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Free Speech

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Free expression and isonomy are foundational to a functioning liberal democracy. Without free expression there is no liberalism and without isonomy there is no democracy: Is our age the first in the country's history wherein younger cohorts are less classically liberal than their elders are? There is no clear racial, gendered, or political confound. To... Read More
The following graph shows net support for former president Donald Trump being allowed back on to Facebook by the social media platform: If you come in search of optimism, find a flicker of hope in the results by age cohort. Zoomers are by this measure the generation most opposed to the corpotocracy silencing the citizenry.... Read More
The percentages of people, by belief or lack thereof in God, who think "religious extremists" should be forbidden from "publish[ing] their views on the internet": Because atheists and agnostics want to let religionists hoist themselves with their own petards, or because they are genuinely more tolerant of free expression and open inquiry than theists are?... Read More
A substantial minority of Americans do not think their fellow citizens should have the ability to protest against perceived unjust political actions. The following graph shows the percentages of people in opposition ("not sure", constituting 10% of the sample, are excluded): We are headed past authoritarianism on our way to totalitarianism. A sentiment like that... Read More
From five questions concerning social media companies deplatforming users for venturing off the reservation of allowable opinion, a censorship index by selected demographics follows. Because pro-censorship rates are similar by subgroup for each item the index is calculated by a simple average of percentages in favor of deplatforming across the five categories. These categories are... Read More
Ratioed hard: The company once boasting about being the free speech wing of the free speech party is now so strongly associated with biasedly suppressing human expression it makes tin pot African dictators blush. The biggest threats to human liberty no longer come from governments, they come from Woke Capital. The US government can't get... Read More
The great polymath Razib Khan put together a fairly conventional Electoral College map prediction on social media that generated a lot of commentary: In response, Razib noted: Whether he is voting at all and if so for whom is unknown, but his observation is nevertheless a perspicacious one. The following graph shows who voters expect... Read More
The following graph shows the percentages of GSS respondents who participated in the survey between 2012 and 2018, by partisan affiliation and age, who favor free speech absolutism (N = 5,963): That term is a tad hyperbolic. It refers to those who say communists, atheists, homosexuals, racists, and militarists should all be allowed to speak... Read More
From Trends, search volume in the US for "hate speech" as a percentage of search volume for "free speech" by year: Extrapolating from 2014 through to the present, a fourth slogan will roll out around 2030: Free speech is hate speech. Dragonfly isn't dead, it has just been hidden underground. Intellectual totalitarianism is scaling and... Read More
From Anatoly's open thread round up: When Anatoly says "jump!", I ask "how high?". The following graph shows percentages of white respondents who favor allowing "racists" to speak in public, by the decade they participated in the survey and by their age at the time of participation (N = 3,378): Among whites, too, young college-educated... Read More
  These are not unreasonable objections based on what was presented in the previous post. If the general tendency was for people to become more supportive of free speech as they aged, in fact, it could even be misleading. That, however, is not the case, as is illustrated below. People tend to become more conservative... Read More
The article Pinker links to is by a square-jawed writer who took data from an academic who probably got the idea from (covertly) reading Steve Sailer, as so many of the intelligentsia do. It covers the same GSS free speech module previous posts have been based on here. There is no mention of demographic differences... Read More
Some interesting observations from a SurveyUSA poll on Californians (N = 909): - Trump's approval rating in California is 30% approve, 60% disapprove. That compares unfavorably to his putative national approval rating of 37% approve, 58% disapprove. Trump's approval is only 9 points worse in a state he lost by 29 points than it is... Read More
A few things I committed to getting done without having gone through the formality of doing (until now!): - With regards to the apparently heavy Jewish overrepresentation among the recently exposed high-profile harassers and perverts, GSS results from five questions measuring attitudes and behaviors towards sexual permissiveness for males exclusively, since that's who we're after... Read More
Dan echoes a question brought up by others with regards to the GSS showing a strong correlation between high IQ and support for free speech: My suspicion is that the students who are making the biggest ruckus are not the sharpest ones on campus. The administrators are intimidated. The professors leading the charge are doofuses... Read More
I've previously created indices based on GSS responses to questions about whether various 'controversial' speakers should or should not be permitted to speak publicly. The selection of five types of speakers does a pretty good job running the political gamut (atheists, communists, and homosexuals on the left; militarists and racists on the right). That means... Read More
Commenter Candide III: Here is the graph he's referring to: The sentiment is well received. The main reason it was presented as such in this particular case is because the questions considered were dichotomous ones without "don't know", "no opinion", etc as possible responses. To have visually expressed this across a fully displayed y-axis would've... Read More
The following graph shows free speech index scores by selected demographic characteristics. The index is a simple average of the percentage of respondents who said that five different categories of controversial advocates should be allowed to speak publicly. The higher the score, the more supportive of free speech the group is. The five categories are... Read More