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The percentages of people, by race, who said their "ethnic group membership" is "very important" to their sense of who they are. The question was only asked once, in 2002, so it has gathered some dust, though the results feel evergreen: One of the most important socio-cultural questions of the 21st century is how people... Read More
The support distribution of high school students by race among those who voted for Republicans and among those who voted for Democrats according to the Hispanic Heritage Foundation's huge presidential primary poll conducted in 2016 follows. For example, the five columns above "white" in the first graph shows how white Republicans distributed their votes, the... Read More
In addition to asking respondents to racially self-identify from among 16 categories, including "White", "Hispanic", and "Other", the GSS separately asks respondents if they are "Spanish, Hispanic, or Latino/Latina". The following graph shows the percentages of those who racially identified as "White" (rather than as "Hispanic" or "Other") who, when asked whether or not they... Read More
So far in 2017 Jews have been perpetrating "anti-Semitic incidents" in the US at more than 19,000% the rate that non-Jews have been doing so. The AP, via Steve Sailer: Those are the numbers, I didn't write them.
The Derb, excerpting George Orwell: With all the caveats about self-reported data, especially on ancestry among the European mongrels who make up America's contemporary white population, as well as the limitations caused by having just two years of survey data and thus suboptimal sample sizes on the question under examination taken into account, the following... Read More
The following ten graphs come from GSS data. Because the US census doesn't ask about religious affiliation, empirical comparisons of Jews and Gentiles can be hard to come by. Sample sizes vary depending on the number(s) of survey years each question was put to respondents. Results are presented with default scaling from Excel 2003: This... Read More
Ann Coulter's biting mockery of the GOP debaters' paeans to Israel is another sign that her shift from mainstream right to dissident/alternative right is almost complete. As I read ¡Adios America!, I had to remind myself on multiple occasions that this is a woman who appears on cable news stations with some regularity (or at... Read More
Jayman, discussing Gregory Clark's The Son Also Rises: Family = Clan = Ethnicity = Race. Jayman could be describing any of these four terms. They are essentially interchangeable, the only thing distinguishing the succeeding term from the one preceding it being size, and saying that the transition points between these terms are hazy and indistinct... Read More
Staffan wrote: The following table shows the percentages, by ethnicity, of atheists or agnostics among GSS respondents from 2000 onward among groups with at least 50 respondents (and most samples are far larger than that): Ethnicity A/A% 1. Chinese 24.3 2. Russian 13.2 3. French 12.8 4. Other Asian 12.1 5. Scottish 11.3 6. English/Welsh... Read More
As a complement to Jayman's recent post on state laws regarding corporal punishment, I'll note that blacks express the greatest support for the practice as a means of disciplining children. Additional positive correlates include being male, politically conservative, and of modest intelligence. The GSS item doesn't specify who the spanker is, though it's reasonable to... Read More