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Ethnic cleansing

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More from the Michael Brown wellspring. --- "Would you rather be born white or black?" Gavin DeGraw's answer works for me, and I think that's the healthiest answer any person can give. For so putatively secular an age, our societal belief in original sin can really give a person pause, though. I realize that's a... Read More
My response on social media to a piece that would make Tim Wise blush. --- This is a pretty sick illustration of ethnomasochism, but that is the ecumenical religion of the contemporary Western white leftist, so one shouldn't be particularly surprised. Still, it almost seems like a parody. I say that because the four examples... Read More
Thanks to Jokah for pointing out this sign of our times: White men (non-Hispanic) are four times as likely as Hispanic men and eight times as likely as black men (non-Hispanic) to undergo male sterilization. I suspect that in very few cases they do so for the same reasons Origen allegedly did, however! White women... Read More
++Addition++Coldequation does a better job of expressing my sentiments than I'm able to. These professions are all ancillary, supporting roles, entirely contingent upon the wealth created by others, but not parasitic in the sense that they suck the lifeblood out of the host (although professors of anything that ends in "studies" can probably be accurately... Read More