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The assessment Facebook banned and the corporate media destroyed people for holding looks to be the correct one. Oops, looks like the fact checkers effed up again. Despite more than a year of the merchants of mendacity running cover for the US and Chinese establishments, most Americans see through the lies: Virtually every aspect of... Read More
Many people do not think the virtual playing field is an even one: A plurality of BIPOCs and of Democrats perceive social media to be fair. Pluralities of whites and of independents, and an outright majority of Republicans, see the deck stacked in favor of the left. Know thy enemy. Curiously, nearly one-in-five Republicans perceive... Read More
At the moment, anyway: He also appears to be one of the least ideologically driven. The Florida governor has mastered the material. When it comes to the scientific literature applicable to Covid, no other mainstream politician knows it better. Many on the dissident right mock and disdain the normie right's celebration of liberty at the... Read More
The following graph shows how positively (or negatively) Americans, by partisan affiliation, view several other countries: The most striking thing is how much the Establishment's bipartisan foreign policy consensus is shared by an allegedly increasingly restless, increasingly populist electorate. There are huge partisan divides on domestic issues like immigration, abortion, and race relations. But when... Read More
Support for or opposition to Black Lives Matter is now a marginally better predictor of whether a person is a Democrat or a Republican than who he voted for is: Exit polling shows 5% of Democrats and 6% of Republicans voted for Trump and Biden, respectively. But just 3% of Democrats express a negative view... Read More
Until Donald Trump temporarily renewed the left's faith in the corporate media, the integrity trajectory was down, down, down for the merchants of mendacity: The media's knob-slobbering, ring-kissing, bootlicking deference to and running interference for the Biden administration isn't going to sustain liberals in the same way their acrimony towards Trump did. That blue line... Read More
The establishment hates that there is no organic interest in the conspiracy theories they approve of and enormous interest in the conspiracy theories they disapprove of: These are the same people who lied to us over and over and over again about WMDs in Iraq. They have the blood of hundreds of thousands and the... Read More
Things are getting really bad as the third wave washes over the American landscape: The Covid-19 epidemic is sending people to hospitals and urgent-care centers in every state, and medical centers are responding with extraordinary measures: Asking staff to work overtime, setting up triage tents, restricting friends and family visits and canceling elective surgeries, to... Read More
What were the three biggest red pills of the year? The top three from our vantage point: - The corporate media permitting Joe Biden to use a teleprompter for interviews. The most common reaction to these revelations was, well, yuk yuk, there's even more evidence Biden is a senescent, doddering old codger! What they actually... Read More
Relevant res allows me to beat a dead democracy: In a SurveyUSA poll released yesterday, Perdue and Loeffler are reported to be losing their respective Senate runoff races by 5 and 7 points. There is an obvious problem, though. Some 44% of the sample reported voted for Donald Trump last month while 48% voted for... Read More
From the newspaper of record comes concern that older, affluent whites will try and elbow their way to the front of the vaccine line, pushing non-whites to the back of the proverbial bus yet again: Hey, Lipsitch, Gould, and Schmidt are the names
More than a month after the election was held and just days before the results are set to be certified, 4-in-5 Republicans and nearly 9-in-10 Trump voters think fraud flipped the election to Joe Biden: The corporate media's initial position that no evidence of voter fraud existed has been abandoned by most Americans: The incredible... Read More
Whether the methodology is fatally flawed or a consequence of the shy Trump voter phenomenon, the post-election polls do not inspire much confidence that the problem has been adequately addressed. If calibration is required, that hasn't been done either. From a poll released yesterday from SurveyUSA concerning the Georgia Senate runoff elections in January comes... Read More
The following map and table show the degree to which Trump and Biden outperformed the RCP polling averages at the state level: State Trump (Biden) over West Virginia 21.8 Wyoming 15.7 New York 14.3 South Dakota 13.2 Kentucky 10.4 Oklahoma 9.6 Tennessee 9.3 Missouri 8.6 Utah 8.0
Why didn't the Edison Research national exit poll ask about religious affiliation this election cycle? It did so in 2016. This time, it only asked about "white evangelical or white born-again Christian" support, something that was also included in 2016 alongside a general breakdown by religion. As was the case with whites in general, Trump's... Read More
In Manufacturing Consent, Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman describe how the Establishment creates a softly coercive consensus using the combined power of corporate media, DC think tanks, and the military-industrial complex. By laundering information through this vast network, the system is able to fabricate perceived realities at odds with reality itself. Future president Kamala Harris... Read More
Despite every aspect of the nationwide psyop falling apart over the course of the last four years, the collusion hoax was still largely successful. Four-in-five Americans with an opinion think the Russians have their heavy thumbs positioned to press hard on the electoral scales in November: A couple of things potentially check that dim view... Read More
It's not hyperbole: The immediate reaction most people have has to do with Biden's senility. Whew, he's really lost a step, the poor guy. Should he be president? Can he be president? These are understandable reactions. While they illustrate the absurdity of democracy, though, they don't destroy it. The obvious collusion between putative news sources... Read More
More evidence American public discourse is controlled by a small but vocal minority of young leftists who do not represent the sentiments of the majority of the citizenry. They don't even countenance the voicing of those sentiments: "Neutral" responses, constituting 17% of the total, and "not sure", constituting 4%, are not shown. People have been... Read More
Via Trends we see Tara Reade has drawn 75% as much public interest as Christine Blasey Ford did: The New York Times, in contrast, has only seen it fit to provide Reade 12% as much coverage as it devoted to Blasey Ford. Biden's accuser has been mentioned in 68 articles, Kavanaugh's in 570 of them.... Read More
Twitter is not real life: The question is a binary one, so the residual percentages--representing vast majorities of people of every race--are those who answered they do not in any way feel discriminated against at work on account of their race or ethnicity. Race is not merely a social construct. It's a biological one, too,... Read More
Searching up "coronavirus cases by country" returned these three suggested news stories ahead of the links retrieved in response to the actual query: The neo-liberal establishment isn't held together by scapegoating and subverting white conservatives. That's a conspiracy theory. What are you, some kind of bigoted extremist? Remember two weeks ago when it was racist... Read More
Last week we found: Six days later, with the confirmed nationwide caseload approaching 20,000, the respective correlations have increased from .40 to .58 and from .09 to .16. Correlation does not necessarily mean causation, of course. When increasing the sample size also increases the strength of the correlation, though, it suggests we're onto something real.... Read More
Basket of boomer rubes, anyone? The knowledge advantage Republican voters enjoy over Democrat voters is likely nowhere greater than on the subject of geography. Results from the last Pew Research news IQ quiz that included a couple of relevant questions: This is unsurprising. The average GOP voter is more male and more visuo-spatially oriented than... Read More
If at first you don't succeed, try try again: There is presumably a non-disclosure agreement in play that will keep the settled amount private. If it's merely 2% of what Sandmann's family asked for, Nick is set for life. This is the dissident's answer to virtual mobbing, canceling, and doxing. This is especially true for... Read More
The corporate media is certain Asians hate--HATE!--being thought well of: In the latest YouGov survey, Yang gets 13% of "other" (predominately Asian) Democrat support, compared to just 3% of Democrat support overall. Asians don't seem too concerned about his "feeding into the model minority myth". I get the sense that the obsession with Andrew Yang's... Read More
Most Americans think purveying fake news is part of the corporate media's stock-in-trade. The following graph shows the percentages of respondents, by selected demographics, who believe the media maintains its integrity. They answered that "mainstream media outlets" either "rarely" or "never" report "fake news". The residual percentages are those who think the media reports fake... Read More
Cynicism or staggering lack of self-awareness? Despite? Talk about missing the point. Pepe is a symbol of dissident resistance to totalitarianism. He has served that purpose in the US and now he is serving that purpose in Hong Kong.
If it is magnanimously granted that the corporate media's primary job is to inform consumers of its content about what is going on in the world, that is. Parenthetically, I do not grant as much. Getting it this wrong cannot merely be the result of incompetence. Mendacity must be in play. Anyway, a Harvard-Harris poll... Read More
This is one way to force a level playing field: Call it the Dissident Lottery. The $32.5 million settlement Oberlin College has been ordered to pay for harassing and intimidating owners of a local bakery is a recent precedent, but as Robert Barnes of the Free America Law Center explains in the video, suing individuals... Read More
From an article on Nike's decision to pull the Betsy Ross flag shoes, an assertion that has cropped up in virtually every treatment of the controversial decision by the corporate media: By who, and where? While I'm certainly no expert on white nationalism, I was aware of It's okay to be white, NPCs, and clown... Read More
The "far-right" has received four times as much attention from The New York Times as the "far-left" has since the beginning of 2010: Strange given that--according to the conventional two-dimensional political spectrum--the left has moved further left than the political right has moved right over the last few decades: It's a real head scratcher!
Over the thirteen-month period from March of last year through April 20th of this year, a Twitter search returns a total of four--four!--instances of the phrase "Easter worshippers" being tweeted by users across the platform's hundreds of millions of account holders and the billions and billions of tweets they produced. All four of the accounts... Read More
Candace Owens, in true millennial form, calls white privilege a myth: Imagine if a white male actor faked a hate crime against himself by pretending black men attacked him in the middle of the night— then was subsequently acquitted of all charges. #JussieSmollett is an utter perversion of justice who just DESTROYED the myth of... Read More
The progression of events following a Muslim terrorist attack are predictable: Extremist shoots, bombs, or runs over a bunch of civilians. Blue checkmarks preempt a backlash by executing a frontlash. The bolder ones even use the opportunity to point out how the victimized population is the real problem. The same sort of progression followed the... Read More
The giddiness among Trumpsters over the Smollett news is gross. This story is awful. He allegedly abused police resources, exploited raw divisions in this country, and made it harder for every victim of a hate crime to report. This is sad no matter your politics. — S.E. Cupp (@secupp) February 17, 2019 This hate crime... Read More
The blood libel against the Covington kids is a great metaphor for what is happening across the Western world. After taking an hour of abuse from a group of black lunatics taunting them as "school shooters", "crackers", and "niggas", a few redskins walked into the Covington group and pounded crude sound instruments in their faces.... Read More
John Derbyshire is fond of saying that if there is hope for civilization, it is to be found in the comments. The new Gillette ad--excuse me, the new short film--is a great testament to the perspicacity of the Derb's observation. A sampling: There are several comments along the same lines. I talked to my brother... Read More
The news articles on all the putative political fallout president Trump is putatively receiving for revealing how utterly inconsequential the federal government is to the well being of middle America are pulling fast ones on their readers. Here's an example from my favorite polling outfit, Reuters-Ipsos: Yikes, that's a 14-point gap in blame for Trump... Read More
Lynching is a dark and despicable aspect of our nation’s history. We must acknowledge that fact, lest we repeat it. Thank you to my colleagues for agreeing to unanimously pass our Justice for Victims of Lynching Act, and @CoryBooker and @SenatorTimScott for your partnership. — Kamala Harris (@KamalaHarris) December 19, 2018 This provides a nice... Read More
More evidence gun grabbers are disproportionately geriatric (or in the case of David Hogg, have the bone density of the average geezer) from Reuters-Ipsos: Age ranges per generational cohort are 18-26 for Zurs, 27-38 for Millennials, 39-53 for Xers, and 54-71 for Boomers. For the purpose of obtaining adequate sample sizes, Zurs thus also include... Read More
WaPo's motto: Democracy Dies in Darkness. From R-I, the percentages of respondents who say they are either "not very confident" or "not at all confident" about elections in the US being "accurate and legitimate": Credit where credit is due! Not unrelatedly: The contemporary US is an empire. It is not a republic and it is... Read More
The percentages of respondents who thought the Grand Jury should've indicted police officer Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown: In multiracial societies, you don't use standards of ethical behavior or the morality of actions to assess justice, you assess justice in accordance to race and ethnicity. Brown was a criminal thug who assaulted... Read More
Colyer's press release: No complaints from me about using small, round numbers to illustrate abstract proportionalities in ways that are easy to grasp. But that approach is also easy to reverse engineer. So, to be precise, Colyer's phrase "hundreds of votes" translates to... 102 votes. C'mon, Jeff, that's a little misleading, isn't it? Regarding the... Read More
Pairing up with the failing Kansas City Star, ProPublica deployed an "October surprise" attempt to snatch the Kansas Republican gubernatorial nomination from Kris Kobach. Several national outlets like Ralph Maddow, Single Mother Jones, and Daily Poz simultaneously deployed articles on it. As we've long argued here, this race has ramifications extending far beyond this middle... Read More
A lot of people on the dissident right were hoping for a Croatian win in the World Cup. The sentiment is understandable. Despite being under the thumb of the Soviet Union for half a century and part of the doomed conglomerate, Yugoslavia, that gave us the term "balkanization", Croatia is a real country today. France,... Read More
Steve Sailer is surprised to find the phrase "Jewish privilege" mentioned in the New York Times, itself a salient manifestation of Jewish privilege (my editorial comment, emphatically not Steve's). In a presumed attempt to humiliate gentiles, the rarity is brought up by a Jewish writer who brazenly acts as though it's a phrase gentiles toss... Read More
The little fuhrer needs to push harder, scream louder, gesticulate more frenetically. He's not even moving the needle among his own generational cohorts. The public has a more favorable view of the NRA than it does of the media, the president, or congress. There is one group that really despises the organization, though, a group... Read More
Reuters-Ipsos polling on gun control ran for a couple more weeks after we first visited here. Sample sizes for certain populations of interest subsequently became large enough to allow for a more fine-grained analyses of the results. As a preface, consider Heartiste's rather bold assertion made last week: Say what? No, deplorable anti-semite! It's the... Read More
Over the last several weeks I've talked to several people about guns. Without fail, every one has been surprised to learn that young people are the less supportive of gun-grabbing than old folks are. Reuters-Ipsos polling shows it and the GSS corroborates. The major media's mendacity strikes again--though in fairness, NPR (!) has given it... Read More