44 countries where the survey was conducted, residents of only one, Argentina, have a less favorable view of "a free market economy" than... Read More
This match will determine which nation is the greatest on earth! Repeating a point he's made on several occasions, Steve Sailer recently noted: To assert that the major media are entirely ideologically driven without regard to consumer demand would be hyperbolic, but when it comes to the seemingly inordinate amount of coverage given to a... Read More
I don't tap into the World Values Survey nearly as often as I'd ideally like to because it's more difficult to trust than the GSS is. Sometimes the problems are apparently just coding errors, but often the issues involve representative sampling (or the lack thereof), confusion in translation, or something else. Exacerbating this challenge, it's... Read More
++Addition++I'd forgotton that five years ago Randall Parker had made a similar observation, in addition to doing some relevant quantitative digging: There is little shame in running half a decade behind parapundit, I suppose. --- I was in Minneapolis last week and was treated to miles and miles of aesthetically-pleasing highway sound barriers along I-35... Read More
A new Zogby poll exposes what amnesty proponents are aiming for. Among the key findings:Granting legalization to those currently illegally residing in the US will encourage more Mexicans to come stateside illegally.
The state of Texas is creating its own contingency plans, in addition to those already in place at the federal level, for the potential breakdown of the Mexican government and consequently its inability to control drug gangs operating in the country:Of the 18,000 Border Patrol agents, fewer than 2,000 are devoted to the US-Canadian border.... Read More
The sheriff's department in Panama City has begun to employ a clever tactic for catching illegals while circumventing sanctuary policies that prohibit local authorities for detaining people due to their residency (or lack thereof) status: Brilliant and cost-effective. But due to the Boxer-myth surrounding Hispanic immigrants, this doesn't strike me as the optimal place to... Read More
The objectification of young women is another imported Latin American cultural value enriching the US: Our neighbors to the south aren't voracious readers. The average Mexican reads just one book every six months. So the Virginia Department of Health has tried something more appealing--celebrity comic books: Popularized in Latin America, fotonovelas use photographs of live... Read More
La muchedumbre? No, it's Mexico's Congressional leaders: And our elites want to merge the North American continent into one united bloc. We had surpassed this sort of nonsense by the time Jefferson took office in early 1801. Wow.