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The most recent YouGov poll includes a battery of questions concerning what types of behavior are perceived as constituting sexual harassment. All queried situations involve behaviors by men directed towards women who are not friends or romantic partners. They range from a man asking a woman out for a drink on the low end to... Read More
Imagine if instead of platitudes about who we are and blather about impeachment, some genuinely interesting culture war questions were asked of the Democrat candidates at the debate tonight. "Senator Warren, what do you say to fathers out there who are uncomfortable with the idea of a male-to-female transgendered person sitting in the stall next... Read More
Because there are exactly three genders: 1) Female 2) Male 3) Mentally handicapped Jokes aside, Z-Man devotes an hour to explaining how democracy, if it does not die first, necessarily leads to this. It doesn't stop here. Like a shark, it cannot stop. Once it does, it dies. Until then, it indefatigably moves to be... Read More
++Addition++Heartiste reacts in detail. --- The Derb on how the kids don't rut like they used to: The following graph is sourced from a
The following graph shows percentages of respondents who reported having experienced poor mental health--defined as "stress, depression, and problems with emotions"--in the month prior to being surveyed. Results are broken down by sex and by total number of opposite-sex partners (non-heterosexuals are excluded; all responses are from 2002 onward, when the GSS began querying about... Read More
Just as the failing New York Times was purchased by Carlos Slim of Mexican-based Telmex, the Washington Post was bought by Jeff Bezos of Amazon fame. Both operations continue to lose money without any prospect of long-term, self-sustaining economic viability. It's wrong to look at them as individual business entities. That's no longer what they... Read More
A few remarks, in no particular order of importance. - Attacking Trump for working to reduce his income tax bill to the lowest level possible is despicable demagoguery. Yes, she gave millions to the Clinton Foundation she controls. That is of course a blatant way of reclassifying her income so she doesn't have to pay... Read More
A Reuters-Ipsos poll finds that Americans who think a person should be required to use the restroom that corresponds with his or her sex narrowly outnumber those who feel the restroom designations are merely suggestive, 52.1%-47.9%, with "don't know" responses excluded (n = 2,850).White men drive the overall preference for biologically-based restrooms, favoring use corresponding... Read More
++Addition++See Tangoman's arguments for the necessity of an ethno-state in the comments. --- - I use a termite bait station to keep termites from getting into my house because I know their presence will lower my family's quality of life. I support the construction of a border fence to keep illegal immigrants from south of... Read More
My sons will be kings, and not because they'll (necessarily!) be Newtons, standing on the shoulders of proverbial giants. They will appear prodigious because everywhere they go there will be dwarves standing all around them. Absentee fathers are becoming the American norm. Seeing this sort of flamboyant dishonor shows that even where dads are still... Read More
From the NameVoyager application at Baby Naming Wizard, the history of the name Caitlyn: It first crops as a name for infants in the eighties and begins to become somewhat familiar in the nineties. And of the name Zoey (the adopted name of the feminine transgender woman who physically threatened a wrecker who dared to... Read More
The idea that Jenner is taking a stand and refusing to bow to social norms is ridiculous. This isn't David standing up to Goliath. The entire Establishment--the entertainment world, the mainstream media, corporate America, academia--is behind him. It's the small mom-and-pop bakeries, the ordinary middle Americans who dare to object to a deviation from the... Read More
In his third Start the World podcast, Jack Donovan and Paul Carter discuss a whole range of topics loosely tied to the concept(s) of masculinity in the contemporary Western world*. Summarizing very generally, the conclusions are mostly of the variety the manosphere is known for arriving at--the modern world, especially WEIRD societies, are not conducive... Read More
Via Heartiste, recent research on female fertility found the following: I'll check my audacity enough to admit that I'm not certain I understand either, but I'll hazard a seemingly obvious though politically incorrect
++Addition++Henry Harpending reminds us that there weren't many changes in educational affinities from 1940 through 2000. Presumably, steady state continues to be the story into the early 21st century. --- A recent Pew Research report contained the following graph: At first blush it might appear as though, contra Charles Murray, assortative mating is actually declining,... Read More
++Addition++Heartiste quite recently. He points to a different interpretation of the data in a relatively quite obscure location like this one and does so purely as an FYI to his readership. That's an admirable demonstration of what I can't characterize as anything other than consistent intellectual integrity on his part.---Heartiste from a few years ago:In... Read More
Pew recently released the results from the March 2011 News IQ quiz, a series of 11 multiple choice questions concerning current events given to a random sample of ~1,000 US adults. Previously, I posted on how men consistently outperform women on this quiz, and the most recent survey was no exception to this rule. I've... Read More
In the comments of a previous post on the relationship between fecundity and educational attainment in the US, Bruce Charlton wondered what percentage of women never had children by educational category, noting that in Europe around one-third of female college graduates are barren.Fertility in the US is higher than that among those with bachelor's degrees,... Read More
++Addition2++Writing in November 11, I've added the results from Pew's October 2011 News IQ quiz. More of the same.++Addition++Writing in April 2011, I've added the results from Pew's March 2011 News IQ quiz. Same old, same old.---Steve links to a NYT article that is almost beyond parody where it is suggested that misogyny is behind... Read More
The correlation between educational attainment and fecundity has been a topic here on multiple occasions. At the national level, the gender gap in education is a strong predictor of national fertility rates. As measured by the World Economic Forum's 2007 report entitled "The Global Gender Gap", the correlation between fertility and educational parity is an... Read More
I recently got into a dispute with a friend over whether or not Skyler was primarily a boy's or a girl's name. Based on my own experience, I told her that the reason she thought of it as a girl's name was purely anecdotal; I, on the other hand, was not so subjective (of course!).Of... Read More
++Addition++Commenter Steve astutely pointed out that I forgot to include Italians. The sample size is more than sufficient, I just missed it. The table has been updated appropriately.---The re-posting at R/H/E Notes of a paper on the putative lasciviousness of Swedish women made me wonder about the relationship between ancestry and philandering in the US.... Read More
++Addition++Steve Sailer makes note, calling out the inclusion of the question on astronomy out (and rightly so, as in reviewing the items chosen, it appears the least obviously commonsensical of the entire field) and waxing on the relationship between vocabulary and intelligence more generally.---Bruce G. Charlton, academic and editor in chief of the journal Medical... Read More
In John Derbyshire's We Are Doomed (which I've enjoyed immensely thus far, especially the chapter on human nature), the Derb writes (p113):Unfortunately, occupational coding in the GSS only extends back to about the time when this cloud of suspicion allegedly descended over aspiring male primary school teachers. The following table shows the percentage of male... Read More
A post by OneSTDV awhile back challenged the assertion that the gender egalitarian movement is more damaging to society than the racial egalitarian movement is. I view them as two heads of the blank slatist hydra. The primary devotion of this place concerns the latter, but that need not be to the exclusion of the... Read More
The treatment potentially accorded those who make a Watson- or Summers-esque comment in a public setting usually limits my discussion of HBD issues to face-to-face conversations or pseudonymous online postings. There are times when discipline fails me, though. A friend answered in a facebook social interview question asking what she'd talk to Barack Obama about... Read More
If my mom has ever voted for a Democrat, it was before I'd become a twinkle in my dad's eye. She's not especially political, but was so disgusted by McCain's "rush back to Washington" that she sold her vote to me (vote 199,314 for Baldwin/Castle). Yet at the Republican caucus last February, she reacted as... Read More
Upon finding out that two of the three winners of this year's Nobel prize in physiology or medicine are women, Steve Sailer points out what he sees as encouraging sex trends in accomplishment:Results from an interactive quiz from the Pew Research Center show that this trend doesn't just exist in the upper echelons of the... Read More
In response to a married commenter with a thoroughly middling sex life, Roissy wrote the following in faux astonishment:Having just been presented with evidence showing that once a week is the average amount of action married men and unmarried men who are hungry and successful enough with women to hit double-digits, it's obvious that you're... Read More
Following is my response to Dennis Mangan's post on a previous comment of mine to another post of his (tracking?) where I raised objections to the putatively transformative power of game. Unfortunately, I'm more than a fortnight too late and the thread is dead, but as many readers were involved in it at Mangan's, it's... Read More
The Dave Matthews Band has been running through my head since their show in Kansas City last week. From the song Spaceman:Matthews' politics are leftist boilerplate. The band played at Bill Clinton's 1997 inauguration, partnered up with Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream to raise awareness about global warming, strongly supported the Kerry and Obama campaigns,... Read More
The percentage of male respondents who strongly agree they would rather suffer personally than have their lovers suffer in their stead, by political orientation (N = 619):Conservative74.6%Moderate69.9%Liberal59.3%Feminists, conservative guys are the most willing to take it on the chin for you. I suppose this reveals a deep chauvinism on their part for being unwilling to... Read More
Whether or not blacks are more alpha than non-blacks are (with Asians as the most beta and whites and Hispanics in between) is a perennial topic that crops up across the game-oriented sections of the blogosphere. I'm inclined to think they tend to be, based on higher levels of extramarital sexual activity, a greater number... Read More
Nearly a year ago, I happily reported that among men the monogamists were outproducing the contemporary Genghis Khan's. The GSS shows that men who have had one lifetime partner procreate more than men who have had a few, who in turn make more babies than the Roissys of the world do. The trend holds across... Read More
Steve Sailer has pointed out on multiple occasions that race trumps sex in the contemporary world of identification politics:In the Democratic primaries last year, Hillary Clinton was confronted by the same reality. The insight needs some qualification, though, in that it applies much more strongly to non-whites, especially blacks, than it does to whites.These high... Read More
Sifting through the pages of the CIA factbook, I noticed the virtual universality of higher infant mortality rates at the international level for boys than for girls. There are two marginal exceptions, Nepal and the Northern Mariana Islands, the latter also having the most unbalanced gender ratio favoring women in the world (numerically anyway--the red-blooded... Read More
In a couple of previous posts, the propensity to self-identify by race or ethnicity was examined by, well, race and ethnicity. In addition to the groups already discussed, results for Jews, Native Americans, those McCain-belt Scotch-Irish types who tell census takers they are simply "American" by ancestry, white Republicans (the question was not cross-referenced with... Read More
I previously attempted to refute the presumption thick in some areas of the Steveosphere that today's young women are nymphos. The GSS does not lend any credence to blogger Whiskey's assertion that it is not unusual for educated, urban white women to have more than 50 different sexual partners.He has subsequently questioned the utility of... Read More
In the discussion thread of a recent Parapundit post, commenter Dragon Horse argues high sub-Sahara African fertility is the result of men wanting large broods:Having not read the book, I cannot respond to what the authors write. It is not clear that the second sentence excerpted above is asserted by the authors or if Dragon... Read More
++Addition++Agnostic posted something similar back in January, but due to my apparent gayness, the following adds to it by injecting gender into the relationship between sexual activity and age.---There are several different ways to estimate at what age physical attractiveness peaks among men and women. For my part, looking at Maxim's Hottest 100 list of... Read More
Given that the Big 5 personality traits are 50% hereditable, it is discouraging to find that three in four people believe experience, rather than genes, is the primary determinant of a person's personality. That acknowledged, the naturist majority's dominance is not of equal strength across the board. Women are more inclined than men are to... Read More
A couple of months ago, Stopped Clock wondered if "conservative Democrat" is more-or-less a synonym for politically engaged blacks. Among Democrats, blacks are more likely than other groups to be conservative, although not to the extent that the two phrases can be thought of as being synonymous.The Pew US Religious Landscape survey suggests blacks are... Read More
N/A, who runs the blog Race/History/Evolution Notes, pointed me to a couple of handy tables from the 2000 Census showing cohabitation and marriage statistics by race and gender. To help clear up misconceptions readers might have (as I did), a couple of tables follow. Following the notes at the end of the post are a... Read More
++Addition++Jason Malloy goes to work in the comments. He rarely writes at GNXP, and has no other regular forum so far as I'm aware, yet everything he contributes in comment threads are worthy of wider attention.---In the comments of a recent Inductivist post, in proclaiming the death of the nuclear family (to which Ron counters... Read More
The Pew Research Center recently put out a report entitled "Dissecting the 2008 Electorate: Most Diverse in US History". This translates as the white percentage of total voters being the lowest it ever has been in a Presidential election. Recognizing the slow but steady relative reduction in the size of the white vote is nothing... Read More
++Addition++In the comments, Roissy reviews some of the fundamentals of game, and also takes note in a post about a super beta prostrate. I am uncomfortable making assertions without empirical backing, but I don't really disagree with him. He misreads in saying that I think adopting game only helps the rich get richer--to the contrary,... Read More
The perceptions of intelligence among members of different racial groups was the focus of a recent post. I subsequently wondered how political orientation affected these judgments. The following table converts to IQ scores the responses given to questions on the intelligence of members of various groups under the assumptions that the mean intelligence value for... Read More
Ladies, if a guy tells you he wants to marry you and move to Slovenia because it's scenic, low-cost living in Europe, be suspicious.The World Values Survey (WVS) asked participants in 49 countries about the justifiability of a man beating his wife. In Slovenia, 82.4% responded that it is "always justifiable"--far and away the nation... Read More
I have criticized the gender egalitarianism inserted into role playing games to allow for martial female protagonists who inexplicably still retain their femininity.One way this is done is by confusing flexibility with agility (or dexterity). Women have greater range of motion than men do, primarily because they have smaller muscles. To confirm this in your... Read More
Turning again to the relationship between the number of female partners a man has and his total fertility, following are how things shake out by race. Ranges are shown for non-whites due to small sample sizes. Full data are available here.Whites*PartnersChildrenN11.8750721.7420031.6821141.4816351.5321361.4314171.795781.318891.2124101.60191110.9213121.657413.8211141.6718151.279316+1.40481BlacksPartnersChildrenN12.63272-51.69846-101.897311-151.802016+1.66101