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The percentages of people who believe more than 1 million Americans have died of Covid: Stoking hysterical fears in young, poor, politically disconnected women of color? For shame, media, for shame.
From Trends, the top five states for relative search volume interest in "white supremacy" over the last year: Our imperial overlords appear to be far more interested in it than middle Americans are. We should expect a white kid from some loserville in say, Wyoming, to be the one looking for a portal into the... Read More
Killer instincts:
Prior to the release of the 2010 GSS data set, finding questions on the perceived danger of nuclear power generation required going back as far as the early nineties. In response to a commenter, I attempted just that. Now, more contemporary responses are available, albeit still prior to the Japanese tsunami.Responses are on a 5-point... Read More
On the passive suggestion of Parapundit's Randall Parker, I'm reading The World Without Us, a book by Alan Weisman that attempts to describe the future following the abrupt extinction of homo sapiens. It immediately strikes me as disappointingly misanthropic and distractingly quasi-religious (what Half Sigma terms "Gaia worship"). The recurring criticisms I have with this... Read More
I previously attempted to refute the presumption thick in some areas of the Steveosphere that today's young women are nymphos. The GSS does not lend any credence to blogger Whiskey's assertion that it is not unusual for educated, urban white women to have more than 50 different sexual partners.He has subsequently questioned the utility of... Read More
++Addition++Jason Malloy goes to work in the comments. He rarely writes at GNXP, and has no other regular forum so far as I'm aware, yet everything he contributes in comment threads are worthy of wider attention.---In the comments of a recent Inductivist post, in proclaiming the death of the nuclear family (to which Ron counters... Read More