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Gaslighting, living in an alternative universe, or missing something? These are the things that go through my head when I see data like this. The following graph shows the percentages of Americans who perceived the large military presence at Joe Biden's sparsely attended--excluding the National Guard troops, that is--presidential inauguration: Excepting white men without college... Read More
That used to be a frequent refrain on Radio Derb. Though the gag has been made emeritus, the advice is even better today than it was when the Derb introduced it. As he explains: The public is in broad agreement. A recent YouGov survey asked respondents if they would encourage or discourage a young person... Read More
WaPo's motto: Democracy Dies in Darkness. From R-I, the percentages of respondents who say they are either "not very confident" or "not at all confident" about elections in the US being "accurate and legitimate": Credit where credit is due! Not unrelatedly: The contemporary US is an empire. It is not a republic and it is... Read More
The canine crusader pointed to a website maintained by the US Interagency Council on Homelessness--now I can't say I don't get some utility out of federal government agencies!--that tracks homelessness by state. The site itself inexplicably does not include per capita filters for graphical representations, which makes the map outputs so misleading that they're not... Read More
The following graph shows mean redistributionist scores by selected demographic characteristics. Since the late seventies the GSS has asked a question about how much redistributive action the government should take through taxation to reduce income inequality. For ease of understanding, the scores are inverted from how they are reported in the survey. The question is... Read More
Heartiste: Let's recruit the GSS to pile on. The survey has a question that gets right at the heart of the growth of the state. Unfortunately it was only asked in a single year (1996) but the sample is large enough and the trend stark enough to serve our pedagogical purposes here. It reads "If... Read More
In a great discussion between two leading libertarian minds who forthrightly deal with immigration and the National Question--that is, they don't ignore HBD--Stefan Molyneux asserts a strong association between atheism and socialism:
Stefan Molyneux and Scott Adams tee it up:
Obama is correct when he asserts that mandatory voting would be "transformative". The intellectually impotent mainstream right has no answer for why, in a country where democracy is venerated as the unquestioned (and unquestionable) apogee of political systems, anything other than universal suffrage should be the aspiration. March of progress, being on the right--er, correct!--side... Read More
As a provincial in the hinterlands, the title of Thomas Frank's What's the Matter with Kansas? has been stuck in my craw since I first started blogging nearly a decade ago. It's not due to a necessarily strong attachment to the state I call home, but to the presumption that being in a place like... Read More
In a recent report on religious advocacy groups in the US, Pew lists the top 40 organizations by advocacy expenditures and policy makers and other government agencies and officials. Unsurprisingly, AIPAC comes in at number one.The top 40 groups account for 85% of all dollars spent by religious groups for the purpose of influence peddling.... Read More
A few years ago, I became frustrated when unable to find a table of national governmental expenditures as a percentage of GDP by country. So, using data from the invaluable CIA World Factbook, I created one. It's gathered some dust, and an update is in line, especially since something or other having to do with... Read More
A few weeks ago, Timothy Geithner was interviewed by NPR's Robert Siegel ahead of a "working dinner" between the US Treasury Secretary and the Chinese vice premier concerning currency policies and intellectual property. In response to a question from Siegel about how responsible the putative undervaluation of the yuan is for the ongoing US trade... Read More
With cap-and-trade in the news, I have a more modest proposal to reduce carbon emissions (or at least suck in government funds by trying to do so) and discourage unnecessary gasoline consumption.Driving home on the interstate yesterday afternoon, I had to kill the cruise control in the face of an irritating line of red brake... Read More
Commenter Jesuswarehouse helpfully dug up several links, including federal expenditures by state on a host of things. Sifting through them, I've figured total per capita federal welfare spending--defined here as childhood nutrition programs, food stamp programs, WIC benefits, and TANF benefits--by state. Such a table does not appear to be floating around anywhere else on... Read More
Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill was on the front page of the KC Star yesterday after her heated remarks proposing limits on compensation for investment banking executives:My initial reaction was to wonder why Congress critters continue to receive six-figure salaries and generous benefits when the federal budget has been in the red for all but four... Read More
Radio hosts Neal Boortz and Laura Ingraham, presumably among several others, have been defending private oil as it's harangued by Congressional critters Maxine Waters and Dick Durbin. They say it's not profit but profit margins that are relevant to discussions on gouging and unfair pricing.Well, margins have also been tracking upwards for oil producers (unlike... Read More
++Addition2++See an updated version of the same here.++Addition++Randall Parker weighs in, specifically on Iraq at the top.---When I tried to find national governmental expenditures as a percentage of total GDP by country, I was surprised to find that nothing came up. So here are the percentages for countries for which '07 data was available (in... Read More
Parapundit's Randall Parker has an encouraging post on ICE's stepped up effort at deporting foreign criminals serving sentences in US jails and prisons. But the number of immigrants in need of removal according to Julia Myers doesn't mesh with estimates of the foreign-born prison population being touted by open borders advocates like Linda Chavez. I've... Read More
From the UK comes something to keep in mind as the desirability of mandated universal healthcare in the US is bandied about. And no, this is not from The Onion, I promise: At least human ingenuity can still overcome governmental 'solutions' to pressing problems like these! Market distortions in healthcare create shortages, both in the... Read More
According to ICE, it does. I can fly to Playa del Carmen for an all-inclusive week-long stay at a fancy resort for less than a third of that, including travel expenses. This estimate is only for a one-way plane (or bus) ticket. It sounds expensive: That a deportation campaign would actually require finding, detaining, and... Read More