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As the kids might say, we'll just leave this right here: For contemporary relevance and to avoid racial and sexual orientation confounding, responses are restricted to non-Hispanic whites from 2000 onward who have not engaged in same-sex relations. Incels don't do too well. Celibate women, more of whom are likely to be voluntarily so (volcels?),... Read More
Sexbots are already destroying civilization and we don't even have sexbots yet. From Trends, searches for "MGTOW" (men going their own way) and "how to get a girlfriend" in the US over the last five years: Graphical representation by state: The fundamental question of the 21st century is whether or not the West has the... Read More
Heartiste: Relatedly, the move towards miscegenation--more than 1-in-10 babies in born in the US today are mixed race--could be perceived, subconsciously or otherwise, as a way of protecting offspring. A white woman seeded by a POC will have a child contemporary American culture views as a POC. The one-drop rule gives a white parent a... Read More
After reading a recent post by Heartiste on a young woman throwing herself on a convicted serial killer old enough to be her father (or her grandfather!) and thinking for the 4,140th time how if the vote was restricted to property-owning married men with children so many social ills would be ameliorated almost overnight, I... Read More
(via Heartiste)
I've remarked before how pleasantly surprising it was to find that the 2016 iteration of the GSS asked interviewers to assess the physical attractiveness of survey respondents they interviewed. Here is to hoping it is being repeated in the Current Year as we speak (the 2018 data is now being gathered). The following graph shows... Read More
++Addition++Heartiste has a lot to add. --- In response to GSS data showing that criminals get more tail than those who follow the law do, Jig Bohnson wonders if it is merely a consequence of people at the bottom of society in general both rutting more and ending up in the slammer more: The question... Read More
++Addition++Heartiste has a lot to add. --- Previously unbeknownst to me, in 2012 the GSS asked respondents if they "have ever spent any time in prison or jail". Among men, the mean and median numbers of lifetime female sexual partners by whether or not they've done time (N = 642): Okay, but there's obviously a... Read More
To conclude this brief foray into frolicking, the following table shows the mean number of sexual partners of the orientation's desired sex in adulthood, by sexual orientation: Nearly one-quarter of gay men report having 50 or more sexual partners. They're living the lifestyle portrayed at pride parades and in so doing are driving the average... Read More
The following graph shows percentages of respondents who reported having experienced poor mental health--defined as "stress, depression, and problems with emotions"--in the month prior to being surveyed. Results are broken down by sex and by total number of opposite-sex partners (non-heterosexuals are excluded; all responses are from 2002 onward, when the GSS began querying about... Read More
Several years ago I looked at fertility among whites by sex and intelligence (as measured by Wordsum scores) and found that to the extent that the trend is dysgenic, it is almost exclusively so among women. Among whites, high IQ men have as many children as low IQ men do. That's not the case for... Read More
Heartiste asserts: He's entitled to his own opinions but he's not entitled to his own facts! Let's see what the data say about those assertions. The following table contains corpulence scores computed by taking the percentages of women, by social class, whose weight was deemed to be "somewhat above average" and adding that figure to... Read More
Agree and amplify:
With the discovery that polygenic adaptions for increased height (in Brits) "has driven allele frequency shifts across most of the genome", I recalled the GSS suggesting a correlation between height and intelligence among (white) men.The survey similarly suggests that taller men do better with women. The median number of female partners among white men, by height... Read More
Trump did even better among voters concerned primarily by the issues than by things like perceived leadership, personal qualities, celebrity status, etc. The celebrity trope is a red herring. It's the immigration, the reluctance to start World War III, and the disregard for PC shibboleths that have propelled Trump to the top.
Several reasons why Trump doesn't show tonight:- He has made his campaign about showing the Republican establishment how impotent they are. He's not just doing what typical Republican puppets do, talking about how bad the "mainstream media" is while exempting awful neocon outfits like Fox News and National Review in the process. Trump is going... Read More
Heartiste points to a paper by Satoshi Kanazawa hypothesizing that "women should fear alien rule much less than men" do, but that these sex differences in attitude are specifically attributable to women under the age 50. The biological vehicle posited for driving this disparity is reproductive in nature. Nubile women want to reproduce with the... Read More
Not since Pat Buchanan has a competitive American presidential candidate demonstrated an understanding of a nation as anything more than the collection of propositions it putatively stands for. Not until Trump, that is:
Heartiste writes: The evidence is overwhelming and indisputable among women unmoored by the oppressive patriarchal institution of marriage. The electoral intentions of never married women on election day, 2012:
A high-brow Hispanic 'activist' group followed up the release of its cinematic masterpiece with an offer to pay $5,000 to anyone who would call Donald Trump a racist while he hosted SNL, a production that is recorded live in front of a studio audience in the SWPL paradise of midtown Manhattan. I have to confess... Read More
Video here. See 13m17s in:
++Addition++Heartiste: --- Heartiste's comments on Colorado shooter James Holmes' aspiring harem begs the question of whether or not status, rather than cruelty and violence, is the predominant driver of the female sexual desire on display. Does Peyton Manning--a physically unattractive, salt-of-the-earth niceguy--attract the same volume of mail attention from women that Holmes does? I have... Read More
Trump sticking his hand out for a high five and ¡Jabe! eagerly complying with all the intensity of a prepubescent sixth grade football player lining up for his first snap on his face probably qualifies as a shit (or compliance) test that the governor failed. Then, feeling that he had momentarily gained Trump's approval, ¡Jabe!... Read More
One, an alpha male fit for leadership, demonstrating an innate ability to assert control of a situation:
Heartiste recently pointed to Bender from The Breakfast Club as "possibly the most iconic charismatic alpha male jerkboy in pre-post-America movie history". Judd Nelson's character is more than just an onscreen embodiment of jerkboy characteristics, he also serves as a great illustration of why so many traditionalists are antagonistic towards the concept, and more importantly... Read More
Pat Buchanan famously wrote that "historians may one day call 'the pill' the suicide tablet of the West". Looking at the sheer numbers, he seems to be on the mark. I'm not much of an optimist, but I do have a detached sunny disposition, so perhaps we can find a silver lining. The GSS has... Read More
Game's golden tongue on self-reported sex surveys: It's a point Heartiste Chrysostom has put pressure on several times before, and the finding that men average 2-3x as many lifetime sexual partners as women do has, as its prerequisite for being true, a world in which women outnumber men by a similar factor in the general... Read More
From one of Heartiste's best posts (and that's saying a lot), on why a man should avoid marrying a woman aged 30 or older: It's as close to celebrating the benefits of monogamy as one should ever hope to get from the silver tongue. In its focus on carnality, however, it misses a piece of... Read More
Came across this at the CDC's website while digging for something else: Promiscuous America? Not so much. More like prude America.
Understanding that pill-based contraceptives increase estrogen levels as a means of essentially tricking a woman's body into thinking she's already pregnant and that studies have shown changes in female mate preferences when on the pill compared to when off of it (relatively more interested in betas when on and in alphas when off), I wonder... Read More
In his third Start the World podcast, Jack Donovan and Paul Carter discuss a whole range of topics loosely tied to the concept(s) of masculinity in the contemporary Western world*. Summarizing very generally, the conclusions are mostly of the variety the manosphere is known for arriving at--the modern world, especially WEIRD societies, are not conducive... Read More
As a prerequisite, please see Heartiste's post on a study positing criminal behavior as an alternative mating strategy that potentially increases evolutionary fitness. It's paygated, so we're just working with the abstract here. Perhaps it is correctly identifying a meaningful phenomenon. Since the magnate threw down the gauntlet, though, there are reasons we might be... Read More
Heartiste's fascinated post about a bona fide psychopath got me wondering whether there is any evidence that psychopathy carries with it an identifiable evolutionary advantage in the contemporary western world. If it's genetically beneficial anywhere, the atomized, post-modern Occident is probably the place, since in other times and places it could get a practitioner ostracized... Read More
++Addition++Heartiste quite recently. He points to a different interpretation of the data in a relatively quite obscure location like this one and does so purely as an FYI to his readership. That's an admirable demonstration of what I can't characterize as anything other than consistent intellectual integrity on his part.---Heartiste from a few years ago:In... Read More
Just as there is an enormous amount of tension between the consular ideals of liberty and equality, so too is there in aspiring to provide the best health care available while simultaneously striving to make health care ubiquitous and universally accessible. Anti-Gnostic does a great job succinctly articulating as much, with the following excerpt of... Read More
Without fear or apology, as is his wont, Roissy/Heartiste has really stuck his neck out there as of late. If he is able to parlay his vast reach into the spread and absorption of HBD realism, then it is with hesitation and angst that I risk appearing as an adversary here. The man is fighting... Read More
Roissy enjoys taking pot shots at yours truly and I'm happy to take them since they double the blog's web traffic whenever they land. Game isn't about male-to-male dominance, so what he'd have the cajones to say in person is immaterial. Most recently, he ribbed me for insinuating that the ultimate arbiter of alpha status... Read More
Why do those who write about Game tend to overestimate the prevalence of cuckoldry over the course of human history? Fairly recently, Roissy did just this without seemingly even realizing it. Commenting on a study showing a misattribution rate for putative biological fathers of around 1% in Germany, he deftly claimed that he wasn't surprised... Read More
Speaking of me, I have an idea to serve as a sort of dark complement to videos of PUAs in action. It came to me the other night at a Christmas party. My girlfriend showed me a text her ex-boyfriend sent her, the fourth or fifth she's showed me over the last month or so. Without... Read More
The GSS has a great question that, according to the Game narrative, gets right at a crucial distinction between alphas and betas: Alphas do not put the objects of their affection before themselves, while betas do.The question asks the respondent if he agrees with the statement that he would rather suffer himself than have a... Read More
Oh, so you say all you want is to just be happy? By way of ordinary least squares, here are the multiple regression coefficients for nine variables that are, in the conventional wisdom, arguably putative predictors of happiness, with the obligatory qualifier that some component of sunniness, of yet undefined magnitude, is innate. For contemporary... Read More
Roissy calls me out, and because I'm always game, I'll pick the gauntlet up and gently tap him with it. In a post where he ruminates on the reasons why educated women are far more likely to remain virgins than uneducated women are, he writes:The GSS doesn't penetrate the subject deeply enough to address the issue at hand, though in newer questions regarding... Read More
Reacting to Roissy's chastising of Charles Murray, Randall Parker makes an assertion I've seen repeated in various forms and in various places: I wonder where the actual evidence for this is. Women who end up as single mothers tend to congregate at the bottom of society, as do the men who impregnate them and then... Read More
Writes OneSTDV:One excerpts the $PLC's condemnation, from which at least part of the answer is contained within:That's actually quite a generous concession for the $PLC to make, and I suspect it's lacking in sincerity. That the manosphere and game blogs are virtually fact-free zones is a big reason why the $PLC and associates don't fear... Read More
Today Roissy (look, if I start writing "Heartiste, the artist formerly known as Roissy", the next time I step onto the field I'll have to expect the divine justice I receive when someone inevitably drubs my faggy ass!) wrote on the comparability of benefits received from marriage and long-term cohabitation, pointing to a previous post... Read More
Game, as it currently exists, is a qualitative subject rather than a quantitative one. That qualitative narrative bumps up uncomfortably against the hard data available, so the latter is either minimized or dismissed outright. While this is not the primary reason I find that Game and human biodiversity make strange bedfellows (the primary reason being... Read More
A year ago, I looked at the number of sexual partners American men have had over the last couple of decades to see whether or not a trend towards greater sexual promiscuity and general activity, as the Game narrative contends is the case, would be empirically detectable. The data, however, reveal that it has been... Read More
Roissy recently referred to a study conducted nearly a decade ago finding that the male-female discrepancies in self-reported numbers of sexual partners are not equally the fault of each sex, but instead primarily the result of female understatement:I'm not sure if this is specifically directed at me or not--Roissy
Randall Parker points to coverage in the Washington Post of the CDC's "gold standard" study of sexual behavior among young adults shows that promiscuity continued its decline through the 2000s. The trend has been one of consistent decline for more than two decades now. RP suggests some potential reasons for the steady descent: Sucked into... Read More
OneSTDV (who I'm a huge fan of) believes he has identified an indisputable fact of gender realism, that women rarely date men who are shorter than they are.The problem with this assertion is that in the US, the average height is 5'10" for men and 5'4" for women'. Contemporary measures of standard deviations for American... Read More