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Human Biodiversity

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- Is the February cold snap climate modeling's stagflation? Probably not, but expertise from the comment section is thanked in advance for explaining why. Are there supposed to be days of record breaking low temperatures across huge swaths of the North American continent if the center of the temperature distribution is accelerating its movement towards... Read More
I've remarked before how pleasantly surprising it was to find that the 2016 iteration of the GSS asked interviewers to assess the physical attractiveness of survey respondents they interviewed. Here is to hoping it is being repeated in the Current Year as we speak (the 2018 data is now being gathered). The following graph shows... Read More
Excerpting TWCS, Heartiste talks about quantifying the costs of Diversity!, the structure of which is characterized by an iceberg effect with the most conspicuous costs representing a small fraction of the total while the most go unnoticed by all but the few who deliberately look for them. While TWCS defeated the kraken, I'll throw my... Read More
Malcolm Pollack excerpting thoughts on the Equalism myth:If Nature smiles at the union of freedom and equality in our utopias, She bursts into laughter at the union of freedom, equality, and diversity in our utopias. When one prevails, the other two die. Liberty, equality, or diversity--choose one. Just one.Even the most nightmarish Orwellian IngSoc state,... Read More
As Hillary was going on about the strength and vibrancy of our black communities:I said to my monitor--hoping to psychically sync up with Trump--"ha, yeah and I'm sure you're moving to one after you lose this election. There aren't any blacks in Chappaqua, folks."I've started taking a similar approach in realtalk conversations (which are increasingly all... Read More
In 2006, the GSS asked respondents about people they trust. The percentages who said those they trust are either "almost all the same race as you" or "mostly the same race as you" among self-described liberal, moderate, and conservative whites (n = 493):Political orientationTrust own raceLiberal78.2%Moderate76.9%Conservative83.3%The differences are marginal. In the words of the late... Read More
One of the most salient statistics regarding education is the tendency for poor white teenagers to perform as well as rich black teenagers do on college entrance exams. When sharing as much with educational romanticists, I'll often get the response that it isn't money that determines whether or not an environment is intellectually stimulating, it's... Read More
IQ estimates similarly arrived at through the utilization of 2013 NAEP results in math and reading among white 8th graders follow. The scores for both tests are on a 500 point scale, with a designed standard deviation of 50. In the proceeding table, these are converted into IQ estimates with a mean of 97.4--corresponding to... Read More
Like presidential elections, it has become standard for updated state IQ estimates based on NAEP scores for 8th graders on math and reading tests to be offered here every four years (for estimates based on 2005 and 2009 NAEP results, please click on the corresponding links). The scores for both tests are on a 500... Read More
An assortment of reactions and responses (calling it a review would be way too pretentious) to Nicholas Wade's A Troublesome Inheritance follow. First, a couple of minor quibbles: - In the context of the eugenics movement in the US in the early 20th century, Wade equates "restrictive immigration laws" (p38) with the actions of state... Read More
From Jayman's post a few weeks ago chastising those who offer pet issue(s) psychoanalysis every time a tragedy with high visibility dominates a few days' worth of news cycles: Jayman is a vociferous proponent of the importance of heredity and the correspondingly diminutive influence external environmental factors have on real world outcomes. That's what the... Read More
Roissy enjoys taking pot shots at yours truly and I'm happy to take them since they double the blog's web traffic whenever they land. Game isn't about male-to-male dominance, so what he'd have the cajones to say in person is immaterial. Most recently, he ribbed me for insinuating that the ultimate arbiter of alpha status... Read More
The OECD report that made it into news cycles earlier this week for having discovered that children in the US are more likely to live in single parent households than children in other developed countries grabbed my attention for illustrating why ignoring racial realities and instead relying only on culture (or 'propositionalism') has significantly obfuscatory... Read More
In a previous post, I looked at attitudinal and (self-reported) behavioral differences towards work among the sexes. There are several reasons for the wage gap between men and women putatively doing the same work; men tend to have been employed for a longer period of time than women have been (a function of the relatively... Read More
In a post last month considering the relative influence of Steve Sailer and Roissy in presenting the realities of HBD to the general public, OneSTDV excerpted Kudzu Bob making the following comment: There is a glaring problem here. The game phenomenon is billed as being a way to bed beautiful women. Pay attention to these... Read More
++Addition++In the comments, n/a writes the following: --- Agnostic had a great post a couple of months back on Google search suggestions filling out what has been entered up to that point. He looked at variations of "why are guys/girls ..." Rather than rehash it here, give it a read if you haven't yet done... Read More
With the 2009 NAEP scores out, it seems as good a time as any to update the IQ estimates by state that are based on the federally administered tests. Previously, I used math and science scores from 2005 to construct the estimates. However, science testing was not conducted in 2009, so I've substituted reading for... Read More
In a recent EconTalk podcast, host Russ Roberts had Stanford's Paul Romer on to talk about the latter's ideas about what he calls "charter cities". Romer explains that Haitians are miserable because they live under terrible rules. He suggests letting them seek out 'charter cities'--something akin to Singapore with a suzerainty and guarantor of laws... Read More
As Inductivist has previously underscored, a natural predilection for monogamy is probably being selected for, at least in Western societies where progressively higher levels of sexual equality and consequent increasing female advantage in mate choice has been the story for more than a century.This isn't surprising. In Darwinian terms, women benefit more from serial monogamy... Read More
From a report on Williams syndrome, excerpted and then discussed by Steve:Solomon must have had his way with one of those kids!
In a post where he attempts to rally the troops, OneSTDV highlights cynicism on the part of some of the Steveosphere's best. HBD social reformer need not necessarily be an oxymoron, but there are inherently opposing forces operating. In OneSTDV's words:We strive to see things as they are, and realize our ability to affect meaningful... Read More
++Addition++Steve Sailer makes note, calling out the inclusion of the question on astronomy out (and rightly so, as in reviewing the items chosen, it appears the least obviously commonsensical of the entire field) and waxing on the relationship between vocabulary and intelligence more generally.---Bruce G. Charlton, academic and editor in chief of the journal Medical... Read More
A post by OneSTDV awhile back challenged the assertion that the gender egalitarian movement is more damaging to society than the racial egalitarian movement is. I view them as two heads of the blank slatist hydra. The primary devotion of this place concerns the latter, but that need not be to the exclusion of the... Read More
Upon finding out that two of the three winners of this year's Nobel prize in physiology or medicine are women, Steve Sailer points out what he sees as encouraging sex trends in accomplishment:Results from an interactive quiz from the Pew Research Center show that this trend doesn't just exist in the upper echelons of the... Read More
Lately Inductivist has been investigating how whites feel towards blacks and other whites, the feelings Jews have for various racial groups, and to what extent these groups return the favor. Having seen group perceptions looked at in these ways from fairly contemporary (2002) data, bringing it all together in a single graphical representation is irresistible.The... Read More
In the previous post where a GSS question measuring how willing male respondents were to suffer in the stead of a lover was used as a proxy for alphaness, Jason Malloy exploded in the discussion thread (to reiterate, everything he writes is worth reading, so do so if you have not yet to). Both he... Read More
Whether or not blacks are more alpha than non-blacks are (with Asians as the most beta and whites and Hispanics in between) is a perennial topic that crops up across the game-oriented sections of the blogosphere. As previously written, I'm inclined to think they tend to be, based on higher levels of extramarital sexual activity,... Read More
++Addition++I realize now that Inductivist, using the OCC80 variable, was only looking at high school teachers. The difference between our estimates for that level of teaching is negligible. Thus the post is a complement to, not a critique of, his.---The Inductivist recently used Wordsum scores from the GSS to estimate the average IQ of high... Read More
Whether or not blacks are more alpha than non-blacks are (with Asians as the most beta and whites and Hispanics in between) is a perennial topic that crops up across the game-oriented sections of the blogosphere. I'm inclined to think they tend to be, based on higher levels of extramarital sexual activity, a greater number... Read More
Nearly a year ago, I happily reported that among men the monogamists were outproducing the contemporary Genghis Khan's. The GSS shows that men who have had one lifetime partner procreate more than men who have had a few, who in turn make more babies than the Roissys of the world do. The trend holds across... Read More
The r/K selection theory, coined by E. O. Wilson, concerns the trade off between the quantity of offspring produced and the quality of care and devotion given to each of them. From the Wikipedia article: In this conceptual framework, humans are clearly a K-selected species. Frogs and spiders, in contrast, are examples of r-selected species.... Read More
Steve Sailer has pointed out on multiple occasions that race trumps sex in the contemporary world of identification politics:In the Democratic primaries last year, Hillary Clinton was confronted by the same reality. The insight needs some qualification, though, in that it applies much more strongly to non-whites, especially blacks, than it does to whites.These high... Read More
Sifting through the pages of the CIA factbook, I noticed the virtual universality of higher infant mortality rates at the international level for boys than for girls. There are two marginal exceptions, Nepal and the Northern Mariana Islands, the latter also having the most unbalanced gender ratio favoring women in the world (numerically anyway--the red-blooded... Read More
In a couple of previous posts, the propensity to self-identify by race or ethnicity was examined by, well, race and ethnicity. In addition to the groups already discussed, results for Jews, Native Americans, those McCain-belt Scotch-Irish types who tell census takers they are simply "American" by ancestry, white Republicans (the question was not cross-referenced with... Read More
The previous post showing more evidence that non-whites are more racialist than whites are led me to wonder how racialism varies among those of European descent. The following table shows the percentage of people, by ancestry, who included race or ethnicity as one of the three most important methods of self-identification from a list of... Read More
To assert that whites don't think in racial terms and non-whites do is hardly novel in the Steveosphere, but the narrative that holds white racism to be ubiquitous and oppressive relies on the assumption that whites are racially conscious.There is little evidence for this assumption. The GSS asked respondents to choose the three most important... Read More
Blogger OneSTDV brings up a question I have yet to find a satisfying answer to (and so am eagerly soliciting thoughts from readers):Previously, it was shown that those who believe personality is primarily determined by experience are on average of modestly higher intelligence than those who hold that personality is largely genetically determined. As the... Read More
Given that the Big 5 personality traits are 50% hereditable, it is discouraging to find that three in four people believe experience, rather than genes, is the primary determinant of a person's personality. That acknowledged, the naturist majority's dominance is not of equal strength across the board. Women are more inclined than men are to... Read More
N/A, who runs the blog Race/History/Evolution Notes, pointed me to a couple of handy tables from the 2000 Census showing cohabitation and marriage statistics by race and gender. To help clear up misconceptions readers might have (as I did), a couple of tables follow. Following the notes at the end of the post are a... Read More
++Addition++In the comments, N/A, who runs Race/History/Evolution Notes, sets me straight on my unsubstantiated presumption that black male-white female relationships are the most common among interracial couples in the US. Note to self: Look at the data before spouting off, dumbass. You'd think, given the content here, I'd have already internalized as much.---In a recent... Read More
++Addition++As I interpret it, a comment by Case essentially conceptualizes the different perceptions in intelligence as self-serving bias. High IQ people attribute their intelligence to personal behaviors like a high need for cognition, hard work, copious studying, openness to new ideas, etc (never mind that these things are all correlated with IQ to begin with).... Read More
++Addition++In the comments, Roissy reviews some of the fundamentals of game, and also takes note in a post about a super beta prostrate. I am uncomfortable making assertions without empirical backing, but I don't really disagree with him. He misreads in saying that I think adopting game only helps the rich get richer--to the contrary,... Read More
The perceptions of intelligence among members of different racial groups was the focus of a recent post. I subsequently wondered how political orientation affected these judgments. The following table converts to IQ scores the responses given to questions on the intelligence of members of various groups under the assumptions that the mean intelligence value for... Read More
++Addition3++Blode gives a detailed breakdown of group self-perceptions, perceptions of 'outside' groups, and actual IQ averages in the comments. Rather than try to summarize, I recommend taking a look for yourself.++Addition2++Steve Sailer wonders about Jewish perceptions of intelligence. Sample sizes for takes on Hispanics, Asians, and Jews are prohibitively small (N = 29), but with... Read More
Turning again to the relationship between the number of female partners a man has and his total fertility, following are how things shake out by race. Ranges are shown for non-whites due to small sample sizes. Full data are available here.Whites*PartnersChildrenN11.8750721.7420031.6821141.4816351.5321361.4314171.795781.318891.2124101.60191110.9213121.657413.8211141.6718151.279316+1.40481BlacksPartnersChildrenN12.63272-51.69846-101.897311-151.802016+1.66101
In a previous post I showed countries 'sending' migrants for legal work-related reasons send better people than do countries sending a greater proportion of their total human shipment for reasons of family reunification or as refugees or asylees.Continuing on that theme, I computed the percentage of migrants gaining residency by way of employment-based preferences by... Read More
GNXP's Razib alerted me to's listing of average credit scores by state*. Not surprisingly, the scores correlate strongly with a couple of the usual suspects. With the percentage of a state's population that is non-Asian minority (NAM), the correlation is an inverse .74 (p=0). With IQ, the correlation is an even stronger .77 (p=0).... Read More
++Addition++Agnostic points out that 10, which should represent 55% genetic, 45% environmental, gets a large number of responses, even more than 11 does. This is presumably because many people incorrectly see 10 as the midway point between 1 and 21. It's impossible to completely untangle this, since 11 gets a higher response rate than other... Read More
Kevin Mac Donald presents a standard summary of the putative political positions on the nature and nurture question. For conservatives:To leftists:In 2004, the GSS queried respondents on whether they believed experience de
The vague promises of finding financial freedom while working from your home computer if you'll just call this number for your free CD or the existence of a payday loan store next to a liquor store on every corner in the hood helps create the impression that people with lower intelligence are more gullible and... Read More