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From Trends, search volume in the US for "hate speech" as a percentage of search volume for "free speech" by year: Extrapolating from 2014 through to the present, a fourth slogan will roll out around 2030: Free speech is hate speech. Dragonfly isn't dead, it has just been hidden underground. Intellectual totalitarianism is scaling and... Read More
Just when you thought everything but the kitchen sink had been thrown at Trump, here comes something else: The assertion that he is president Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho. It looks like that sinking feeling is spreading throughout CultMarx ranks, then, as they preemptively concede the election to one very specific man! What would... Read More
If this doesn't inspire a desire for perpetually expanding suffrage to everyone and everything, nothing will:
Since the phrase "nation of immigrants" was first used in reference to the United States 80 years ago, it's regularly been invoked by politicians, chambers of commerce, journalists, charities, and ethnic activist groups as the most vitally important aspect of our collective national character. Here is a list of countries who put us to shame... Read More
On display in that oh-so venerable rag, the New York Times, in an article referenced recently by Steve Sailer. Excerpt worthy of special derision, my emphasis: Only? It can only be described using a cute phrase that doesn't even denote a specific hairstyle, but is instead used in local hair styling salons all across flyover... Read More
The Economist's "sister" company has made an earnest, contemporary attempt to determine which countries are the most and least propitious ones to be born into. Check out the list and notes on the methodology there. The first thing that jumps out at me is that the best places to be born are doing the least... Read More
Jayman has an interesting post showing that the positive correlation between fertility and political conservatism has existed in the US for nearly a century. Rifting off of this (okay, okay, copying it!), presented below are similar graphs tracing the relationship between fertility* and a couple of other angles I'm interested in--intelligence and educational attainment. To... Read More
After this, I'm off the fecundity kick for awhile, promise. In the following graph, GSS respondents are broken up into five categories; Really Smarts (wordsum score of 9-10, comprising 13% of the population), Pretty Smarts (7-8, 26%), Normals (6, 22%), Pretty Dumbs (4-5, 27%), and Really Dumbs (0-3, 12%). The average number of children middle-aged... Read More
Inductivist recently reported that only-children average the highest IQ scores among birth cohorts, as measured by the GSS Wordsum test. Further, he found little evidence that the parents of only-children are smarter than parents with more offspring. The stereotype is of only-children being well-bred, but it might be that only children enjoy higher average intelligence... Read More
One way for schools to create the perception of equitability in achievement is to make tests progressively easier year-over-year. Last year the smarts averaged 90 and the dulls averaged 50. This year, the test's difficulty has decreased so markedly that the smarts now average a perfect 100 and the dulls a 90. Voila, we've cut... Read More
From an LAT article Steve recently commented on:Heaven help us.
The work I do requires a fair amount of time in the car. During NPR's lugubrious sob stories, ridiculous promotions of no-name musicians and other 'artists', or routine mendicant solicitations, I surf the airwaves. I try to spend a few minutes listening to the local hip-hop station to get some feel for what is going... Read More