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Joe Biden is wildly out of step with the Democrat electorate in his obstinate opposition to Medicare for All: Some 71% of insurance industry presidential election donations in the 2020 election cycle have gone to Democrats, while just 29% have gone to the GOP. That 71% comes to a little over $6 million in extremely... Read More
Given the amount of attention it receives, costs it imposes, and passion it engenders, I'm surprised by this Reuters-Ipsos polling result. In a sample of 5,199 Americans, (admittedly vague) responses to the question "How satisfied are you with your health coverage?" breakdown thus: Only 1-in-8 express some degree of dissatisfaction. The demographic differences are modest.... Read More
- Bernie Sanders is the most tragic figure of this election. He was perfectly positioned to come out of this as the left's moral and spiritual leader if he had played his cards right. Instead, he chose the role of Judas Iscariot and he didn't even get his silver coins because Hillary lost. It's too... Read More
Granting the general political ineptitude of Republican pols and the continual creep of executive power at the expense of congressional restraint, why isn't the riposte to the assertion that the 2012 presidential election was a referendum on Obamacare that the GOP won the house? Every congressional district in the country had an election on the... Read More
As an addendum to the previous post, a few remarks about the various ballot initiatives up for electoral consideration yesterday:- If Hispanics are naturally traditionally-oriented, family-values conservatives, why did they back Colorado's Amendment 64 to legalize recreational marijuana usage 70%-30%, while Coloradan whites--a fairly liberal bunch--split 50%-50% on the issue?- Younger Americans are more skeptical... Read More