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Because there are exactly three genders: 1) Female 2) Male 3) Mentally handicapped Jokes aside, Z-Man devotes an hour to explaining how democracy, if it does not die first, necessarily leads to this. It doesn't stop here. Like a shark, it cannot stop. Once it does, it dies. Until then, it indefatigably moves to be... Read More
Legate of Judea pointed to an exit poll conducted by the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund that found Hillary Clinton's margin of victory among the country's "fastest growing minority" to be wider than the 'official' Edison poll commissioned by several major media companies. By reverse engineering results from Reuters-Ipsos' ongoing presidential approval poll,... Read More
Charlotte empowers a fraction of 1% of the population to rub their insecurities in the faces of the 99% and change who find sex-segregated restrooms a uncontroversial aspect of civilized society. The state of North Carolina responds by mandating sex-segregated restrooms, legally overriding Charlotte's tranny triumph. The state law only applies to schools and other government... Read More
Pew reports "Spanish is the most spoken non-English language in U.S. homes". In other news, the sun rose in the east this morning and is projected to set in the west later this evening.In seriousness, predictable social data like these are valuable, even when they're not 'controversial'. But while Pew is deserving of admiration for... Read More
Black and African-American are in, Negro and Colored are out. Hispanic is still acceptable, but Latino is where the zeitgeist is headed (no matter if actual Latinos prefer the term "Hispanic" over the term "Latino"--they're just pawns in the game of white moral posturing, after all). Oriental has been tasteless for generations now, we describe... Read More
In a recent Taki's column, the Derb parenthetically notes the unfortunate competition for primacy of the acronym HBD that the phrase "human biodiversity" shares with the phrase "happy birthday". Nothing against congratulating people for managing to survive another year, but the former phrase is enhanced by the abbreviation while the latter is cheapened by it. Human biodiversity doesn't have a... Read More
... now shows human biodiversity as the first definition at Urban Dictionary. Nice work again, everyone.
Half Sigma asks "What are you doing about HBD-denialism?" Creating definitions in the Urban Dictionary, that's what! Hey, it's something, at least. And voting these definitions to the top of their respective entries is something any reader is able to do right now, by going here and clicking on the thumbs-up for what is currently... Read More
... now constitutes the first entry in the Urban Dictionary. Great work everybody!
The Steveosphere has created some catchy and useful acronyms, but they're mostly just used in-house, otherwise unfamiliar to the broader public. Well, one way to induce thinking about HBD is to raise awareness* of some of its unique terminology. I've created the following entry for NAM in the Urban Dictionary: It's competing with nine other... Read More
Ed Tom Kowalsky wondered if "traditionalist" has made any headway as a synonym for "conservative". The frequencies of each, pluralized, among all books published in the US over the last century:I'm surprised to find that the term, while far less common than "conservative", was being used a century ago. I was under the impression that... Read More
It's asserted with some frequency that using "liberal" as a political label carries with it too much baggage, and consequently those on the left have increasingly opted to self describe as "progressive" instead. In his syndicated column, Pat Buchanan recently made reference to this.Living in the center of the country, thousands of miles away from... Read More
By nitpicking, I'm opening the door for "pot calling the kettle black" and SWPL quips. Further, I'm of the opinion that commentators who add substantively meaningless phrases designed to show humility when making assertions are unnecessarily making their readers read more than they need to. We know you're not the ultimate arbiter of all things... Read More
In response to the previous post, Steve Sailer suggested the slight but steady rise over time in the percentage of GSS respondents deemed to have "good" comprehension of the interview questions asked them could be an illustration of the Flynn effect at work. The following graph quantifies the rise. The value displayed is derived by... Read More