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The young are at much lesser risk from Covid-19 than the elderly. That doesn't appear to be the case with the vaccine shots, though. If anything, the opposite is true: Rogan was right, or at least eminently reasonable, when he hypothetically advised a healthy man in his twenties to forego the shot. There is a... Read More
The assessment Facebook banned and the corporate media destroyed people for holding looks to be the correct one. Oops, looks like the fact checkers effed up again. Despite more than a year of the merchants of mendacity running cover for the US and Chinese establishments, most Americans see through the lies: Virtually every aspect of... Read More
Like everything else in modern America, the Covid poke or parry is highly partisan: If there is a Covid kill switch, too many deplorables are going to escape it. If refusing to take the jab is playing Russian roulette with one's health, too many deplorables are going to... die? That doesn't sound like an outcome... Read More
Our elites, never missing an opportunity to weaponize Wokeness as means of to sowing discord among the population, have asserted it is unfair for elderly people to get the Covid vaccine ahead of non-whites. The public doesn't buy their nonsense, though. They know age is the biggest risk factor by a mile: Some humanity remains... Read More
The following graph shows public support for the right of a person to end his or her life by that unfortunate person's circumstance, over time: What was the minority position a generation ago now has the support of two-thirds of Americans. Most people support the idea of someone suffering from an incurable disease voluntarily taking... Read More
This is effective rhetoric, but it's more than just that. Children and young adults are at virtually no risk from Covid. The flu--even the common cold--is more dangerous to them than Covid is. Forcing kids to wear masks doesn't do the kids any good. To the contrary, it likely harms them both physically and psychologically.... Read More
Most Americans do not see a federal mandate to wear masks as a violation of their civil liberties: The American Civil Liberties Union presumably sides with that majority. The right to fresh air is not a right at all, and it has nothing to do with personal liberty. Recirculated carbon dioxide is perfectly functional, thank... Read More
Section 230 protections should not apply: Twitter hides this tweet from the president's timeline with the following explanation: The word "most" would more fairly be rendered as "some"--the young, those without co-morbidities, etc--and the word "far" probably shouldn't be in there at all. But the points are all worthy of consideration. There are lots of... Read More
There is an increasingly common take on the jaded right that upon Biden's swearing in next January, all the hysteria and top-down dictates concerning COVID will evaporate like the morning dew. Same with the riots. The implicit deal with the American public is if they vote Biden/Harris things will return to normal. This blogger had... Read More
Confirmed coronavirus cases per 100,000 people as of March 31, 2020: State Cases/100k New York 389.7 New Jersey 210.5 Louisiana 112.7 Massachusetts 95.2 Michigan 76.4 Connecticut 72.1 District of Columbia 70.1 Washington 68.1 Illinois 47.0 Rhode Island 46.1 Colorado 45.6 Vermont 41.0 Pennsylvania 38.8 Nevada 36.1 Georgia 35.3 Delaware 32.8 Indiana 32.1 Mississippi 31.5 Florida... Read More
The pandemic pandemonium is driving liberals batty. SurveyUSA recently released a poll containing an interesting battery of questions concerning self-described mental states induced by the coronamindvirus. The differences by political orientation are stark. Percentages who say they are anxious: Who say they are depressed: Who say they are angry: Who say they are afraid: Who... Read More
Countering the fairly strong correlation between coronavirus cases and the size of the ethnically Chinese population at the state level come a pair of polls from SurveyUSA (N = 1,850). The organization asked respondents if anyone they know--a friend, a relative, a colleague, or a neighbor--has been diagnosed with coronavirus. The percentages who responded in... Read More
The language police hate to see it: All these miscreants will get what's coming to them, lousy racists!
A long-time friend of the blog writes the following, for which I have nothing to add beyond uninformed skepticism and yet still a sense of obligation for sharing:Here is the most amazing thing I am seeing right now: COVID-19 coronavirus is following dry winter air. Where it gets more humid, the virus dissipates. Wuhan, China... Read More
Better dead than possibly perceived as racist. The following graph shows the percentages of people, by selected demographics, who think the US government should deny entry into the country to any foreigner who has coronavirus. "Not sure" responses, constituting 17% of the total, are excluded, so the residuals represent percentages opposed to a ban among... Read More
The following graph shows the percentages of GSS respondents who have experienced poor mental health ("stress, depression, and problems with emotions") in the last thirty days by sex and by whether or not they use Twitter (N = 800): Steve Sailer, we have your answer if you'll allow us to modify your question a bit.... Read More
Fat people do not deserve your care. They may receive it, but they don't deserve to. If I told you I'd give you $1 million tomorrow morning if today you worked out as you were instructed to work out and ate as you were instructed to eat, would you do it? Of course you would.... Read More
The following graph shows the percentages of GSS respondents, by religious affiliation, who report having experienced poor mental health ("stress, depression, and problems with emotions") in the last thirty days (N = 7,088): Funny that Buddhists--practitioners of a philosophy which is kind of like Stoicism but without an engagement in worldly affairs--appear to have the... Read More
The percentages of people, by selected demographic characteristics, experiencing poor mental health defined as issues with "stress, depression, and problems with emotions" in the past month, by whether or not they own at least one gun. Red bars show the percentage of gun owners among the demographic group who experience poor mental health. Blue bars... Read More
The apoplectic reaction to the questionable allegations about Roy Moore from nearly four decades ago is something to behold. To the extent they are accurate, they are evidence of a healthy--perhaps too healthy!--male sex drive, the kind of thing normal men fantasize about. This is in stark contrast to the pathological degeneracy of Weinstein and... Read More
The percentages of non-Hispanic white men and women, by level of marital fidelity, who report having experienced poor mental health--defined as "stress, depression, and problems with emotions"--in the month prior to being surveyed. All responses are from 2002 onward (N = 4,677): The gap, at 6.7 points, between men who cheat and those who don't... Read More
In response to GSS data showing a positive correlation between marriage and mental health, commenter Marlborough County writes: That's quite reasonable, and he's correct about the link between social class and marriage and thus also between social class and mental health. To the contrary, mo' money does not appear to lead to mo' problems, at... Read More
The percentages of people, by sex and number of biological children, who report having experienced poor mental health--defined as "stress, depression, and problems with emotions"--in the month prior to being surveyed. To avoid racial confounding, only non-Hispanic whites are considered. All responses are from 2002 onward (N = 6,961): Whatever the cause and effect may... Read More
The percentages of people, by sex and marital status, who report having experienced poor mental health--defined as "stress, depression, and problems with emotions"--in the month prior to being surveyed. To avoid racial confounding, only non-Hispanic whites are considered. All responses are from 2002 onward (N = 6,521): Eat, anxiety meds, pray, anxiety meds, love. GSS... Read More
Percentages, by race and sex, who report having experienced poor mental health--defined as "stress, depression, and problems with emotions"--in the month prior to being surveyed. All responses are from 2002 onward (N = 9,342): Contrary to the Narrative about putative low black self-esteem and the emotional burden that comes from doing "X while black", black... Read More
The following graph shows percentages of respondents who reported having experienced poor mental health--defined as "stress, depression, and problems with emotions"--in the month prior to being surveyed. Results are broken down by sex and by total number of opposite-sex partners (non-heterosexuals are excluded; all responses are from 2002 onward, when the GSS began querying about... Read More
Scrolling through Nintendo Wii's old game offerings, I see Super Dodge Ball but not Nintendo World Cup. Both were Technos creations and used the same graphics engines. The costs of putting old titles on offer is negligible--sales must be virtually (heh) all margin. The reason one is for purchase while the other is a no... Read More
On Pew's most recent news IQ quiz, the tendency for men to be better informed was confirmed for the umpteenth time. Men outscored women by double-digit percentages on all but two of the ten questions. Take the quick quiz here to see the questions and to remind yourself that, as someone reading this blog, you're... Read More
In 2014, the GSS asked respondents if they had ever been told by a medical professional of any type that they were depressed. Because it was only asked in a single year, sample sizes aren't huge, but they're serviceable for whites and NAMs (789 for whites, 328 for non-whites; about half that for the class... Read More
The 2016 iteration of the GSS is out. There are some new items that will further highlight how open borders and diversity kill libertarianism dead. They'll take some time to work through. For now, a brief miscellany of interesting tidbits: - The survey is primarily funded by the National Science Foundation and administered by the... Read More
Given the amount of attention it receives, costs it imposes, and passion it engenders, I'm surprised by this Reuters-Ipsos polling result. In a sample of 5,199 Americans, (admittedly vague) responses to the question "How satisfied are you with your health coverage?" breakdown thus: Only 1-in-8 express some degree of dissatisfaction. The demographic differences are modest.... Read More
Heartiste asserts: He's entitled to his own opinions but he's not entitled to his own facts! Let's see what the data say about those assertions. The following table contains corpulence scores computed by taking the percentages of women, by social class, whose weight was deemed to be "somewhat above average" and adding that figure to... Read More
This clip is going as viral as whatever it is Hillary is suffering from:
The Mercatus Center at GMU recently released a report on the fiscal health of each of the states--or more precisely, the fiscal health of each state's government. The methodology looks sophisticated and reasonable. Since the report wasn't commissioned to be evaluated on the factors I'm evaluating it on, I'm comfortable using it as a plausible... Read More
In his signature style, Milo Yiannopoulos noted in his July 15 podcast that "fat people are stupider than the rest of us". The study his remark was based on used detailed brain imaging to obtain its results from a modest sample of 32 people. It found fat people to be less intelligent and more impulsive... Read More
Malcolm Pollack reacted to a newly discovered challenge in the quest for racial justice thusly: This intransigent hatethought came after it'd been explained to him by National Journal that the apparent observation that blacks spend less of their shuteye time in slow-wave sleep than whites do is a deleterious consequence of discrimination, poverty, and poor... Read More
The percentages of people, by sexual orientation, who reported having missed work over the last month due to "mental or physical" health issues (n = 1,160): Orientation Missed work Straight 13.3% Bisexual 19.4% Gay 34.4% Sample sizes are small for gays and bis (22 and 27, respectively) as the question was asked for the first... Read More
The GSS provides another data point supporting the moderate correlation between height and intelligence. In 2014, the survey queried respondents on their personal heights for the first time. The following table shows mean IQ (converted from wordsum scores with an assumed national average of 98 and standard deviation of 15) by height. To avoid racial... Read More
From the Washington Post, via Derb, a glimpse at the kind of conditioning young American military personnel are undergoing. In response to a video arguing that the three most destructive words a boy hears growing up are "be a man": I suppose in the emasculated, androgynous environment that is the contemporary state of the US... Read More
Does undergoing a sex change operation constitute being true to one's self? Or does it evince an extreme inability to know and then accept thyself? What a conundrum these questions do pose. My answers are no and yes, respectively. A sex change--self-mutilation, really--is an abomination, and an abomination that, prior to modern medical techniques, was... Read More
Pondering anti-vaccination sentiment and political persuasions, among other things, Razib writes: Possibly a more relevant and, as it turns out, stronger and more robust state-level correlation (r = .42, p-value = .004) exists between non-medical exemption rates and infant mortality rates. The relationship is, perhaps surprisingly, an inverse one. That is, the higher the infant... Read More
Randall Parker points to a CNBC article focused on unfunded pension liabilities at the state level that is packed with quite a bit of data on the financial condition of the fifty. I've been after something like this for several years. There are multiple ways to view the numbers, but probably the most broadly informative... Read More
As an addendum to the previous post, I suspected an age skew. Younger guys who buy cheap cigars are more likely to use them as blunts than older men are. The percentages of men aged 18-25 and aged 26+ who buy cigars and are active marijuana users, again defined as having smoked weed sometime in... Read More
Reporting on what Justitia would surely regard as a hopeless and deeply unethical persecution prosecution, Jack Cashill writes: I've known people who smoke cigars as they are, but from personal experience I get the sense that much--if not most--of the time, they are purchased to be hollowed and used to smoke weed. Fortunately, the 2011... Read More
Obesity rates by state: And google search indices for "weight loss" by the same: The correlation between the two is a rigorous .77 (p = .00*), a remarkably strong relationship for such a measurement, and at the state level to boot. Candy man tempting the thoughts of a sweet tooth tortured by weight loss--well, at... Read More
Think about the worst illness you've ever experienced, the kind of infection that sees you prostrated helplessly in front of the porcelain throne after making seven consecutive offerings to it while you desperately--and unsuccessfully--try to sneak a breath in edgewise, followed by a miserable, aching eternity of darkness in which your thoughts are, almost by... Read More
... is not to emphasize positive over negative iterations of the idea, or even, as I've done in the past, to focus on the consequent egalitarianism that these approaches, if put into practice, will presumably foster. No matter how delicately broached and amenably angled, it's inevitably received as being too harshly comparative, too judgmental, and... Read More
I recall a couple years back reading about the state of Florida's implementation of a plan requiring aspiring recipients of welfare cash assistance (TANF, specifically) to take and pass a drug test to become eligible for said benefits. If successful, the state reimburses the welfare recipients for the cost of the drug test. If they fail, benefits are withheld and the... Read More
According to the CDC and the US Census, foreign-born residents living in the US are over 9 times more likely to have tuberculosis as native-born Americans are. Exotic disease is an aspect of diversity we don't celebrate enough!