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Hogging of the spotlight aside, gun control isn't something zoomers are much interested in: Whites are more tolerant of gun ownership than non-whites, younger cohorts are less white than older cohorts, and yet younger cohorts are still less supportive of second amendment restrictions than old folks are. For better or worse, America will remain a... Read More
The inverse correlation between favoring stricter gun laws and Donald Trump's share of the 2016 presidential vote is a remarkable .95. That is a staggeringly strong relationship for the social sciences. Indeed, it is effectively a perfect correlation after sampling noise is accounted for. More than abortion, immigration, taxation, race relations, war, or any other... Read More
Rates of household gun ownership, by partisan affiliation, over time. Note the displayed range of the y-axis being 50 points in total, from 20% to 70%: That gun protections are the one battlefield in the culture war the right has largely won on is made even more impressive by the fact that gun ownership rates... Read More
CoD beats Hogg. Boomers want gun control. Millennials and especially Zoomers, not so much. This is a topic that has been visited and revisited here because it is one the corporate media and sloppy conventional wisdom so consistently get wrong. The latest illustration comes from a recent SurveyUSA poll of residents of the state of... Read More
One of these days I will put together a list of the most commonly held incorrect assumptions about popular social attitudes in the US. Included in said list will be the belief that young people are enthusiastic gun grabbers who are finally going to see to it that the American citizenry is forcibly disarmed. David... Read More
One consequence of the omerta on publicly discussing differences in behavioral profiles across ethnicities is that people end up talking past each other when it comes to guns. In rural areas where population densities are low and law enforcement response times are often slow, a firearm for self-defense carries a lot of upside and little... Read More
From the same YouGov poll, the percentages who say gun control is either "not very important" or "not at all important, by sex, age, race, and political orientation: The survey doesn't ask for rank ordering of issues so there is a strong tendency for assigning high levels of importance to virtually everything (with gay rights... Read More
More evidence gun grabbers are disproportionately geriatric (or in the case of David Hogg, have the bone density of the average geezer) from Reuters-Ipsos: Age ranges per generational cohort are 18-26 for Zurs, 27-38 for Millennials, 39-53 for Xers, and 54-71 for Boomers. For the purpose of obtaining adequate sample sizes, Zurs thus also include... Read More
The correlation between gun ownership rates at the state level and Romney's share of the presidential vote in 2012 was a robust .78. Late last year into early this year, Reuters-Ipsos ran a poll on gun ownership with a 2016 presidential vote filter included for cross-tabbing. Trump won the gun owner vote 71%-29%. Though exit... Read More
Steve Sailer draws attention to the BBC complaining that the Gun Control Movement (which is Good) is too white (which is Bad) and too rich (which is Bad insofar as it proxies for whiteness). Setting aside the parenthetical connotations of white and rich, it is worth pointing out that white proles want to keep their... Read More
The percentages of people, by selected demographic characteristics, experiencing poor mental health defined as issues with "stress, depression, and problems with emotions" in the past month, by whether or not they own at least one gun. Red bars show the percentage of gun owners among the demographic group who experience poor mental health. Blue bars... Read More
The little fuhrer needs to push harder, scream louder, gesticulate more frenetically. He's not even moving the needle among his own generational cohorts. The public has a more favorable view of the NRA than it does of the media, the president, or congress. There is one group that really despises the organization, though, a group... Read More
Reuters-Ipsos polling on gun control ran for a couple more weeks after we first visited here. Sample sizes for certain populations of interest subsequently became large enough to allow for a more fine-grained analyses of the results. As a preface, consider Heartiste's rather bold assertion made last week: Say what? No, deplorable anti-semite! It's the... Read More
Over the last several weeks I've talked to several people about guns. Without fail, every one has been surprised to learn that young people are the less supportive of gun-grabbing than old folks are. Reuters-Ipsos polling shows it and the GSS corroborates. The major media's mendacity strikes again--though in fairness, NPR (!) has given it... Read More
From Reuters-Ipsos polling, the percentages of people, by selected demographic characteristics, who oppose banning [the sale or possession of] "semi-automatic" weapons (N = 2,575): Have a white pill, fam. The generation with its back against the wall is the one that just might save us all. Parenthetically, the scare quotes around semi-automatic in the opening... Read More
Most Americans favor allowing teachers to arm themselves, and some states already allow it. It's not a radical or reactionary idea, it's a modestly populist one. From Reuters-Ipsos, the percentages who favor permitting teachers and other school personnel to conceal and carry (N = 1,450): Keeping guns away from the mentally ill gets overwhelming support:... Read More
John Derbyshire expresses sentiments I share: The Derb has arrived here after decades of thoughtful reflection. My trip has been much shorter. These sorts of one-off instances overwhelm my knack for teasing out simple but often overlooked patterns. Some observations, none particularly novel: - The AR-15, the gun used in Florida, has been around since... Read More
What if it were possible for both sides of the gun control debate to get what they want? What if it were possible for some places to restrict the movement of firearms and allow the free movement of undocumented migrants while other places allow for the free movement of firearms and restrict the movement of... Read More
The second amendment's rhetorical kill shot, in pictures: The police can't--or more precisely, won't--even protect themselves or their stuff. Why the hell would you rely on them to protect you? If you're a husband and/or a father, it's a dereliction of your duty as provider and protector to outsource the physical safety of your family... Read More
All of the the weekend's attacks are rib kicks to Hillary as she tries to pick herself back up off the phlegm-covered ground--New York because it's New York, New Jersey because it's within Trump's reach and along with a flipping a smaller state like Iowa or New Hampshire from 2012 would allow him a clear... Read More