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Immigration disease

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Pathological altruism--a mind disease closely related to political correctness that may prove terminal to western civilization--on display (assuming the alleged crime occurred): Yes, this is an extreme example of it, but there are WEIRDOs reading this who will reflexively direct more anger at me for pointing out this heinous but avoidable tragedy than they will... Read More
According to the CDC and the US Census, foreign-born residents living in the US are over 9 times more likely to have tuberculosis as native-born Americans are. Exotic disease is an aspect of diversity we don't celebrate enough!
++Addition++A couple of astute commenters point out that I incorrectly stated that most Americans are protected from TB. Most Americans have not, in fact, been immunized against TB.Immunization is mostly reserved for children at higher risk for the contracting the disease. Most of the developed world does adminster vaccination widely to the general public, but... Read More
The immigration debate is generally argued with three attributes in mind: Economics (giving businesses access to low-cost labor vs inhibiting innovation, greater wealth transfers, and taxpayer subsidization), morality (helping the destitute foreigner vs opposition to making life even more precarious for the native poor), and social culture (diversity vs cohesion). The resurgence of various diseases... Read More
Our open-border immigration policy is the gift that just keeps on giving. Chagas (Trypanosoma cruzi), a parasitic insect that feeds on vital internals like the heart, nervous system, and GI tract, is coming to a blood bank near you: A callous cynic might use the latter paragraph as part of an analogy that uses a... Read More
Gonorrhea, syphilis, hepatitis, tuberculosis--and now, cysticercosis (CDC's report is here): The disease is caused by pork tapeworm enter into the spinal cord and forming cysts there. Most lethally, it causes the brain to swell, leading to death. Most of the time it causes severe headaches and seizures. From 1990 to 2002, 85% of deaths from... Read More