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Prior to the easy-money fueled housing bust, Steve Sailer noticed a contemporary reliance on "human directionals"--people hired to walk around twirling signs at intersections in an effort to direct traffic to whatever it is said directionals are being paid a couple of bucks under minimum wage in cash to promote. Steve presciently realized we were... Read More
I'm a week behind, but at last listen the Derb's research assistants were working for the Democratic Party of Turkmenistan on slogans for the upcoming campaign against Emmanuel Goldstein's ragtag coalition of seditious rats. He should allow them indefinite leave there and find some new assistants. Aged 36, 41, and 34, respectively, Mandy, Candy, and... Read More
Depending on who you ask or what source you trust, generally the sex of a child can be determined with certainty via ultrasound (that is, by sight--we're not talking about chorionic villus sampling, preimplantation genetic diagnosis, or any other futuristic methods of cheating here) at somewhere between 17-20 weeks into a pregnancy. We found out... Read More
Upon seeing pictures (requires being logged into a facebook account) of a recent protest in Virginia against the big government conservative-style ultrasound bill passed by the state legislature and soon to be signed into law by the governor, I have a reaction and proposed solution. Reaction: God those women are ugly. Solution: Male sobriety. It's... Read More
A couple of months ago, I experienced a personal first--a wart on the inside of my right pinky finger. Never having had to deal with such a hideous thing before, I just ignored it for several weeks. It was small and only noticeable at all when my fingers were spread out. I'd heard that the... Read More
There probably isn't a phrase that gets under my skin more than "social justice" does. It's wielder gives me an immediate impression of being pretentious, supercilious, accusatory, and self-promoting. And the future promises more of it than even the present does. It's frequency has been doubling every decade for the last three, and it's apex... Read More
... to describe someone who is pointing and sputtering, er, pointing 'n sputtering. Orally, each of the first three letters are pronounced individually, followed by the appropriate suffix. It fits--they do tend to be whiny little bitches, after all.
It's almost so stereotypical as to be beyond parody, but I've been hooking up with a girl over the last few weeks who constitutes my first interracial experience (no home base, though). She's black, 18, great body, but she's not relationship material for a host of reasons that I won't bore you with (and are... Read More
By nitpicking, I'm opening the door for "pot calling the kettle black" and SWPL quips. Further, I'm of the opinion that commentators who add substantively meaningless phrases designed to show humility when making assertions are unnecessarily making their readers read more than they need to. We know you're not the ultimate arbiter of all things... Read More
I recently got into a dispute with a friend over whether or not Skyler was primarily a boy's or a girl's name. Based on my own experience, I told her that the reason she thought of it as a girl's name was purely anecdotal; I, on the other hand, was not so subjective (of course!).Of... Read More
I'm talking to a friend (yeah, via M:TG, predictably enough) the other day and he comments in resignation that he's going to be a 40 year-old virgin. "Becoming one in a million, baby. If you didn't have that damn Y chromosome, being able to say as much would give you a little extra luster." (To... Read More
From a report on Williams syndrome, excerpted and then discussed by Steve:Solomon must have had his way with one of those kids!
Gents, before you pop the question, netflix Blood Diamond and make it a date night at home on the couch. It might just save you three months' salary and net you a small SWPL status boost to boot. "T. I. A."
I didn't quite time things right on Christmas eve, so when I came up from downstairs after working out, a few extended family members were already at the parents' house. I was in grey boxer briefs and a beater, so my arse was noticeably wet. My least favorite cousin--a shrill leftist in her early thirties... Read More
Apparently there are a number of Steveosphere regulars who think FeministX is actually Half Sigma. It's funny to think about a pseudonym being accused of posing as a different pseudonym, but FemiX's female lusting is at least on par with that of the average guy. Further, Half Sigma seemed to think the person behind Stuff... Read More
Mickey Kaus profers some poor advice for navigating four-way intersections on foot (via Steve):As one who has run and biked regularly for a decade, I vehemently dispute this. The following is applicable whether you are obeying pedestrian traffic laws or not (I admit I rarely do and simply cross as soon as I am able... Read More
Last week I went to Worlds of Fun (Kansas City's major amusement park, similar to a Six Flags but a bit smaller) with seven people aged 17-19 (I am 26). All four of the girls (including the one) have interest in me to varying extents, and in three of four cases, it's returned. The point... Read More
Over the last couple of months I've not been devoting nearly as much time to this spot as I'd like to. I have been able to continue posting with some regularity due to the store of writeups I had in queue, but now the bin is almost empty.That is not to say my head is,... Read More
Luigi should have been happy besting Mario in his second eponymous adventure. He could've spent his career scampering around in the forest trying to rescue squirrels from killer robots, after all (the link is to a video for which embedding is disabled by request).Early Sonic games were so much more mind blowing (for votaries of... Read More
With cap-and-trade in the news, I have a more modest proposal to reduce carbon emissions (or at least suck in government funds by trying to do so) and discourage unnecessary gasoline consumption.Driving home on the interstate yesterday afternoon, I had to kill the cruise control in the face of an irritating line of red brake... Read More
I have criticized the gender egalitarianism inserted into role playing games to allow for martial female protagonists who inexplicably still retain their femininity.One way this is done is by confusing flexibility with agility (or dexterity). Women have greater range of motion than men do, primarily because they have smaller muscles. To confirm this in your... Read More
Despite four of the last seven US Presidents being left-handed, the daily inconveniences lefties must suffer--the side of the palm covered in graphite after pencil use, the awkwardness in trying to write in a bounded notebook of any kind, the difficulty in playing pickup games of baseball (and no, we don't just want to be... Read More
++Addition++Commenter Gullydale does the math:So, even taking into account the fact that a woman Bristol's age is more likely to be impregnated than someone Sarah's age is, women of Sarah's age range are more than six times as likely to have Down babies are girls Bristol's age are to have them.---Half Sigma's 'conspiracy theorizing' about... Read More
Oh, it's a "car czar" they've been talking about? Crud...
After looking at what the GSS had to say about hunting and finding that it is, among whites, an activity exhibiting a moderately negative association with intelligence, it was suggested that the Wordsum vocabulary test used as an IQ proxy makes those with greater (lesser) verbal intelligence relative to mathematical and visuo-spatial abilities appear more... Read More
Speaking of whiterpeople and their collective insistence on proper grammar, there is reason to suspect Christian Lander is selling out (another thing whiterpeople detest)! From his recent post on pea coats:The latter 'sentence' is only a fragment. From the same post:We are missing a "who" in that sentence. Amongst SWPL's whiter readership, there is surely... Read More
Just about every Stuff White People Like post has me kicking myself (and I doubt I'm alone in this regard) for not having created the site years ago. I've heard it claimed that taking a TV series and turning it into a full-length movie sounds a death knell for the series. Not having watched TV... Read More
++Addition++Agnostic has a couple of related posts up. He finds the same regarding hunting, in addition to looking at involvement in sports by intelligence.---Half Sigma marshalls quite the stack of circumstantial evidence that Sarah Palin is of modest intelligence. One of several reasons he gives for presuming she is at best narrowly on the right... Read More
++Addition++Razib hypothetically describes why liberal Republicans are duller than their co-partisans:Regarding the latter remark, I think he is essentially pointing to the South (the US' least intelligent region).---In considering a previous post, Razib points to a couple of historical instances of a prototypical whiterpeople/NAM coalition. He also references a previous post showing the average intelligence... Read More
Occasionally I'm struck, as most people are from time to time, by a thought I perceive to be commonplace that turns out to be a novelty to many of the people I bring it up to. A few of those:- Barack Obama really is an authentic African-American, something the blackest black guys like rapper 50... Read More
A couple of years ago, Pew Research released a report on video game playing among teenagers. My curiosity was piqued, but I was underwhelmed by the results. It would be interesting to see data on gamers and non-gamers based on achievement level (GPA, IQ, SAT scores, etc). To that end, only a couple of things... Read More
... Like when the conversation is about sports. The sports and competitive athletic activities identified in Stuff White People Like are as follows: - Marathons - Baseball - Snowboarding - Biking - Coed sports - Soccer - Rugby - Rock climbing What do they have in common? They're all whitey sports*. Unless you're a walking... Read More
Senator Obama, on Exxon-Mobil in an attack on John McCain's energy proscriptions:AE, on Obama in a ridicule of Obama's rhetoric:
Below is an email I just sent to a friend of mine who is also a single player RPG votary (if you're not one, please don't waste your time reading any further). I wonder if any of those who've expressed some interest in my other game reviews have some reaction to this. I'm feeling pretty... Read More
Half Sigma points to a NYT article on the 'emerging' acceptance of shorts as legitimate white-collar attire. His take:Following the link, it's hard to disagree with that sentiment.The first image that greets the reader is displayed nearby. Is that visage of human emaciation prominent enough among whiterpeople in New York City to be justified as... Read More
Tangentially related to the last post, for guys like Dennis Mangan who've been toying with the idea of leaving California, I'm familiar with the county Forbes recently listed as the third best of the nation's 3,141 to raise a family* and would be happy to play tour guide and real estate counselor for those interested... Read More
I heard a ad on the radio noting the 'satisfaction guarantee' the service offers:If it doesn't work, feel free to keep on using it!If a service has failed me from the beginning, I'm not sure how extending the time I'm able to use the service is going to be of much value to me.... Read More
Steve Sailer writes: He was referring in part to the squirrely persona that emanates from Flanders, not so much in his real word choice or the tone of his voice but in his excessive use of non-word suffixes ("-diddly", "-doodly", etc), which Romney doesn't share. But how dissimilar are they? Steve also writes: In "Viva... Read More
Since I spent half an hour playing with this after being introduced to it by Ilkka Kokkarinen, I might as well try to make something out of nothing. The tool purports to classify the level of educational attainment required to understand whatever blog or other site you offer it.Taking a run through my blogroll, GNXP... Read More
To enhance the experience of going to a concert, don't listen to the act performing for as long a period of time prior to the performance as you are able.That's the approach I'm adopting from here on out, anyway. The Trans-Siberian Orchestra rolled through here last weekend at the new downtown Sprint Arena. I usually... Read More
Sometimes impressionable experiences come at the most unexpected of times. Invariably, trying to transcribe an existential occurence to text is bound to leave an account that is lacking. There are no quantitative data bits or much speculative punditry below, so readers may want to save themselves a couple of minutes and move on to something... Read More
Seeing the promising young quarterback Jason Campbell being harassed by the best Cowboys' pass rusher since Charles Haley in DeMarcus Ware got me thinking. Ware forced Campbell into two intentional grounding penalties, costing the Redskins 20 yards. Why not throw the ball at the feet of a pass rusher when in the pocket or when... Read More
I regularly hear people assert that gas stations are taking it in by the fistfull as gas prices enter a period of steady price increases.But the opposite is true. Retailer margins are razor thin in a time of rising prices. Consumer price sensitivity becomes heightened, as illustrated by local radio stations broadcasting live from the... Read More
Is this the year the NFC finally reaches its nadir and begins a rebound toward the dominance it enjoyed for a decade-and-a-half from '82 to '97? When the AFC's sixth-seeded Steelers entered the Superbowl as favorites against the NFC's top-seeded Seahawks, and proceeded to make good on the favored status by shutting Seattle down entirely,... Read More
Over the last few months, I've noticed a precipitous drop in the number of my eight-legged friends in the basement. Their population peaked right about the time I indulged myself in posting on them, feigning more affection and less anxiety than I actually had for their presence. I live in semi-rurality, in a stand-alone subdivision... Read More
DVD-rental giant Netflix has seen it's stock price deflate over the last 18 months, from over $30 to below $20 today. If you'd written the company off as being antiquated from its inception, with a business model of sending hard copies via snail mail, look again--the company is now selling streamed movies and TV programming.... Read More