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Commenter SFG on demographic differences in American sentiments on Saudi Arabia: Pithy profundity. The correlation between net sentiments* on Saudi Arabia and net sentiments on Israel across the demographic groups presented here is a fairly robust .66. The gaps between groups is similar, albeit shifted substantially more positive across the board for Israel relative to... Read More
Source. Even Islam tolerates Israel (though the Muslim sample, at just 66, is the smallest one represented here by far). Only in America! Parenthetically, is the post's title anti-Semitic? If not, good. Let free expression be. If so, would it be more, less, or equally anti-Semitic to assert that AIPAC is bad at what it... Read More
Via Steve Sailer, Israel's prime minister Netanyahu recently announced the country's intention to deport 40,000 "illegal infiltrators ... without their consent". Israel has a population of a little over 8 million. The US has a population of nearly 330 million. Adjusting for population size, that'd be the equivalent of president Trump announcing an "accelerated removal"... Read More
Via Pew (with a heads-up from Anatoly Karlin), the following table shows the percentage of each country's population that approves of Trump's US-Mexico border wall as a percentage of the percentage that disapproves it (not a typo!). Unsure/don't know responses are excluded. There isn't a single country where more say they approve than disapprove, but... Read More
While the US is not and has never been a "nation of immigrants", Israel was almost from the beginning. In the 1950s, around half--maybe more, it's tough to tell with certainty--of those living in the country were immigrants. Still today a larger share Israel's population is foreign-born than has ever been the case throughout the... Read More
Via Steve Sailer, the New York Times has a program that does instantaneously (though it's regularly unresponsive) what I used to drearily spend a couple hours doing: Surprisingly (to me), Israel receives about as much coverage as Mexico, Canada, or Russia do, and China has consistently received more than any of them. Sure, proximity might... Read More
This match will determine which nation is the greatest on earth! Repeating a point he's made on several occasions, Steve Sailer recently noted: To assert that the major media are entirely ideologically driven without regard to consumer demand would be hyperbolic, but when it comes to the seemingly inordinate amount of coverage given to a... Read More
When I'm in discussions that find their way to the issues surrounding Israel and her relationships with her neighbors generally, and the Palestinians in particular, I find I often bemuse those I'm talking to because they're unsure of whether I'm "pro-Israel" or "pro-Palestinian". In imitation of Half Sigma (and correspondingly in a nod to my... Read More
- I'm not aware of any reason to suspect Armando Galarraga is not a naturally gracious and understanding athlete, but what I do suspect is that on the long road of sports history, umpire Jim Joyce's blown call will accentuate Galarraga's profile, not diminish it. Twenty pitchers have thrown perfect games, and over the last... Read More
In September 2005, I predicted that the Israeli pullout from Gaza was a mistake. That the Israeli military is now contemplating an invasion into an area it forcibly removed its own citizenry from less than two years ago does make it appear so.The involuntary removal of the only productive (Jewish) segment of southern Palestine begged... Read More