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Granting the general political ineptitude of Republican pols and the continual creep of executive power at the expense of congressional restraint, why isn't the riposte to the assertion that the 2012 presidential election was a referendum on Obamacare that the GOP won the house? Every congressional district in the country had an election on the... Read More
I'm interested in setting my child up in the most favorable position I'm able to. Elementary, middle, and high school choices will all be determined by how icy they are because, excluding genetic contributions, our most lasting influence will be contingent upon the kinds of people we surround him/her with. I'm soliciting advice on naming... Read More
One of my favorite rhetorical devices to use on those who cast moral aspersions on the actions of historical figures involves a thought experiment about the consumption of meat, or more precisely, eating animals slaughtered for the sole purpose of becoming our dinner. It doesn't seem inconceivable to me that in the future, the thought... Read More
It's my understanding that the media mass exhorting people to stick to this or that various difficult diet and exercise routine is incalculably large, and a google search confirms as much. I've never so much as glanced at it, let alone dived in, though, because for whatever reason--propitious or not--physical prowess has at least since... Read More
It's commonly joked that within the first few moments of seeing a woman, men are envisioning what it'd be like to have sex with her.I have to confess that within the first few moments of seeing a man, I'm usually doing something similar. No, no, not that similar. I'm sizing him up, assessing whether or... Read More
It's almost so stereotypical as to be beyond parody, but I've been hooking up with a girl over the last few weeks who constitutes my first interracial experience (no home base, though). She's black, 18, great body, but she's not relationship material for a host of reasons that I won't bore you with (and are... Read More
Last week I went to Worlds of Fun (Kansas City's major amusement park, similar to a Six Flags but a bit smaller) with seven people aged 17-19 (I am 26). All four of the girls (including the one) have interest in me to varying extents, and in three of four cases, it's returned. The point... Read More
I am working on constructing a "Smarty party" political platform based on data from the GSS. So far, I've dug up responses on what follows below. These are merely shorthand for the questions as they are posed, not the answers high IQ respondents necessarily give.- Abortion for any reason?- Prayer in public schools?- Taxation: Too... Read More
I'm soliciting thoughts and advice. I realize this post is far from the content most readers come here for, but it'd be imprudent of me to leave such a thoughtful 'community' untapped.I've been friends with a girl eight years my junior for awhile. She's had a sustained crush on me for over a year. I've... Read More
I'd like to do a follow-up on Steve Sailer's monetary standard-of-living by state post, but using a more valid cost-of-living measure than he did. The Missouri Economic Research and Information Center (MERIC) quarterly puts out a nationwide cost-of-living by state table. That's where Steve's CoL data come from.MERIC gets its numbers from ACCRA's (now called... Read More
My younger brother wanted my take on the five most influential and important people, ideas, inventions, events, and countries from the beginning of the 18th Century to the present. I'm notoriously bad at comprising such lists, especially off the top of my head. That's why normative rankings I post here are always (uh, except this... Read More
The reason for the reprieve from my blathering is that I've been out on business for the last several days.Perhaps someone can give me a little guidance now, though. When I open a blogger post I've been working on previously and have saved, it's not unusual for extra spacing between paragraphs to have been added,... Read More
Is anyone aware of an online location of national IQ estimates in Lynn and Vanhanen's IQ and Global Inequality? I'd like to estimate future global IQ using their most recent data.