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Put voter ID up for a national vote and it will win in a landslide: Joe Biden may say it's more restrictive than Jim Crow, but almost nobody believes him, including black Americans. Nobody does because it's obviously not. Everyone knows it's nearly impossible to function in modern America without photo identification. No bank accounts,... Read More
The establishment hates that there is no organic interest in the conspiracy theories they approve of and enormous interest in the conspiracy theories they disapprove of: These are the same people who lied to us over and over and over again about WMDs in Iraq. They have the blood of hundreds of thousands and the... Read More
I have a feeling support for the political dissolution we've long pushed for just became a lot more popular. It's obviously not scientific but no TradCon influencer would've been caught dead entertaining the idea of separation a year ago: The Supreme Court rejected Texas' straightforward suit against four states that chose their electors by means... Read More
More than a month after the election was held and just days before the results are set to be certified, 4-in-5 Republicans and nearly 9-in-10 Trump voters think fraud flipped the election to Joe Biden: The corporate media's initial position that no evidence of voter fraud existed has been abandoned by most Americans: The incredible... Read More
Just as there are betting markets for the number of tweets Donald Trump will send out over the course of a week, there are scientific polls conducted on the public perception of those tweets: From 2016 through 2020, many Democrats viewed Trump as an illegitimate president. A majority of Republicans now view Joe Biden in... Read More
Over sixty million voters think the presidential election turned on voter fraud: That's the more sensationalist reading of the results, anyway. Presumably, "influenced the outcome" should necessarily be interpreted as "changed the outcome", else the "influence" is immaterial. But it is conceivable some of these voters think fraud tipped one state or kept another state... Read More
It is surprising for many to find out that blacks commit hate crimes at higher rates than whites do. While that's a fact I've been aware of, I was not aware of the similarly 'surprising' discovery that according to the venerable SPLC, black nationalism is more prevalent in America than white nationalism is. This is... Read More