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The Senate convicts Trump. Pence briefly becomes the country's 46th president. Biden dons the purple to become the 47th president but doesn't make it to the end of the year before being replaced by Kamala Harris, the nation's 48th president. The first domino is unlikely to fall, but would it shock anyone if it did?... Read More
This is effective rhetoric, but it's more than just that. Children and young adults are at virtually no risk from Covid. The flu--even the common cold--is more dangerous to them than Covid is. Forcing kids to wear masks doesn't do the kids any good. To the contrary, it likely harms them both physically and psychologically.... Read More
There is far more income variation within racial groups than there are between them. It's futile--not to mention racist!--to obsess over racial differences in median income. Less than 15% of income differences occur between races. More than 85% of income differences occur within racial groups. We've been looking in all the wrong places with this... Read More
The language police hate to see it: All these miscreants will get what's coming to them, lousy racists!
Republican Senator Mitt Romney's favorability, by partisan affiliation, follows. "Not sure" responses, constituting 19% of the total, are excluded: So brave! Surely the newfound respect Romney has earned will pay big dividends down the road:
I had a chuckle when I saw a notification that the latest episode of The Tom Woods Show successfully downloaded this morning. A title a bit too fitting for its spot in the show's enormous audio library, I'd say: The episode's feature is actually an interview from 2014. The frustration of the libertarian right--for which... Read More
Among Democrat primary voters Biden is first choice among the following percentages of people, by race: Whites -- 19% Blacks -- 33% Hispanics -- 20% Others -- 21% Funny that he is attacked relentlessly for his putative racism. Nobody sniffs it out better than SWPLs do!
Ha! Video here. And forgive me a little puerility on a Friday night, won't you?
Here's one last delusional, fantastical gasp at how Trump will follow in his predecessor's footsteps and be the president the deplorables hoped from the beginning he would be: Just as Romney won the challenging party's nomination after placing second in the election that gave Obama his first term, Sanders wins the 2020 nomination. Putatively on... Read More
One of the humorless, vinegar-drinking scolds dripping with supercilious contempt--the people has done what contemporary comedians spend so much time doing. He has looked at something genuinely funny and proclaimed 'that is NOT okay': normies refer to as "comedians"-- No, Apu was created based on existing stereotypes of South Asians. These stereotypes exist because they... Read More
From the official, blue-checkmarked account of the Democrat party (red markings are my own): Jewish women comprise about 1% of the US population and 1.1% of Congress. They are members of the only female group identified here that is already proportionally--if not slightly over--represented among our national elected officials. Freudian slip, anyone? Yentas get to... Read More
And then there was silence. Charlatanism and virtue-signalling make perfect bedfellows. All we need to blow our opposition out is an equal playing field.
Then the Gary Johnson godsend is your guy:
I remember more than a decade ago regularly encountering arguments that building a wall along the US-Mexico border would be a prohibitively expensive undertaking. It was a risible argument then and it's a risible argument now. Trump says he can do it for under $12 billion. Skeptics say it'll cost upwards of $25 billion. Financially... Read More
It's not the condom commercial all the time, though. That is, fortunately, a relatively infrequent occurrence from what I've gathered. To finally get the picture above, dinner had to be pushed back half an hour. All we could get out of the first take was this:
Prior to the easy-money fueled housing bust, Steve Sailer noticed a contemporary reliance on "human directionals"--people hired to walk around twirling signs at intersections in an effort to direct traffic to whatever it is said directionals are being paid a couple of bucks under minimum wage in cash to promote. Steve presciently realized we were... Read More
Depending on who you ask or what source you trust, generally the sex of a child can be determined with certainty via ultrasound (that is, by sight--we're not talking about chorionic villus sampling, preimplantation genetic diagnosis, or any other futuristic methods of cheating here) at somewhere between 17-20 weeks into a pregnancy. We found out... Read More
Roissy's perspicacious, if deliberately provocative (it's who he is, after all), post on pit bulls and the bleeding heart SWPL instinct to apologize for (if Tookie was a dog, he'd look like this) and adopt them got me into a heated facebook conversation. Opposition to Roissy's post took two familiar forms; 1) Exceptions to the... Read More
The feature article of the June 29 issue of BusinessWeek magazine includes one-page profiles of housing markets in seven cities; six because they look to be set for a vigorous, speedy recoveries (Omaha, Seattle, Saratoga Springs, Salt Lake City, Nashville, and Austin) and one, Merced, to serve as an example of how some places will... Read More
After at least $170 billion in government money to prop up a financial and insurance conglomerate so big that the implosion of the global economic network was assured to follow its downfall, Congress votes to slash performance compensation for AIG employees by 85%.So when the well-being of the company's shareholders and customers rested on their... Read More
Oh, it's a "car czar" they've been talking about? Crud...
Speaking of whiterpeople and their collective insistence on proper grammar, there is reason to suspect Christian Lander is selling out (another thing whiterpeople detest)! From his recent post on pea coats:The latter 'sentence' is only a fragment. From the same post:We are missing a "who" in that sentence. Amongst SWPL's whiter readership, there is surely... Read More
Just about every Stuff White People Like post has me kicking myself (and I doubt I'm alone in this regard) for not having created the site years ago. I've heard it claimed that taking a TV series and turning it into a full-length movie sounds a death knell for the series. Not having watched TV... Read More
  It's not a bumper sticker yet, but I bet one of the many online retailers who sell the things could move more than a few. No rights reserved here--please, have at it!
I owe much of the pleasure I got from reading Stuff White People Like to NPR, where the tastes and purviews of whiterpeople are on full display. Last weekend, a story was aired (less than five minutes in duration) about how sluggish retail spending is effecting Whole Foods that contains in it ten--ten--of the things... Read More
Senator Obama, on Exxon-Mobil in an attack on John McCain's energy proscriptions:AE, on Obama in a ridicule of Obama's rhetoric:
I heard a ad on the radio noting the 'satisfaction guarantee' the service offers:If it doesn't work, feel free to keep on using it!If a service has failed me from the beginning, I'm not sure how extending the time I'm able to use the service is going to be of much value to me.... Read More
The most enjoyable news items are those as likely to appear in The Onion as in The Wall Street Journal:(The above happens to come from the latter).
As one who is third-generation on the maternal side and has poor Ozarkan roots on the paternal side, I'm persistently tormented by the thought that I'm not whiter enough, that I haven't suffered through private school, violin lessons since the age of four, or being an only child. Sure, I may play soccer or have... Read More
When I saw a post at Mangan's with the humorous (but unwholesome) picture below, I thought of my dad: Heh, no, not about his past or why he shouldn't quit his day job. The thought was more general, of libertarian-types like him who seem to subconsciously operate under the assumption that when poor Hispanic immigrants... Read More