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A guest on Tom Woods' podcast, who worked in intelligence in the state department leading up to and during the Iraq war, mentioned she didn't think Trump's comments in South Carolina about Bush lying hurt him. To the contrary, she said that while current and former military show strong, patriotic faces in public, there is... Read More
Here's Dubya in October of 2000 complaining about 'racial' profiling of Arabs in US airports:Trump's candidacy is a referendum on a wall along the US-Mexico border. During the South Carolina debate, the success of his candidacy also became a repudiation of the Dubya/McCain/Graham/neocon Republicanism of the last two decades.Tangentially, I still see assertions that Trump... Read More
A recent episode of NPR's Talk of the Nation focused on the consequences of the "Arab Spring" one year out. In response to a caller's question about how the overthrow of ruling regimes has affected women's rights, a correspondent in Egypt replies:For one, the "women who were involved in the revolution" don't appear to have... Read More
++Addition++The full Senate is going to begin 'working' on the bill tomorrow (Tuesday). There is still time to share your thoughts on the amendment with your Senators. Contact them here. --- The Senate Appropriations committee has approved a free-riding Feinstein Ag-Jobs amendment to an upcoming Iraq spending bill. According to NumbersUSA, it will grant legal... Read More
++Addition++Pat Buchanan's latest column addresses the question of why, with everything the US has done in Iraq having benefited its Persian neighbor, Iran is allegedly supplying and training Shiite militias through its Quds force and through Hezbollah while also backing Ansar al Islam. His answer is the US' tacit support for PEJAK, a Kurdish resistance... Read More
When Eliot Spitzer was disgraced, Randall Parker lamented how much attention was given to the story while ignorance on some of the most basic facts pertaining to the situation in Iraq is so widespread. More than two-thirds of the American public is not aware that 4,000 US military personnel have been killed in the conflict,... Read More
The drums keep getting pounded, the crescendo continues apace: (More than any other subject matter entertained, international politics focusing on the Middle East has me stumbling around in the dark. I offer a take that is more a display of my inclinations than an attempt at positive assertion.) Britain and Russia are at odds over... Read More
The WSJ op/ed board, headed by Rove-admirer Paul Gigot, in its portrayal of the former Bush Chief of Staff, slips in a couple of dubious assertions:Like the sense that Iraq would become a pro-Western, pluralistic liberal democracy, nevermind insurmountable obstacles to that becoming a reality, like half of the male population being married to a... Read More
Uh, probably not the best way to assuage Saudi concerns or get the Sunni cabinet members who recently quit al-Maliki's government to come back.
The censure against Iraq's neighbors' role in providing gateways for foreign fighters and weapons to come into Iraq has been directed almost exclusively at Iran and Syria. But Saudi Arabia is in the game, too, and likely has been for some time: The Saudis are delivering on a promise they made late last November. Writing... Read More
As we stand up, the Iraqis stand down: The increased presence in Baghdad has reduced the number of Iraqis killed in tribal 'revenge' killings. Some reduction may be attributable to the migration of Sunnis and Shias into friendlier neighborhoods and cities and through simple attrition. Most of it is due to well-trained American forces frequently... Read More
Average number of US soldier fatalities by month in the six months leading up to the '06 mid-terms: 70.Average number of US soldier fatalities by month in the six months since the Democratic sweep of both Congressional Houses on promises to end our disastrous involvement in Iraq: 98.No timetable for troop withdrawals. No teeth in... Read More
Feel for our troops in Iraq. Among those who've been involved in serious combat, one-in-ten say they've lashed out at Iraqi civilians at a time that it was not necessary. The survey was conducted by the Pentagon and based upon personal account, so the real proportion is almost certainly higher than that.I cannot imagine what... Read More
Gigot and company must be fuming. Too bad the WSJ's own Greg Jaffe reports (free partial here) on yet another successful example of a constructive wall in a tenuous area of the world: Peterson apparently finds time to read Parapundit between his duties in Iraq! More somberly, he adapted based on his experience on the... Read More
The rhetoric about our boys standing down when the Iraqis stand up has been tossed into the dustbin of history. With a majority of the House okaying legistation to have US troops home by the end of next year, Bush will have to wield the veto pin with enough dexterity to frustrate the 63% of... Read More
That life today is better than life prior to the US-led invasion to oust Saddam Hussein is still the most commonly held view among Iraqis: Another poll conducted by a British media researching company was a bit more optimistic: In either case, the perception that life has improved is hardly surprising, since the Baathists have... Read More
Nearly 3,200 US soldiers have died in Iraq since military operations began. The cost of invasion becomes more acute when considering that several times more military personnel have been injured in action, many having suffered chronic and debilitating damage. The large injured-to-killed ratio masks the magnitude of US losses, but it also reveals how the... Read More