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Foreign Policy

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As America becomes less culturally and ancestrally Western, the orientation of the country's foreign policy will correspondingly move away from the West and towards the rest: Zoomers and millennials are modestly less favorably inclined towards Western leaders than older generations. And they're much less hostile towards putatively authoritarian--putatively because Ontario, Canada is locked down harder... Read More
The following graph shows net sympathy for Israelis or for Palestinians by various demographic characteristics. Figures are arrived at by taking the percentages of respondents in a subgroup partial to Israelis and subtracting from it the percentages of respondents partial to Palestinians: America's demographic transformation, disproportionately supported by Jews, has undermined American support for Israel... Read More
The following graph shows how positively (or negatively) Americans, by partisan affiliation, view several other countries: The most striking thing is how much the Establishment's bipartisan foreign policy consensus is shared by an allegedly increasingly restless, increasingly populist electorate. There are huge partisan divides on domestic issues like immigration, abortion, and race relations. But when... Read More
Trust in American institutions is in secular decline. One salient exception to this trend is the US military. The way the military was regarded and soldiers treated after Vietnam is a far cry from how it's regarded and they are treated today: Following the collapse of the Soviet Union and the obliteration of Iraqi forces... Read More
Net support for the recent US airstrikes on Syria last week: The partisan distribution meshes well with other polling data on related issues. Democrats are becoming the War Party. When young men from flyover country join the military, they're becoming mercenaries for a force increasingly at odds with their values, their interests, and their communities.... Read More
As predicted, the wars are back in town. One aspect of the American political realignment taking place is of the Republican party--reluctantly, at the behest of its voters--beginning to cede control of the country's military adventurism to Democrats: As the neocons migrate back to the political party more temperamentally suited for their nation-building cultural imperialism,... Read More
Per a request from our Uralic correspondent, a distribution of sentiment towards Trump's approach to Russia, to China, and to North Korea from the perspective of his voters: Unsurprisingly, the Goldilocks assessment is most common in all three cases. Even with the relentless lying about Trump's alleged cozy relationship with Russia, his voters are 7x... Read More
Americans perceive Canada to be our greatest ally, at least among the fourteen countries inquired about in a recent YouGov survey. If Australia had been included, maybe the Aussies would've been number one: Great Britain is right behind. It's almost as though after all these years we are still not yet deaf to the voice... Read More
Think of the treaty as a non-binding suggestion. If it's better for Americans to toss it in the trashcan, though, in the trashcan it goes ("not sure" responses, constituting 25% of the total, are excluded): The social contract doesn't bind individuals and the international contract doesn't bind nations. Consent is not the default. Each sovereign... Read More
Trump, on more of the same in Afghanistan: Remember when the Establishment's licentious left and cowardly cucks made a big fuss over candidate Trump questioning the advice of "the generals"? Well, congratulations to them for having committed America to pouring another decade or three's worth--if she lasts that long--of her blood and treasure into that... Read More
An understandably exacerbated Dan: My sentiments being in general agreement with Dan's, it must be pointed out that sanctions--at least against the new axis of evil--are populist! From Reuters-Ipsos polling, the percentages of Americans, by partisan affiliation, who support and who oppose sanctions on North Korea, Russia, and Iran. The balance of respondents said they... Read More
There was too much bear-baiting, muh freedom, and muh values, sure, but if those are the rhetorical compromises that must be made in return for the following, so be it. This excerpt is gold (just hit play, it's queued up): As Heartiste puts it: Throw those black pills away. The fight isn't over. It's only... Read More
From Reuters-Ipsos polling (n = 2,918), support among Hillary voters aged 50 or older for the airstrikes on Syria: Hillary voters under 30 and aged 30-49:   A similar age pattern exists among Trump voters, just depressingly shifted nearly 50 points in the direction of support:     Stripping away political orientation, then, we see... Read More
It's time for a new Anti-Imperialist League that is as ideologically and politically diverse as the one that opposed America's experiment in the Philippines over a century ago. It included bedfellows as strange as railroad magnate Andrew Carnegie and labor leader Samuel Gompers. There is a bipartisan Establishment effort to reignite the cold war with... Read More
Pulling up the NBC forum from earlier in the week today on Apple TV reveals yet another instance of greater interest in Trump than in Hillary: While the age distribution of electoral support doesn't look as distinctive this year as it has in years past, Hillary still does better with people the younger they are... Read More
Trump's speech on the history of Clintonian corruption was postponed so he could deliver one in response to the mass shooting in Orlando where an inanimate carbon assault rifle killed fifty people. The topic was to be covered was billed as terrorism. Substantively, though, it was more a speech on immigration that also included terrorism... Read More
When I'm in discussions that find their way to the issues surrounding Israel and her relationships with her neighbors generally, and the Palestinians in particular, I find I often bemuse those I'm talking to because they're unsure of whether I'm "pro-Israel" or "pro-Palestinian". In imitation of Half Sigma (and correspondingly in a nod to my... Read More
Pat Buchanan, pointing to an essay by Jerry Muller in Foreign Affairs, summarizes the first half of the 20th Century in Europe as a story of a continent bloodily ripped apart along ethnic lines, pacifying itself in the process: Contemporary European trouble spots exist where an ethnic minority group is under the resented yoke of... Read More
++Addition++I meant for the structures with national names on them to represent the US' relationship with the respective countries (they might also be thought of as said places' national honor), not the actual nations themselves. --- Has anyone seen a cartoon criticizing US foreign policy of being steered recklessly by a glut of foreign interest... Read More
NPR is hosting another extended mendicant drive. The begging turns me off, so I turn NPR off every few months when another session begins. The unsubtle local staff appealing to the sense of moral imperative all Good listeners house within is more than I can stomach. While these Good leftists look disdainfully at religiosity, NPR... Read More
The censure against Iraq's neighbors' role in providing gateways for foreign fighters and weapons to come into Iraq has been directed almost exclusively at Iran and Syria. But Saudi Arabia is in the game, too, and likely has been for some time: The Saudis are delivering on a promise they made late last November. Writing... Read More
In a voice vote, the House of Representatives passed a resolution last Sunday calling on Japan to apologize for its use of Chinese comfort women during WWII: Why in the world would we pass this? The LDP is Japan's pro-American party. It just got walloped in the Upper House, losing 28 of 242 seats. Now,... Read More
As we stand up, the Iraqis stand down: The increased presence in Baghdad has reduced the number of Iraqis killed in tribal 'revenge' killings. Some reduction may be attributable to the migration of Sunnis and Shias into friendlier neighborhoods and cities and through simple attrition. Most of it is due to well-trained American forces frequently... Read More
Saudi Arabia has executed more than one person every other day so far this year: This year will see the Kingdom dole out the most capital punishment to criminals so far this decade. In 2000, 113 were put to death. At the current pace, 204 executions will have taken place by year's end, giving Saudi... Read More
Mensarefugee, maintainer of the blog DifferingPointsOfView, dug up the pdf of the Ohio State University study regarding the relationship between wealth and IQ that made a little media splash a couple of weeks ago. The press release made a befuddling claim: IQ and income are related, but IQ and wealth are not. That left me... Read More
[My original post of the material below apparently was lost for reasons unknown to me] I know that taking potshots at the UN for hypocrisy, impotency, inefficiency, and corruption is like shooting fish in a barrel, but this is beyond the pale. Zimbabwe has been nominated to head the Commission on Sustainable Development, which, created... Read More
Feel for our troops in Iraq. Among those who've been involved in serious combat, one-in-ten say they've lashed out at Iraqi civilians at a time that it was not necessary. The survey was conducted by the Pentagon and based upon personal account, so the real proportion is almost certainly higher than that.I cannot imagine what... Read More
A survey conducted in four Muslim countries illustrates how wide the chasm between the West and the Islamic world is. WPO's findings are based on interviews of 3,752 people from Morocco, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Egypt. All four of these nations are putative allies of the US. So this is friendly territory as far as the... Read More
As an intellectual toddler who only realized that a world beyond the front door existed a few years back, I'm relentless in trying to draw analogies between the present and the historical accounts I read. When your body of knowledge is so limited, you don't have many other options. Still, sometimes things are so blatant... Read More
The WSJ op/ed board wants to blow up a few Iranian toys: The Iranian public's opinion of the US has actually improved since 9/11. It is considerably more favorable than that of our Saudi Arabians or Jordanians, residents of supposed allies. This isn't surprising, given that the US has removed Iran's primary antagonist in the... Read More
The rhetoric about our boys standing down when the Iraqis stand up has been tossed into the dustbin of history. With a majority of the House okaying legistation to have US troops home by the end of next year, Bush will have to wield the veto pin with enough dexterity to frustrate the 63% of... Read More
That life today is better than life prior to the US-led invasion to oust Saddam Hussein is still the most commonly held view among Iraqis: Another poll conducted by a British media researching company was a bit more optimistic: In either case, the perception that life has improved is hardly surprising, since the Baathists have... Read More
The traditional Marxist explanations for the root causes of terrorism don't work. We've come upon a couple of sources suggesting that it is not the most destitute and unenlightened who are the most likely to become terrorists. A thorough analysis by former CIA case officer in Afghanistan, Marc Sageman, revealed just the opposite: Foreign Policy... Read More
The most comprehensive international survey on the opinion of Muslims worldwide gives pause: The globe has more than 1.3 billion Muslims, so that comes to somewhere in the area of 100 million adherents professing support for the crashing of airplanes into skyscrapers and the massive loss of life that is the consequence. Put in another... Read More
Why we have 30,000 troops in South Korea and 47,000 stationed in Japan remains an open question. South Korea has twice the population, four times the military spending, and an astounding 24 times the economy of North Korea, the country our troops are putatively protecting it from. Despite the ninth article of its post-war constitution,... Read More