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On the fourth of July, Americans celebrate the freeing of their country from the binds of the British. In the same way whites cannot be victims of racism because racism equals prejudice plus power, the idea of one group of whites attaining freedom from another group of whites is an affront to the concept of... Read More
The following series of graphs show contemporary American views on past (and present) US wars by partisan affiliation. Pat Buchanan was fighting an uphill battle with Churchill, Hitler, and the Unnecessary War: Vietnam is the least popular war over at least the last century and change, the second world war perceived to be the most... Read More
Okay, the left has shifted drastically from moderate immigration restrictionism to something approaching open borders in the span of less than two decades, but the country's demographics have changed over that time, too. Immigration begets support for more immigration, and immigrants to America tend to be on the political left: Fair enough, there is a... Read More
Until Donald Trump temporarily renewed the left's faith in the corporate media, the integrity trajectory was down, down, down for the merchants of mendacity: The media's knob-slobbering, ring-kissing, bootlicking deference to and running interference for the Biden administration isn't going to sustain liberals in the same way their acrimony towards Trump did. That blue line... Read More
The following graph shows, by political orientation and over time, the ideal number of children GSS participants think a family should have and the actual number of children they do have: There are a lot of intersections on the graph that make it more challenging to follow than it should be. The light colors trace... Read More
The liberals of the 1970s found homosexuality more morally objectionable than contemporary conservatives do. Social conservatives have conserved their positions on guns and abortions. Not much else: Gays were widely considered predators and deviants a generation ago. Now they are among the most revered groups in the country. It's a reminder of how quickly the... Read More
The following graph shows how views on abortion have changed over time by political persuasion: Ronald Reagan's famous Morning in America ad explicitly focused only on economic prosperity. The aesthetics hinted at cultural issues, but they were an afterthought. The modest differences between liberals and conservatives at the time explain why. By the time of... Read More
The subsequent graph shows support today for FDR's executive order 9066 (though FDR is not mentioned in the question) that "created military exclusion zones during World War II and allowed for the forcible relocation of Americans of Japanese descent to internment camps", by selected demographics. The YouGov survey does not break out Asian responses. We'd... Read More
Black Americans think the arc of history has been bending away from justice for generations: They must think Jim Crow was bad but Jim Snow is even worse! Okay, that's probably not it.
The Senate convicts Trump. Pence briefly becomes the country's 46th president. Biden dons the purple to become the 47th president but doesn't make it to the end of the year before being replaced by Kamala Harris, the nation's 48th president. The first domino is unlikely to fall, but would it shock anyone if it did?... Read More
It's nothing new. Since it's inception, the General Social Survey has inquired about respondents' self-reported personal happiness. In every single year, Republican happiness has averaged higher than Democrat happiness has: It doesn't seem to track much with which party controls the White House, one of the few things about the contemporary United States that would... Read More
The 21st century American oligarchy hates the class traitor Donald Trump for the same reason the 2nd century BC Roman oligarchy hated the Gracchi brothers: Separated by millennia, the oligarchy has a similar response: Apropos Steven Pinker, their methods have become less brutal, but the energy is the same:
One issue with Steven Pinker's The Better Angels of Our Nature is the book's presumption that popular entertainment may reliably be used as a proxy for cultural sensibilities on the ground. Medieval Europeans did bear baiting and burned cats alive for entertainment. Hardly surprising since their societies were more violent than the most blighted urban... Read More
George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Andrew Jackson are going the way of Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis: The question included a "not sure" response. It was selected by 22% of those surveyed, so these figures are conservative estimates of deconstruction sentiments . Only 25% of blacks definitively oppose the statues being removed. In the... Read More
From Cassius Dio on the downfall of Sejanus, murdered praetorian prefect of Rome's second emperor: Who is the contemporary man this speaks down through the ages to? Not the stubborn southern secessionist. Not exclusively, anyhow. For statues of Ulysses Grant, Abraham Lincoln, Christopher Columbus, George Washington, Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson, Hans Christian Heg, and Junipero... Read More
More than fifty years after the civil rights revolution and opening the country up to immigration from all over the world, we have a progress report on how citizens of the empire think things are going. In short, not particularly well: Among no racial group does a majority perceive American race relations to have improved... Read More
Most don't think so, but younger, non-whites are less certain about the moral righteousness of America's entry into World War II than older whites are. Democrats are modestly less sure than Republicans, though that's likely accounted for entirely by non-white Democrats. This comes from a 2017 YouGov poll asking respondents if it was a mistake... Read More
Several months ago, I downplayed the observation that alarmism over putative global cooling was a generational precursor to the alarmism over global warming we're experiencing now. The phrases "global cooling" and "global warming" were both scantily used--with similar frequency--from the 1950s through the 1970s. Then "global warming" began rocketing upward in the 1980s. But I... Read More
A century on, the lesson for our time is that if all the blame for the problems of the past, of the present, and presumably of the future are dumped onto a single group, that besieged group will respond in ways destructive to everyone. Dangerous phantoms that should not exist are being willed into existence... Read More
Over the last several decades, educational creep has predictably led to a decrease in the average intelligence of college graduates. Yet even after controlling for intelligence, higher educational attainment is associated with higher earnings. The following graph shows mean annual earnings by highest degree attained among five tiers of intelligence as measured by Wordsum. To... Read More
Despite all the media promotion, there is no organic interest in O'Rourke. Search volume in the US since the beginning of December, after the dust of the mid-terms had settled, for the top four candidates and O'Rourke: Search index scores--basically average interest over the period--are as follows: Biden -- 20 Warren -- 18 Harris --... Read More
The Imperial Capital is the only 'state' in the country that has, since 1970, lost non-whites and gained whites, in both absolute numbers and in percentage-terms. Funny how the political power center driving the Great Replacement has itself not only remained impervious to that replacement, it has--alone among the states--actually reversed the trend. The following... Read More
From Trends' state-level analytics, internet search interest in the term "Holocaust": The Murk Dwellers of the Imperial Capital, many of whom spill over into Virginia and Maryland, are a lot more interested in keeping the industry memory alive than the subjects they rule over are. Backing DC and its suburban states of Virginia and Maryland... Read More
Vox Day on an alleged attempt at retconning: Given my lack of familiarity, let alone expertise, with the relevant data on potential catastrophic anthropogenic global warming, I have little to say about the issue. Warmer temperatures offer humans a lot of obvious benefits--at least in the short term--that colder temperatures do not, so I'm more... Read More
Because there are exactly three genders: 1) Female 2) Male 3) Mentally handicapped Jokes aside, Z-Man devotes an hour to explaining how democracy, if it does not die first, necessarily leads to this. It doesn't stop here. Like a shark, it cannot stop. Once it does, it dies. Until then, it indefatigably moves to be... Read More
Historical comparisons between ancient Rome and the contemporary US are tough. It's easy to fall into the trap of inevitability about how things will be based on how things have been. And spergs will inevitably point out the places where the comparisons break down. When a big-brained brow ridge takes a stab at it, though,... Read More
There are a couple of ways I fantasize about this playing itself out: - Trump as Cicero, Brennan as Catiline - Trump as Mark Antony, Brennan as Cicero A historical repetition of either a couple millenia later would fill my heart with joy, though the latter is probably a better fit. The thought of Brennan's... Read More
Steve Sailer recently called out the fake news Washington Post on attempting to retcon the history of the vocabulary used to describe those illegally present in the country. Ever since our elites legislatively opened the third-world floodgates in the sixties, we've had "chain migration", not "family reunification". We've had "illegal immigrants" and "illegal aliens", not... Read More
Gadfly commenter Corvinus scoffing at a poll showing overwhelming public opposition to the removal of Confederate statues: It was the only poll on the question at the time but Reuters-Ipsos has subsequently released its own and it confirms what the aforementioned Marist poll reported. Parenthetically, 1-in-5 respondents answered "don't know". Those responses are excluded in... Read More
Is Jim Acosta ignorant, mendacious, or both? This is embarrassing:
I didn't initially comment on the gay play in the park because, while I have nothing but admiration for Laura Loomer jumping on stage and stating the obvious, I've an aversion to the Hitlery Hitlery Hitlery approach that made the world aware of what happened. The DemsRRealRacists approach has been tried for decades, has failed... Read More
America is a white nation. America is a Christian nation. America is an Anglophone nation. America is a nation built and led by white men. America is a heterosexual nation. America is a nation of male breadwinners and female homemakers. America is a nation of natives born on its soil. All of these assertions have... Read More
Bernard-Henri Levi is the archetypal elitist Jew. His admonition to his people to be wary of Trump reads like it was written by a caricature that makes Kevin MacDonald an apologist for Jewish ethnomasochism in comparison. To middle American gentiles like myself, it really is something to behold. If nothing else I'd expect an Ashkenazi... Read More
Google Trends extends back to 2004. Consequently, it has captured search interest for four national party convention cycles in its history. In '04, '08, and '12 interest in the Democrat convention was greater than interest in the Republican convention. Trump changed that. This time around the RNC outdid the DNC: Speaking of search interest, Trump... Read More
I'm probably using the adjective "presidential" for the first time in my life here but Trump earned the descriptor today if ever he has up to this point.Cruz appeared to snap this morning. It looked as though he was on the verge of a full blown mental breakdown. He seemed unhinged as he savaged Trump.The... Read More
Charlotte empowers a fraction of 1% of the population to rub their insecurities in the faces of the 99% and change who find sex-segregated restrooms a uncontroversial aspect of civilized society. The state of North Carolina responds by mandating sex-segregated restrooms, legally overriding Charlotte's tranny triumph. The state law only applies to schools and other government... Read More
Pumpkin Person writes:His post on the relationship between IQ and education made me wonder if the GSS might shed some light on the presumption he makes. Restricting respondents to those born in the US and aged 25-39 at the time of their participation in the survey, the correlation between mean years of education and mean... Read More
Heartiste on single women pushing America to the left: I wondered if that has become increasingly true over the last couple of generations as the perpetual accretion of the welfare state continues unabated. Has the Marriage Gap widened over time? The GSS provides an avenue to pursue the answer to that question with data going... Read More
In a recent podcast, Tom Woods interviewed Michael Edelstein on the negative consequences resulting from an ongoing societal effort to ubiquitously foster high levels of self-esteem in everyone. Woods asked when it all began. Edelstein guessed the sixties, but expressed uncertainty in his answer. If it's a question of when some trend indicative of the... Read More
I was in middle school when Gladiator came out, and I liked it when I saw it in the movie theater. The opening battle scene against a loosely interpreted German tribe like the Marcomanni or Quadi is a thrill. That the disorganized combat melee and use of siege weapons in the forest against a mobile... Read More
A few months ago, Jayman put up a post entitled Idiocracy Can Wait?. He found what I'd found, and with a lot more evidence marshaled in the affirmative than I had assembled. Namely, past performance does not necessarily predict future results. We reactionary curmudgeons often presume that things are deteriorating. The rot in our popular... Read More
Randall Parker has a fun post on hypothetical* time machine travel and what he fantasizes about being able to accomplish if given access to the requisite technology. In that spirit, the first three things that came to this rank amateur's mind: - 326, modern-day Serbia. Locate the place Constantine's (probably) illegitimate but competent son Crispus... Read More
An assortment of reactions and responses (calling it a review would be way too pretentious) to Nicholas Wade's A Troublesome Inheritance follow. First, a couple of minor quibbles: - In the context of the eugenics movement in the US in the early 20th century, Wade equates "restrictive immigration laws" (p38) with the actions of state... Read More
From Google's Ngram viewer, the percentage of books published in the US, by year, that contain the term "sexes" and that contain the term "genders". Both terms are plural to facilitate the making of an apples-to-apples comparison (the verb form of "sex" thus being excluded). If sex/gender is more than just a social construction, perhaps... Read More
From Jayman's post a few weeks ago chastising those who offer pet issue(s) psychoanalysis every time a tragedy with high visibility dominates a few days' worth of news cycles: Jayman is a vociferous proponent of the importance of heredity and the correspondingly diminutive influence external environmental factors have on real world outcomes. That's what the... Read More
Pew recently released a report entitled "Global Views on Morality" in which respondents in 40 countries were queried on the morality of eight traditional 'values'-related issues: Infidelity, gambling, homosexuality, abortion, premarital sex, alcohol usage, divorce, and contraception. Respondents categorized each of them as morally acceptable, morally unacceptable, or not moral issues at all. The following... Read More
John Derbyshire: What, indeed, would a non-German conversation on Germany be like? The observation provides a nice segue for what I saw when the family was strolling through a local bookstore the other day:   In the history section the two shelves labelled "Germany" had between them a single book that was on a subject... Read More
In the most recent episode of Radio Derb, the eponymous host comments: I wonder how many lives the "institution of slavery" (a phrase that is probably more obfuscating than it is clarifying, since the variables have, well, varied a lot across time and place) has saved throughout anatomically modern human history. Lots of slaves became... Read More
It's set in the years before the launch of the third crusade, culminating in the fall of Jerusalem to Saladin in 1187. The narrative contains plenty of historical errors, the most blatant being the antagonism between Sibylla and Guy, which is as backwards as it gets--she not only snubbed and scandalized all of the kingdom... Read More