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There is no need to fear here. J1234 writes: Relatedly, a reminder that as the state-enforced eugenics movement of the Progressive Era was a predominantly leftist cause, so are the voluntary individualistic eugenics of today a primarily leftist cause. The following graph shows the percentages of people, by political orientation, who would want (or want... Read More
From Pew Research, the following table ranks twenty participating countries by how accepting their populations are of "scientific research on gene editing". Net support is calculated by taking the percentages by country who deem it "appropriate" and subtracting from them the percentages who perceive it to be "misusing technology". Because at least a plurality in... Read More
For another ten days. If you missed the first ten days of discussion, you're only a short 461 comments away from being up to speed!
[As noted yesterday, the following essay was written by a reader and commenter who requested the opportunity. In the spirit of the open inquiry and free expression UR is renowned for, its contents are neither endorsed nor condemned by this blog or webzine. On account of the essay's thoughtfulness, though, it has been deemed worthy... Read More
Tomorrow a short book-length critique from regular comment contributor Intelligent Dasein on the concept of human biodiversity, or HBD as it is commonly referred to, will be published here. Briefly, I would define ID's conception as a strong form of HBD, one that presumes a far more ambitious set of classifications, categorizations, and prescriptions than... Read More
Where do we come up with a thought like that? From what people tell us, that's where. For the first time in 2018, the GSS asked respondents if they agreed or disagreed with the assertion that natural environments tend to be uninteresting. The results wouldn't surprise Teddy Roosevelt anymore than they should surprise Al Gore:... Read More
Steve Sailer wonders why heightism is not only tolerated but is even encouraged on account of being perceived as humorous. It's no secret that shorter men are, ceteris paribus, at a disadvantage to taller men in the dating market, but it isn't much of a focus even for those who concerns themselves fighting body shaming.... Read More
Over the last several decades, educational creep has predictably led to a decrease in the average intelligence of college graduates. Yet even after controlling for intelligence, higher educational attainment is associated with higher earnings. The following graph shows mean annual earnings by highest degree attained among five tiers of intelligence as measured by Wordsum. To... Read More
Z-Man devotes an hour to a treatment of the dissident right:
The implicit condescension in the "I f*cking love science!" society wide virtue signal is grating. When it comes to biological differences between human populations and between men and women, they're as anti-science as it gets. It is in this vein I've periodically tapped the GSS to show that Republicans are more scientifically literate than Democrats,... Read More
The inestimable Sid: How worried are the Chinese about African fertility? The Han don't suffer from the same self-destructive universalistic, egalitarian impulses that Northwestern Europeans (WEIRDOs) do. China's a big country. They'll keep the dumb Africans outside the walls and everything will be fine. Illegal invasion from Africa into China is nearly impossible. The infiltrators... Read More
The article Pinker links to is by a square-jawed writer who took data from an academic who probably got the idea from (covertly) reading Steve Sailer, as so many of the intelligentsia do. It covers the same GSS free speech module previous posts have been based on here. There is no mention of demographic differences... Read More
The percentages of people in the US, by selected demographics, who do agree that modern science does more good than harm (N = 2,675): Some people think the way to Wakanda is through physics, chemistry, engineering, mathematics, and applied technology. Others think it comes from a magic rock falling from the sky that spreads that... Read More
The following map shows mean average IQ by state using 2013 NAEP scores from eighth graders in math and reading: And this map shows the average credit scores by state, according to 2017 data from VantageScores: Despite the War on Noticing, indefatigably astute readers will detect a similarity between the maps. This is on account... Read More
The prolific Feryl: Using the GSS and ISCO 2008 allows us to compare the responses of police officers (n = 119) and the general public to the question of why blacks have "worse jobs, income, and housing" than whites do. The survey offers four potential explanations and respondents are not limited to choosing just one.... Read More
Nothing causes more outrage than a statement that is both obviously true and fervently wished by everyone to be untrue. Trump's alleged comments were heaven sent. At minimum they stave off DACAmnesty for another couple of months. More likely, they are its swan song. By the time DACA is set to expire in March, primaries... Read More
The year 2016 was one of cultural upheaval, the full significance of which will become fully apparent only with the passing of time. Since the late seventies, the GSS has regularly asked about the reasons for black underachievement in "jobs, income, and housing" (correctly assessing it to be a relevant question to be put included... Read More
Women murdering men is close to three times as common as women murdering other women is: I stumbled across this while looking for cross-referenced offender and victim data from the latest iteration of the FBI's Uniform Crime Report. The latest year the figures on sex are cross-referenced (that I could find--the report is not intuitively... Read More
The following table shows the mean Wordsum score by demographics and by highest completed degree (n = 21,502): Education will never 'close the gap' because the width of said gap is pretty consistent across differing levels of educational attainment. We see, for example, that whites have about a full point advantage on blacks at every... Read More
A few observations while picking through the 2016 FBI crime statistics follow. AmRen has written most everything there is to be written about past iterations of these reports. Additionally, I'm hesitant to delve too deeply because of the infinitely frustrating fact that non-Hispanic whites are not broken down into separate offender categories. It's infinitely frustrating... Read More
Last year Reuters-Ipsos ran a poll asking participants to choose a term that best described themselves from a list of twelve responses. One of those is "Feminist". The following graph shows the percentages of female respondents, by age, who chose it over the other eleven possible answers (n = 6,269): The other options are Democrat,... Read More
To the dichotomous question of whether "genes" or "experience" play a larger role in determining personality, there is virtually no difference by intelligence, level of education, or political orientation. Non-whites are modestly more likely than whites to attribute differences to genes. Sex and number of children are among the best major demographic predictors: A rhetorically... Read More
++Addition2++See Emil Kirkegaard's post on the problems with asserting greater scientific literacy based on a crude, simple count. I understand as much. The assertion is tongue-in-cheek. When it comes to multivariate analyses of disparate data sets, I'm playing checkers in a game of chess. Without downloading the full data set I'm not even sure how... Read More
Feryl: In 2014 the GSS asked respondents how tall they were. Mean height for Jewish and Goy men (n = 15 and 555, respectively): Height Jewish 5'9.5" Goyim 5'10.1" Mean height for liberal, moderate, and conservative men (n = 108, 215, and 111): Height Liberal 5'9.7" Moderate 5'9.5" Conservative 5'11.0" The sample sizes and differences... Read More
Several years ago I looked at fertility among whites by sex and intelligence (as measured by Wordsum scores) and found that to the extent that the trend is dysgenic, it is almost exclusively so among women. Among whites, high IQ men have as many children as low IQ men do. That's not the case for... Read More
[If following this link from the Twitter post on scientific literacy, please see here] In his April Diary, the Derb brought up posts from the Inductivist (still relatively active here) and the Occidentalist concerning changes over time in the self-reported perceptions of why "on the average blacks have worse jobs, income, and housing than whites... Read More
The following ten graphs come from GSS data. Because the US census doesn't ask about religious affiliation, empirical comparisons of Jews and Gentiles can be hard to come by. Sample sizes vary depending on the number(s) of survey years each question was put to respondents. Results are presented with default scaling from Excel 2003: This... Read More
Stefan Molyneux, an outspoken critic of corporal punishment, highlighting studies that have found a correlation between IQ and whether or not a child was spanked:
Expounding on the average perceived differences in intelligence between blacks and whites, the following graph shows the mean score on a 7-point scale asking respondents separately if blacks and if whites "tend to be unintelligent or tend to be intelligent"--the higher the score the more intelligent members of each race are perceived to be--by selected... Read More
Affirmative action in education benefits wealthy black and Hispanics at the expense of poor whites and Asians. I've had a few conversations about the subject recently where that didn't seem to be intuitive to the people I was talking with so it's worth stating explicitly here even though it's hardly a novel observation on my... Read More
Since 2000 the GSS has asked respondents, broken down by race, if whites and if blacks "tend to be unintelligent or tend to be intelligent", with answers on a 7-point scale, the higher the score the more intelligent the group is perceived to be. Because both questions have been paired every year they've been asked,... Read More
Among many other things, a modern economy requires a high-trust society. As social trust continues to decline across the West, so will the the standard-of-living and quality-of-life the West enjoys. The immigration trends over the last fifty years are accelerating this process. Immigrants to the US are less trusting of others than natives are. The... Read More
Stefan Molyneux's recent interview with John Wright focused in large part on liberal criminality relative to the conservative tendency to abide by the law. My immediate reaction was "racial confounding, this is why understanding HBD is imperative to understanding society". Yes, political orientation among blacks is less predictive of partisan affiliation than it is among... Read More
The following graph shows the percentages of adults under 40 years old--the cohort that shapes the zeitgeist--who are opposed to allowing a racist to speak publicly, by political orientation and over time: We're increasingly a nation united when it comes to stamping out HateSpeech! in the public square. This petition on is something putative... Read More
The recounts produced a wider margin of victory for Trump in Wisconsin and turned up severe voter fraud in Democrat-controlled Detroit. Too bad they missed the recount deadline in Pennsylvania--Philadelphia's corrupt political machine is notoriously even worse than Detroit's! From commenter Sid: And: The Democrats have thus handicapped themselves for ideological reasons. There are far... Read More
You've probably heard the argument that in the US black job applicants face discrimination in hiring even when their educational attainment is equal to that of competing white applicants. This Think Progress article from a couple of years ago is fairly typical but also notable in that it drills down into the assertion a bit... Read More
Just as the failing New York Times was purchased by Carlos Slim of Mexican-based Telmex, the Washington Post was bought by Jeff Bezos of Amazon fame. Both operations continue to lose money without any prospect of long-term, self-sustaining economic viability. It's wrong to look at them as individual business entities. That's no longer what they... Read More
Another small bridge connecting the races together was burned in the virtual world last week. A black guy I went to high school with, Brandon, wrote the following in response to the Charlotte shooting: The line about "the sins of your ancestors" is particularly remarkable because if whites ever lose the religiously-tinged sense of racism... Read More
With the discovery that polygenic adaptions for increased height (in Brits) "has driven allele frequency shifts across most of the genome", I recalled the GSS suggesting a correlation between height and intelligence among (white) men.The survey similarly suggests that taller men do better with women. The median number of female partners among white men, by height... Read More
Steve Sailer reflecting on the big three American sports and their relative popularity (football and basketball on the ascent, baseball on the decline) includes this graph from John Rivers: The correlations between the racial composition of the total US population and the racial compositions of the populations of Major League Baseball, the National Football League,... Read More
Why is Trump getting so deeply under the left's skin while True Conservative Republicans like Cruz and Kasich barely register? The answer is complex, but allow me to take a stab at the heart of it. Kasich and Cruz, like the rest of Conservative, Inc, are propositionalists. They believe that with the correct incentives in... Read More
New guidelines for Olympic competitions will now allow transgenders who are females pretending to be males to compete against men without restriction. It's tempting to write this off as entirely ideological without any realized consequences in actual competitions, since a reasonable working assumption may be that women can't compete with men in any Olympic competition... Read More
From Pew, heaven bless its naive honesty: This is blasphemy! Personal choice cannot--MUST NOT!--have anything to do with how contemporary Western women behave. The misogyny of the patriarchy explains why there are so relatively few women in the STEM fields!
Read the title, don't say it, because he emphatically is not. He is one of the intellectual titans of the HBD movement. But his apparent visceral disdain for Trump renders him unable to maintain his composure when the subject in question is perceived to be anywhere near the GOP front runner's orbit. Murray earlier today... Read More
Malcolm Pollack reacted to a newly discovered challenge in the quest for racial justice thusly: This intransigent hatethought came after it'd been explained to him by National Journal that the apparent observation that blacks spend less of their shuteye time in slow-wave sleep than whites do is a deleterious consequence of discrimination, poverty, and poor... Read More
The question isn't whether or not reparations should be paid out, it is whether or not they should stop being paid out: From 1882-1968 3,446 blacks were lynched in the US. That comes to an average of just under 40 blacks per year. In 2011, to take a recent year in which data are readily... Read More
If it's not careful, the Pew Research Center may have soon be given a new name, something along the lines of The Cathedral's Fifth Column. The center's latest report concerns "what the public knows and does not know about science" for which Pew administered a 12-question survey to a nationally representative sample of 3,278 people... Read More
See right at 13 minutes in (the ad wall keeps me from sharing at exactly that point):
From Google's Ngram viewer, the percentage of published books in the US containing "transgender" and the percentage containing "transracial" over time: Steve Sailer has a quantitative sense so often activated by 'mere' anecdotal assessment. I guess that is the essence of Noticing, and it's the reason he's a bonafide Bad Person.
When the nebulous and obfuscating phrase "bad schools" is employed by Cathedral votaries, the idea that students are anything other than the outputs of their external environments is taken for granted. There are lots of rotating factors that are identified as influencing student academic performance, but the quality and composition of the students is rarely,... Read More