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The most important gubernatorial primary in the country takes place on Tuesday, August 7th, right in the middle American heartland. When Trump tapped Sam Brownback to convert the heathens, then-lieutenant governor Jeff Colyer inherited the spot. Colyer is an open borders cuck. He's in the farm lobby's back pocket. Under Sebelius, Brownback, and now Colyer,... Read More
++Addition++Thanks to Jokah's astuteness, I've included graphical representations of two data points that I hadn't previously specified (though I did use them in the regression calculations). Additionally, I confused the axes and inadvertently left out Turner high school in the initial post. The former was an easy cosmetic fix (but nonetheless the fix to a... Read More
Jack Cashill is not pleased by Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius' nomination to become the next Secretary of Health and Human Services. With the backing of both of the state's Republican Senators, her confirmation is almost certain. Jack suspects the following narrative:To a strident pro-lifer, the Sebelius nomination must be horrifying. The political support she has... Read More
Awhile back, I tried to convince a Dennis Mangan contemplating leaving California that Johnson County, Kansas was worthy of his consideration. Half the county's 350,000 people 25 or older have at least a bachelor's degree, and the poverty rate is half the national average while median income is 150% higher. He showed no interest, but... Read More
++Addition++Semler has resigned. In her words, she's "had enough". When the 'controversy' first started, she offered to resign, but Funkhouser asked her to stay on board. So she did, for over six months, continuously under criticism during that time from racial interest groups and leftist media sources. It's not hard to understand why a grandmother... Read More
I'm at a loss as to how to tie this into a larger subject of interest. So I'll just admit that I'm shamelessly promoting a friend's music. Honestly though, I really am at a loss in trying to identify, let alone describe, any distinguishing talent a master like Joe Satriani possesses that Caleb (guitar, keyboard)... Read More
La Raza isn't hosting its annual convention in Kansas City next year. Despite major local media pressure (talk radio excluded) and admonitions against 'costing' (in the economic sense) the metro economy $5 million, KCMO Mayor Mark Funkhouser refused to offer the septuagenarian grandmother who serves as one of five commissioners of the all-powerful Board of... Read More
Local talk radio show hosts Mike Shanin and Scott Parks recently hosted Rita Valenciano, head of the bi-state Coalition of Hispanic Organizations. Valenciano's career is one of constant Hispanic rights and benefits advocacy. From her bio: Nothing wrong with or surprising about that. She is Hispanic, and she sees opportunity in pushing special interests that... Read More
The Semler saga drags on, still mostly under the national media radar. The absurdity of the groups attacking Semler and her supporters is too blatant for leading leftist sources to delve into. It'd be a repeat of the New York Times incredible obsession with the presumed guilt of the three lacrosse players involved in the... Read More
(In the interest of disclosure, Jack pointed out my post on the Semler spectacle to a former politician in the KC metro area, and I've had the honor of communicating with them both at some length about this issue and others. Several of items of concern were reiterated more strongly by Jack in the just-released... Read More
Frances Semler is under siege. This 73 year-old grandmother was recently named by Kansas City, Missouri, Mayor Mark Funkhouser as one of five Board of Parks and Recreation Commissioners. Six of the thirteen City Council Members are now calling for her to step down. Their reason: Gross incompetence? A felonious past? Dereliction of duty? Nope.... Read More