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As commenter EliteComInc would say, Laughing: The reporter and those he talks to are unsure who the fliers "target". So completely does Wokeism forbid intellectual curiosity of any kind that the simple message could be making a statement intended to provoke those reading it into ponderment cannot be given any consideration. The women interviewed are... Read More
The progression of events following a Muslim terrorist attack are predictable: Extremist shoots, bombs, or runs over a bunch of civilians. Blue checkmarks preempt a backlash by executing a frontlash. The bolder ones even use the opportunity to point out how the victimized population is the real problem. The same sort of progression followed the... Read More
From the GSS, the percentages of adherents by religious identification who are non-Hispanic white (N = 21,581): Using Reuters-Ipsos, a previous post looked at the same, albeit further broken down by Christian denomination. It was subsequently noted there that the Jewish n-H white figure (87.4%) seemed too low and the Hindu figure too high (7.1%).... Read More
The following graph juxtaposes expressed hypothetical support for a candidate who is X but who is otherwise generic (ie nothing is known about his or her political orientation, partisan affiliation, etc). The first bar for each X, displayed in a color based on my editorial discretion, shows net support (% more likely to support -... Read More
The following graph shows the percentages of GSS respondents, by religious affiliation, who report having experienced poor mental health ("stress, depression, and problems with emotions") in the last thirty days (N = 7,088): Funny that Buddhists--practitioners of a philosophy which is kind of like Stoicism but without an engagement in worldly affairs--appear to have the... Read More
I recently asked if Mormons are alone among sizable population subgroups in the US in experiencing eugenic fertility patterns. I failed to even evaluate Jews (there go my alt right credentials!). My thought process was the orthodox have lots of kids while secular Jews don't and the former are dullards while the latter have the... Read More
A couple weeks ago, Z Man put up a post that opened thusly: It's a question worth pondering, because whites in the US have been losing such a belief for decades, Among Western Europeans, it's already gone. The GSS queries respondents on their belief in heaven. The survey also asks them whether or not they... Read More
A few more graphics bequeathed to the historians of the future who will write The History of the Decline and Fall of the American Empire: Those results are for the US. Baby Naming Wizard includes a list of Western countries where Muhammad--peace be upon him--is among the top 100 most popular names for baby boys:... Read More
In this week's installment of the Power Hour, the blog's sole proprietor does a segment touching on church attendance in the West, noting that outside of a couple peripheral Catholic countries like Poland and Ireland, active Christianity is dead in Europe. Moribundity is beckoning in the US, too, though we're a generation or so behind... Read More
Trump, on more of the same in Afghanistan: Remember when the Establishment's licentious left and cowardly cucks made a big fuss over candidate Trump questioning the advice of "the generals"? Well, congratulations to them for having committed America to pouring another decade or three's worth--if she lasts that long--of her blood and treasure into that... Read More
The Derb, making a crucial and oft-repeated (by him) observation: The following table shows the percentage change in the number of immigrants to the US from the 27 countries whose populations are more than 85% Muslim from the year 2000 to the year 2015: Country Increase Somalia 275% Saudi Arabia 200% Iraq 100% Morocco 100%... Read More
Season 8, episode 7--the golden age. This post has been updated to comply with the hosting company's demand that violence not be advocated by any of its users. I'm of the opinion that was never the case, but Blogger has given me countless hours of entertainment for free, so what could it possibly owe me?... Read More
While the US is not and has never been a "nation of immigrants", Israel was almost from the beginning. In the 1950s, around half--maybe more, it's tough to tell with certainty--of those living in the country were immigrants. Still today a larger share Israel's population is foreign-born than has ever been the case throughout the... Read More
Over the course of the last month, Reuters-Ipsos has polled Americans (n = 9,397) on whether they approve or disapprove of Trump's handling of immigration. Discounting the "don't know" responses shows a slight majority, 52%-48%, approving to some degree. That top line nearly even split disguises significant demographic differences. Whites approve 59%-41% overall. It will... Read More
From the GSS, responses from white survey participants on the ideal number of children for a household to have, by year of participation in the survey: Even as our TFR has been sub-replacement, our collective assessment of what we should be doing hasn't changed. We know replacement should be the floor. Fewer than 1-in-20 white... Read More
John Derbyshire's post entitled "Turkeys Vote For Thanksgiving--Gays Demonstrating For Muslim Immigration" spurred me to take a look at what the GSS has to say about the subject. The following graph shows the percentages of people, by religious affiliation, who believe that "sexual relations between two adults of the same sex" is "always wrong" (n... Read More
A few comments: - Why did he contract with a major publisher like Simon and Schuster? Milo's celebrity has skyrocketed over the last year. He had become a powerful brand name in his own right, to such an extent that long before his book was even written--let alone published--it was a bestseller on Amazon. Simon... Read More
Core America wants its country back. From Reuters-Ipsos, support for Trump's executive order banning refugees and restricting immigration from some Muslim countries among married whites with children: Fake News can crow about it being unconstitutional (it's not), the (((usual suspects))) can disingenuously claim it's "not who we are" (it is), petty thugs can try to... Read More
Steve Sailer writes:How they will choose to identify when the MENA census category becomes available is something I can only speculate on, but by an overwhelming margin they currently elect to identify as white rather than "some other race" or "two or more races".Just as it is rhetorically effective to grill smug SWPLs singing paeans... Read More
All of the the weekend's attacks are rib kicks to Hillary as she tries to pick herself back up off the phlegm-covered ground--New York because it's New York, New Jersey because it's within Trump's reach and along with a flipping a smaller state like Iowa or New Hampshire from 2012 would allow him a clear... Read More
Without clicking on the link, take a guess as to what search phrases returned these results from Google Trends: Hint: They all spiked during the week of June 12th, a date that coincided with a certain bloody incident in Orlando. Did you correctly peg them as "Christian hate", "Anti gay Christian", "Christianity homosexuality", and "Christian... Read More
Mara Liasson, who has spent most of the last year smugly missing the mark, hit the bullseye yesterday in an article with the descriptive title "Trump Just Gave The Speech Republicans Have Been Waiting 20 Years To Hear". I couldn't agree more. This is Pat Buchanan with even more moxie, with independent wealth, and without... Read More
Trump's speech on the history of Clintonian corruption was postponed so he could deliver one in response to the mass shooting in Orlando where an inanimate carbon assault rifle killed fifty people. The topic was to be covered was billed as terrorism. Substantively, though, it was more a speech on immigration that also included terrorism... Read More
Take a moment to appreciate Trump's instinctive rhetorical brilliance: This was posted just a couple of hours after the Orlando news broke. He beat Hillary to the punch, getting to it before she was able to get her thrice-consultant-approved boilerplate nothingness blather response up. If Obama refuses to use the perfectly descriptive and contextually appropriate... Read More
An exploding Muhammad shoots up a hedonistic bugger dance club on "Latin Night" in the wee hours of a Sunday morning. It's going to really be something to see the left twist itself into a pretzel trying to explain this one. This time around the culprit isn't inanimate carbon rod, of course, it's the gun... Read More
Here's Dubya in October of 2000 complaining about 'racial' profiling of Arabs in US airports:Trump's candidacy is a referendum on a wall along the US-Mexico border. During the South Carolina debate, the success of his candidacy also became a repudiation of the Dubya/McCain/Graham/neocon Republicanism of the last two decades.Tangentially, I still see assertions that Trump... Read More
If Trump announcing his plan to restrict Muslim immigration into the US is an effective ISIS recruitment tool--as the establishment suggests it is (and Hillary Clinton claims it has been)--isn't that an argument in favor of Trump's plan? Trump should ask the rhetorical question--or just assert it, as is his style--whenever an interviewer brings it... Read More
From an op-ed in the NYT comes this line: Coordinated attacks that killed at least 129 people and injured far more as they engaged in regular social activities qualifies as "the slightest trigger". Chill out, people, no big deal! A couple of student body members being bullied into stepping down because they refused to stand... Read More
Razib's post comparing Islamic cultural beliefs across several countries got me wondering about Islamic identity in the US. While the question of whether the adjective "Jewish" is a religious or an ethnic one is given consideration, no one would think to ask a similar question if the adjective in question was "Catholic", let alone "Christian".... Read More
The write up on the latest NBC/WSJ poll begins "Donald Trump and Ben Carson are running neck and neck in the national Republican presidential horserace..." It shows Trump at 21% and Carson, in second, at 20%. This is the first time in since mid-July that Trump's lead has been so slim. It may well be... Read More
From a handy interactive chart showing the flow of 'refugees' into Europe through the end of 2014 by country of origin, the median age of the populations of the four largest sources of refugees: Syria -- 23 Iraq -- 22 Afghanistan -- 18 Somalia -- 18 And the median age of the populations of the... Read More
A lot to unpack in a picture: - A few months ago, NPR interviewed an Egyptian boat owner whose vessel was being used in the Mediterranean edition of The Camp of the Saints. It was noted in passing that around 10%-15% of those making the trip across the sea are dying in the process. This... Read More
In response to a person who wrote: Geller and the AFDI claimed the event was intended to promote free speech. There was, of course, no way they were unaware of the controversy they were courting, either. To the contrary, that was the point. It's intentionally provocative, baiting, and offensive. As someone who perceives honor as... Read More
This clip from a speech by former president Bush has been making the rounds over the last couple of weeks following Megyn (sp?) Kelly bringing attention to it on Fox News: Yeah, he's correct. The problem is, he could have been giving that speech in 2017 or 2027 and, assuming we'd maintained a continual presence... Read More
Some findings from a recent Pew Research report entitled "How Americans Feel About Religious Groups" follow. Allow a few technical considerations to be run through beforehand. The (ir)religious groups under consideration are not defined in the questions Pew posed to survey participants, so the somewhat nebulous terms "Jew" (is it an ethnicity, religious persuasion, either/or?)... Read More
It's set in the years before the launch of the third crusade, culminating in the fall of Jerusalem to Saladin in 1187. The narrative contains plenty of historical errors, the most blatant being the antagonism between Sibylla and Guy, which is as backwards as it gets--she not only snubbed and scandalized all of the kingdom... Read More
Writing at Secular Right, Andrew Stuttaford quotes Barack Obama on Indonesia:When evaluating flattering fluff like this, my instinct is to try and quantifiably evaluate how much truth, if any, it contains. When the subject is international in scope, the World Values Survey, imperfect and eccentric though it may be, is one of the best places... Read More
As well aware of public sentiment as I like to think I am, I'm not impervious to the occasional surprise, this one of the pleasant variety. The following graphic comes from Pew Research's recent report on how Americans feel about our involvement in the Middle East and North Africa generally and the 'Arab Spring' in... Read More
Expanding on the idea from a previous post showing that America's Religious Right is more permissive than moderate Muslims throughout the Islamic world are, I'll take a stab at sorting countries by attitudes on social issues. The formula is simple. The WVS asks a series of questions on the justifiability of several different actions and... Read More
Addressing the oft made assertion (or at least insinuation) "that conservative American Protestants are roughly equivalent with conservative Muslims", Razib tapped the World Values Survey to compare the positions of conservative Protestants in the US with those of Muslims in predominately Islamic countries on some representative social issues. He presents a table that shows all... Read More
In the comments to a previous post looking at changes in positions on social behaviors over time across several countries participating in the WVS, Ed Tom Kowalsky wrote:I thought we'd be 2 for 4, but it turns out the question on immigration policy wasn't asked in the survey's earlier years, so religion is the only... Read More
A recent episode of NPR's Talk of the Nation focused on the consequences of the "Arab Spring" one year out. In response to a caller's question about how the overthrow of ruling regimes has affected women's rights, a correspondent in Egypt replies:For one, the "women who were involved in the revolution" don't appear to have... Read More
The implied guiltiness of mainstream celebrity conservatives like Sarah Palin for their 'incendiary' political rhetoric (ie, use of the verb "reload") in the Arizona shooting exposes a glaring double standard. I realize pointing out media double standards is about as novel and exciting as pointing out leftist SWPL bias on NPR, but this particular instance... Read More
In a Taki's Magazine column, John Derbyshire writes: For as long as I've been paying attention to the world around me, a point in time that corresponded closely with 9/11, Islam has been a perennial media subject. But I'm aware that that coincidental timing will leave me with a skewed understanding of Islam's historical importance... Read More
In Multiculturalism and the Politics of Guilt, Paul Gottfried excerpts (p62) from a speech given by Bill Clinton a couple of months after 9/11 as an illustration "exemplifying the power of multicultural concepts to influence political celebrities independently of tangible career interest" (that is, multicult worship is not merely a tool for achieving some desired... Read More
Umar Mutallab and Nidal Hassan, the underwear bomber and Ft. Hood shooter, respectively, are two more recent, highly visible affirmations of former CIA officer Marc Sageman's finding that rather than coming from the dregs of society, international terrorists tend to be more educated and affluent than is most of the population in the countries they... Read More
The feature article of the June 29 issue of BusinessWeek magazine includes one-page profiles of housing markets in seven cities; six because they look to be set for a vigorous, speedy recoveries (Omaha, Seattle, Saratoga Springs, Salt Lake City, Nashville, and Austin) and one, Merced, to serve as an example of how some places will... Read More
Writes Paul Craig Roberts, who knows the official 9/11 account to be false but whose omniscience unfortunately does not extend to what actually transpired:George Noory scoffs at a lot of official explanations, a response that is not terribly unusual for those of Middle Eastern descent. So what? Most Europeans do not find the narrative of... Read More
In a feature article, WaPo foreign reporter Molly Moore laments how Muslims in European prisons are being snubbed by policies that 'cater' to Jews and Christians. These chosen faiths enjoy better spiritual services, as the chaplain-to-Jewish/Christian prisoner ratios are intolerably lower than the Muslim cleric-to-Muslim prisoner ratios are.Estimates from the article of how many times... Read More
The State Department, DHS, and the NCTC urge that it's time to forever separate Islam and terrorism--in our diplomatic lexicon, that is: "Islamo-fascism" never made much sense. "Islamic fundamentalism" is a better descriptor of the ideological force driving terrorist attacks on Western targets. Of course, such a phrase indictes Islam as a compelling engine of... Read More