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From Pew Research, the following table ranks twenty participating countries by how accepting their populations are of "scientific research on gene editing". Net support is calculated by taking the percentages by country who deem it "appropriate" and subtracting from them the percentages who perceive it to be "misusing technology". Because at least a plurality in... Read More
Listening to a discussion between polymath Razib Khan and demographer, social scientist, and geneticist Melinda Mills, I was struck by something Mills said in the context of using information such as polygenic scores gleaned from studies on huge genetic databases to help people with fertility problems overcome those problems. It is clear she is uncomfortable... Read More
GINA notwithstanding, the concept is going to need to be seriously contended with soon. A phrase like "white privilege", even after accounting for the politically-loaded baggage it carries with it, is a blunt and imprecise way of understanding much of anything at an individual level. Malia Obama clearly has a lot more privilege than a... Read More
By the time the scales fell from my eyes in the mid-2000s, veterans of the Steveosphere were regularly referencing a BBC article from 1998 reporting on how 91% of Chinese scientists supported genetic engineering for eugenic purposes. The Han Menace won't be held back by all the egalitarian make believe that is retarding the West,... Read More
American Indian? Big deal. I'm an M-effing knuckle-dragging Neanderthal, bitches: Where's my POC zombie ascendancy status? And I'm an Injun, too, just like Vox Day: Black Americans are on average far more white than Elizabeth Warren is American Indian:
The previous post generated a lot of "correlation does not equal causation" responses on the ping pong ball forum. Jayman is fond of the mantra, and for good reason, but most of the people chanting it are tedious to deal with. I understand as much, and that all traits are heritable. I could've as easily... Read More
[If following this link from the Twitter post on scientific literacy, please see here] In his April Diary, the Derb brought up posts from the Inductivist (still relatively active here) and the Occidentalist concerning changes over time in the self-reported perceptions of why "on the average blacks have worse jobs, income, and housing than whites... Read More
Commenting on the threshold of 28% sub-Saharan African ancestry for people in the US to self-identify as black, I suggested it likely a consequence of the broader flight from white phenomenon. Long-time blogging polymath and budding regular NYT op-ed writer Razib Khan disagrees: If by adopting an assumption of whiteness he means they don't adopt... Read More
The idea that contemporary "white privilege" exists is hard to reconcile with real world actions and behaviors. Data from 23andMe shows that the threshold for black self-identification is around 28%. That is, among people who are, say, 20% black by ancestry, the tendency is to identify as white. But among people who are only 35%... Read More
Blogger OneSTDV brings up a question I have yet to find a satisfying answer to (and so am eagerly soliciting thoughts from readers):Previously, it was shown that those who believe personality is primarily determined by experience are on average of modestly higher intelligence than those who hold that personality is largely genetically determined. As the... Read More
The famous late Pakistani kid who walked on hot coals without giving the slightest indication of discomfort has helped a research team led by C. Geoffrey Woods discover the human gene that regulates pain perception:As a kid I loved Piers Anthony's Xanth novels, full of clever puns and set in a medieval age fantasy realm.... Read More