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Before the Greater Male Variability hypothesis falls out of the news, take a look at the standard deviations, by sex, among GSS respondents on a host of major life measures: Traits that are more determinative of male sexual market value (SMV) than of female SMV show greater variability among men, just as the hypothesis predicts.... Read More
++Addition++Heartiste has a lot to add. --- In response to GSS data showing that criminals get more tail than those who follow the law do, Jig Bohnson wonders if it is merely a consequence of people at the bottom of society in general both rutting more and ending up in the slammer more: The question... Read More
++Addition++Heartiste has a lot to add. --- Previously unbeknownst to me, in 2012 the GSS asked respondents if they "have ever spent any time in prison or jail". Among men, the mean and median numbers of lifetime female sexual partners by whether or not they've done time (N = 642): Okay, but there's obviously a... Read More
Several years ago I looked at fertility among whites by sex and intelligence (as measured by Wordsum scores) and found that to the extent that the trend is dysgenic, it is almost exclusively so among women. Among whites, high IQ men have as many children as low IQ men do. That's not the case for... Read More
The following table shows the mean number of children by religious identification. For contemporary relevance and to allow for family formation to have occurred, data are from 2004 onward and from those aged 35-65 at the time the survey was conducted*:ReligionKidsIslam2.69Catholicism2.28Protestantism2.20Judaism1.76None1.65Buddhism1.44If never born, they'll never suffer!And, using the same time period and age parameters, an... Read More
An assortment of reactions and responses (calling it a review would be way too pretentious) to Nicholas Wade's A Troublesome Inheritance follow. First, a couple of minor quibbles: - In the context of the eugenics movement in the US in the early 20th century, Wade equates "restrictive immigration laws" (p38) with the actions of state... Read More
Genetically, men are more expendable than women are. Historically for our species around 40% of men and 80% of women reproduced. Alphas ruled the past. But the biological world isn't static and significant evolutionary changes can occur in the geological blink of an eye. Today in the US the gap has narrowed substantially. The GSS... Read More
Writing for The Atlantic, Robert Wright floated a too cute hypothesis (that Razib promptly undermined). The hypothesis, in essence, is that the militant atheism propagated by people like Richard Dawkins and PZ Myers has reflexively pushed Christians, who feel under siege, into "anti-scientism" (as Wright phrases it). But as Myers and Razib both point out, perceptions haven't... Read More
One of those fun troll roles to play involves telling secular leftists that irreligious Darwin lovers exhibit the least Darwinian fitness and telling pious creationists that they are winning the Darwinian race. While liberal atheists and agnostics aged 40+ average 1.78 kids, firmly theistic conservatives in the same age range average 2.69.I suspected when it... Read More
++Addition2++I was thinking of a comment Jason Malloy made on a post of Razib's a few years ago rather than something from Inductivist. ++Addition++In the comments, an anonymous reader presents an alternative table measuring partisan differences in terms of standard deviations. Rather than comparing popular support in each party, it compares underlying attitudes towards each... Read More
When reading about politics outside of the US, I have to be wary of the presumption that descriptors such as "liberal" or "conservative" have the same connotations there as they do here. It's a two way street, of course, so the following may be of use to readers outside America.But it also has utility for... Read More
In an Econ Talk podcast a few years back, host Russ Roberts summarizes one of Walter Williams' putatively great economic insights (begins 41:15):I would be interested in hearing arguments concerning how far this goes in explaining the human evolutionary predisposition toward despising those who have more than one has himself. In pre-agricultural societies, which were... Read More
In the 'debate' over the legitimacy of intelligent design as an alternative explanation to evolution in the development of life on earth, the media portrayal is generally of creationists trying to give scientific legitimacy to the fifth of Aquinas' five arguments for the existence of God versus empirically-minded, atheistic scientists.I find such characterizations irritating. Sanctimonious... Read More
In the comments of an Al Fin post on the reduction of sleep pressure in mice through regulation of a brain chemical, I wondered if the diurnal circadian rhythms of most primates, including humans, might have an evolutionary protective effect.The thought process is straightforward: To wander around fruitlessly in the dark, at risk of walking... Read More