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Some Guy writes: In nearly 3,000 posts, the blog does not appear to have taken a look at that. It's an inexplicable oversight since the General Social Survey makes it easy to do, albeit with suboptimally small non-white samples. So now that will be rectified: While views on immigration may be significantly heritable there is... Read More
American Indians often go unmentioned in our now ceaseless lectures on racial diversity, inclusion, and equity. Their insufficient enthusiasm for the cultural revolution is presumably one big reason why: Some 447 American Indians participated in the 2018 Cooperative Congressional Election Study, so these results aren't distorted on account of a small sample size. American Indian... Read More
James Bowery: The Cooperative Congressional Election Study of 2018 surveyed 60,000 people. The smallest Jewish sample from the three items considered here is an impressive 1,490, permitting us to drill down into broad religious movement among Jews. For comparative purposes, positions of whites, blacks, Hispanics, and Asians are also shown. On building the wall: On... Read More
From the 2016 Cooperative Congressional Election Study, positions of primary voters on five immigration issues: Note that primary supporters of "Another Democrat" (whatever became of Jim Webb?) were more hawkish on every question than John Kasich's primary voters. Several of those endangered Blue Dogs crossed over to Trump's GOP. The Ohio governor has a speaking... Read More
From the GSS 2010 onward (N = 7,886), the percentage of native-born Americans who belong to or have spouses who belong to labor unions is 13.1%. For foreign-born residents, the figure is 9.3%. Natives are thus over 40% more likely to be union members than immigrants are. The AFL-CIO and Jeff Bezos are both big... Read More
A theme we like to revisit here is the stronger nationalism expressed by younger Jews relative to that of their elders. This generational dynamic is quite unique in the American context. The following graph shows immigration restrictionism by age and ethnicity. The GSS asked respondents what they “think the number of immigrants nowadays to America... Read More
The following graph shows immigration restrictionism indices, by social class, from the onset of the Great Awokening through the latest iteration of the GSS. The survey asked respondents what they "think the number of immigrants nowadays to America should be". The IR index is calculated as follows: (2*%reduced a lot)+(% reduced a little)-(% increased a... Read More
Sometimes the campaign ads write themselves. Gather clips of top Democrats superciliously asserting that "in America, no one is above the law!" in the context of the failed impeachment coup. Follow with clips of top Democrats voicing support for issuing drivers licenses to people who are in the country in violation of the law: Most... Read More
Is a bill the WSJ editorial board, with its long history of advocating for open borders, should be honored to have helped give life to. From the text of the proposed legislation: The 35 initial sponsors of this open borders bill are demographically representative of new America, one in which border control of any kind... Read More
The following table and map show the percentages of expats living in the United States as a percentage of the total populations living in their home countries*. Data are from 2013 through 2017: Country %inUS 1) Dominica 42.46 2) Guyana 35.56 3) Grenada 31.68 4) Jamaica 25.97 5) El Salvador 21.54 6) St. Vincent/Grenadines 20.98... Read More
The following graphs show partisan affiliation among native-born Americans and among immigrants from 2000 through 2018: The first thing to do when you're in a hole is to stop digging. They don't call the GOP the "stupid party" for no reason. GSS variables used: BORN, PARTYID(0-2)(3)(4-6)(7), YEAR(2000-2018)
Michael Bloomberg kicked off his presidential candidacy in stark contrast to how Donald Trump introduced his own in 2015. To Trump's intolerable implication that immigrants may not in all cases be superior to native-born Americans, Bloomberg laudably asserted immigrants are superior to native-born Americans in every way: Culture, cuisine, and the economy are open borders... Read More
The idea that most immigrants come to the US hoping to leave the countries they hailed from behind and start anew in the land of opportunity isn't one anyone much tries to push anymore. That's for the better since it isn't true. The deeper the roots, the more protective of the soil. The shallower the... Read More
That immigration has in the last few years become one of the most salient political issues in the country is something restrictionists have celebrated. Over the last two decades it has gone from being a fifth- or sixth-tier issue to being the paramount concern of Republican voters. Donald Trump is president because of it. His... Read More
A recent Harvard-Harris survey shows bleeding hearts pushing RAISE face-first into the dirt. Queried respondents were more likely to say "facing a physical threat in their home country" (49%) and "facing persecution on the basis of ethnicity or religion in their home country" (47%) should be factors in determining whether or not an aspiring immigrant... Read More
If it is magnanimously granted that the corporate media's primary job is to inform consumers of its content about what is going on in the world, that is. Parenthetically, I do not grant as much. Getting it this wrong cannot merely be the result of incompetence. Mendacity must be in play. Anyway, a Harvard-Harris poll... Read More
The sentimental touchstone that causes non-British Americans whose ancestors came over in the 19th and early 20th centuries, right? Huddled masses, the poem, the search for a better life--the promise of America. Though these non-British European immigrants of the past--especially Italians and the Irish--often serve as rhetorical ploys in the service of arguing for open... Read More
Invasion has been bad for American Indians in the past. They sense it will be bad for them in the future. American Indians are the original nativists, even more nativist than native-born whites: The nerve! Where do they get off thinking this land is their land, anyway? Thanks to commenter t, with an appropriately laconic... Read More
Whites: Support for decreasing immigration was eight times as common as support for increasing it was in 2004. Less than fifteen years later, support for decreasing immigration has dropped to just twice what support for increasing it is. Blacks: This shift is staggering. When I started digging into sentiments on immigration as the Trump candidacy... Read More
When it comes to chain migration, the sentiment precedes the behavior. The door is open and our newest neighbors are clamoring for it to be opened wider and wider: GSS variables used: LETIN1A(1-2)(3)(4-5), BORN
From YouGov: "Not sure" responses are excluded, so the residual for each demographic category is the percentage opposed to covering illegal aliens. Even with wording slanted as favorably towards providing 'free' healthcare for illegals--nothing about the healthcare being paid for by American citizens, and euphemistically referring to illegal aliens as undocumented immigrants--the position every single... Read More
The following graph was created using data from a recent Pew Research report entitled Race in America 2019. Pew asked respondents how each of the four largest Census-designated demographic groups in the US are perceived to get along with members of each of the others. 'Net harmony' is calculated by taking the percentage of respondents... Read More
Oblivionrecurs shares results from some GSS items asking respondents if blacks in the US should be able to overcome prejudice without any special favors as Irish, Italian, Jewish, and other groups have. But those shared appear to be incorrect, substantially understating agreement with the sentiment across all partisan affiliations. The exact parameters aren't listed in... Read More
We continue to progress together. There is of course still much work to do and we mustn't rest until the first, second, and third bars are at 100%, but we must also celebrate victories where we can: Ah, what's that? The fourth bar? No, it cannot be permitted to reach 100%. For example: Kirstjen Nielsen... Read More
The Derb: He nailed it. From Trends, first in the US: And then for the UK: Guess which American state generates the highest relative search volume. Hint: It's not representative Omar's, which comes in tied for thirteenth. It's much more deplorably white even than that--the whitest in the country, in fact (for a few more... Read More
The percentages of respondents in a Reuters-Ipsos poll that ran from late 2016 through early 2017, by selected demographics, who say "all" or "most" illegal aliens should be deported: The sharpest fault lines emerge along partisan affiliation, with other demographic categories that proxy for it like race and marital status rather predictably distributed. A pattern... Read More
The following three things strike me as necessary (if not necessarily sufficient): 1) A moratorium on immigration lasting at least a generation 2) The repatriation of non-citizens unauthorized to be in the country 3) The return of native fertility to at least replacement level If these things do not happen--and it seems unlikely that any,... Read More
From a SurveyUSA poll covering just California--likely the state presenting the best case in the country for how illegal immigration hurts blacks--the percentages of respondents who support the construction of a wall along the US-Mexico border, by race ("not sure" responses, constituting 10% of the total, are excluded): The Old America alliance Trump tried for,... Read More
Reuters-Ipsos has a poll tracking partisan affiliation that has been running since the beginning of 2016. It now has a total sample standing at 457,215 responses. The explorer allows for all kinds of filters to be applied, including state of residency, educational attainment, race, and 2016 presidential vote. So here are the results with those... Read More
Blacks in America support open borders. They express less support for immigration restrictionism than even Hispanics or Jews do. It's a perennial fantasy that they're the biggest opponents of open borders on account of being the ones hurt by it the most. Libertarians get a lot a grief from us for thinking urban blacks are... Read More
Reuters-Ipsos has a poll tracking partisan affiliation that has been running since the beginning of 2016. It now has a total sample standing at 457,215 responses. The explorer allows for all kinds of filters to be applied, including state of residency, educational attainment, race, and 2016 presidential vote. So here are the results with those... Read More
The wall is Trump's no new taxes pledge. It's infinitely frustrating to see that he is apparently only now fully grasping that reality. Hell, rank amateurs have been pointing this out from the beginning: The Derb is concerned that Trump, cognizant of how his reelection campaign hinges on the wall or lack thereof, will give... Read More
In last week's Power Hour, the Z-Man noted that one major reason Trump gets so little Establishment push back for tangling with China--despite the real dangers involved--is because our elites are legitimately worried about the Middle Kingdom. Crowding out top American colleges, stealing the intellectual property elites live off of, pricing them out of major... Read More
VDare carried the previous post containing some reactions to the 2018 congressional midterms, highlighting the finding that the vast majority of Democrats think it important that fewer whites and fewer men be elected to public office: An NPC, putatively sympathetic to VDare's mission, immediately and publicly cried foul: He was of course blatantly incorrect. The... Read More
Some reactions to the blue splash: - The Kemp, DeSantis, and King contests were three of the night's four most important. Cheers to and for all of them. Kris Kobach's defeat stings. He's regularly been stabbed in the back by corporate interests and in the front by criminal organizations like the ACLU, but he refuses... Read More
DemsRRealRapists will be about as rhetorically and polemically effective as DemsRRealRacists has been--not very. Half the population views Bill Clinton and Keith Ellison as good guys. Calling them the real Kavanaughs just hardens things along partisan lines. It's off-putting to a lot of people in the squishy middle. So is this: Instead of clown world... Read More
The percentages of respondents who thought the Grand Jury should've indicted police officer Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown: In multiracial societies, you don't use standards of ethical behavior or the morality of actions to assess justice, you assess justice in accordance to race and ethnicity. Brown was a criminal thug who assaulted... Read More
And tax cuts. From Reuters-Ipsos, the issue registered Democrats and Republicans identified as the most important one in determining their mid-term congressional votes (N = 26,785): The contrast between the priorities of congressional Republican 'leadership' and what their voters care about is why the GOP is called the Stupid Party. That's unfair to people like... Read More
Are there any in the country who are doing so in gubernatorial, House, or Senate elections in November? In Kansas, Kris Kobach's opponent Laura Kelly offers not a word about immigration in the "issues" section of her campaign website. And Sharice Davis, who is running against the useless Kevin Yoder, has this to say: In... Read More
As we enter day six of the three-week long funeral, remembrance, visitation, and worship of the deified John McCain, I find my spirits lifted by revisiting Trump's plausibly deniable shiv from a little over a year ago: As I wrote at the time: That the cancer was progressive and that McCain's prognosis was terminal was... Read More
New column over at is a brief look at the new Red Dawn remake movie in theaters today, and a much longer look at the man who directed/wrote the 1984 Red Dawn -- John Milius [“I Would Have Done It About Mexico.” American Hero John Milius Denounces RED DAWN Remake, VDare, 11-21-12]: Well, don’t... Read More
An anti-white white* girl from the heartland goes on a night run wearing almost nothing at all because my body, my choice. A squatemalan invader goes feral--or a feral squatemalan invader, take your pick--hones in. Strong, independent woman that she is, needing neither man nor bicycle, she's soon decomposing in a cornfield. The homicidal alien... Read More
Commentary coming from the outside is really bad. Punditry on the modern left has largely devolved into little more than histrionic virtue signalling and moral posturing. Though the relevant data is seconds away, 0.4 minutes for verification is too much to ask as the same nonsense shows up over and over in the mouths of... Read More
Of the twenty counties in Kansas where Hispanics comprise at least 15% of the population, Kobach won sixteen of them. Colyer won four. The state has three counties that are majority-Hispanic. Kobach handily won all three of them. On average, the counties that went to Kobach are 13.1% Hispanic. The counties Colyer won are 7.3%... Read More
Pairing up with the failing Kansas City Star, ProPublica deployed an "October surprise" attempt to snatch the Kansas Republican gubernatorial nomination from Kris Kobach. Several national outlets like Ralph Maddow, Single Mother Jones, and Daily Poz simultaneously deployed articles on it. As we've long argued here, this race has ramifications extending far beyond this middle... Read More
  August 7th, six days from now. Tap your social networks. Make it easy for them.
Prompted by a post where Steve Sailer discusses how unlikely it is that American whiteness will be redefined more broadly, thereby extending further into the future the point in time when the US becomes "majority-minority", here are the percentages of respondents identifying ethnically as Hispanic who simultaneously racially identify as "white", by decade of birth... Read More
Don Junior is a simulacrum of candidate Donald Trump. He frames everything in the context of whether it is America First or Not. Asked why he stays involved in politics now that the campaign is over, he answered that it was for the "good of our children and our children's children". Ourselves and our posterity,... Read More
A lot of people on the dissident right were hoping for a Croatian win in the World Cup. The sentiment is understandable. Despite being under the thumb of the Soviet Union for half a century and part of the doomed conglomerate, Yugoslavia, that gave us the term "balkanization", Croatia is a real country today. France,... Read More
The most important gubernatorial primary in the country takes place on Tuesday, August 7th, right in the middle American heartland. When Trump tapped Sam Brownback to convert the heathens, then-lieutenant governor Jeff Colyer inherited the spot. Colyer is an open borders cuck. He's in the farm lobby's back pocket. Under Sebelius, Brownback, and now Colyer,... Read More