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Steve Sailer wonders why heightism is not only tolerated but is even encouraged on account of being perceived as humorous. It's no secret that shorter men are, ceteris paribus, at a disadvantage to taller men in the dating market, but it isn't much of a focus even for those who concerns themselves fighting body shaming.... Read More
Feryl: In 2014 the GSS asked respondents how tall they were. Mean height for Jewish and Goy men (n = 15 and 555, respectively): Height Jewish 5'9.5" Goyim 5'10.1" Mean height for liberal, moderate, and conservative men (n = 108, 215, and 111): Height Liberal 5'9.7" Moderate 5'9.5" Conservative 5'11.0" The sample sizes and differences... Read More
With the discovery that polygenic adaptions for increased height (in Brits) "has driven allele frequency shifts across most of the genome", I recalled the GSS suggesting a correlation between height and intelligence among (white) men.The survey similarly suggests that taller men do better with women. The median number of female partners among white men, by height... Read More
The GSS provides another data point supporting the moderate correlation between height and intelligence. In 2014, the survey queried respondents on their personal heights for the first time. The following table shows mean IQ (converted from wordsum scores with an assumed national average of 98 and standard deviation of 15) by height. To avoid racial... Read More
This weekend I was in conversation at a wedding with the 6'9'' groom about how dealing with unending comments about his height when out in public must be wearisome. I wonder if after the transgender crusades burn themselves out, heightism won't be the next monster to seek out and destroy. It's about the only attribute... Read More