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Generational storm

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As America becomes less culturally and ancestrally Western, the orientation of the country's foreign policy will correspondingly move away from the West and towards the rest: Zoomers and millennials are modestly less favorably inclined towards Western leaders than older generations. And they're much less hostile towards putatively authoritarian--putatively because Ontario, Canada is locked down harder... Read More
The subsequent graph shows how baby boomers, defined as those born from 1946-1964, self-identified when asked about their political orientations in 1974 all the way through how they did so when asked in 2018: The one demographic trend American conservatives had in their favor--the positive correlation between age and a tendency towards rightwing politics--is at... Read More
YouGov inquired in 2017 about the perceived morality of ten different personal behaviors. The percentages who deemed them to be "morally wrong" (as opposed to "morally acceptable"), by age cohort: On six of the ten behaviors--birth control, divorce, premarital sex, assisted suicide, gambling, and drinking alcohol--zoomers (and younger millennials) are the least morally permissive age... Read More