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Ethics and Morals

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To the assertion: dfordoom responded: It's a good point, one the blog is fond of making. The leveling impulse still motivates many contemporary progressives, but it has been coopted and repurposed by the neo-liberal establishment for use in their relentless consolidation of cultural, political, financial, legal, and military power. And in an increasingly atomized world,... Read More
After the mop up operations were complete and the last incalcitrant resisters snuffed out in the Culture War battle over transgenderism, this blog suspected the next front in the siege on sexual mores would be against the presumption of at least serial monogamy. The celebration of open relationships is on the way! That doesn't look... Read More
Peaceful parenting is slowly but steadily gaining acceptance: There is no greater power disparity than that which exists between parent and child. An abused wife can leave her abusive husband and take most of his stuff on the way out. An abused drug pusher can turn his contentious encounter with the police into a winning... Read More
At least in the state of Georgia: The sample sizes for Hispanics and Asians are small but the general philosophical preference for simple measures to protect election integrity is clear. Despite Democrat pols and their allies screaming bloody murder about voter ID requirements, a slight majority of their actual voters--and most of the independents they... Read More
Pat Buchanan on the crisis of the Catholic church: And it needs be stated clearly: This is a homosexual scandal. The percentage of men, by sexual orientation, who do not deem it always morally wrong for 14 year-olds to have sex. Responses are from 200Add AnEpigone8 through 2016 (N = 2,649): The question implies those... Read More
Vox Day, in the context of an interview about sexual promiscuity and the damage it does to children: The following graph shows the percentages of people who have ever cheated on a spouse while married, by their belief (or lack thereof) in God. Responses are from 2000 onward and are restricted to non-Hispanic whites (N... Read More
Indulge me as I reclinate back to the blog's mission statement--validating stereotypes--by way of an enormous Reuters-Ipsos poll (N = 149,591) asking respondents what they perceive to be the most important problem facing the US, from a list of thirteen possible answers. The following graph shows the percentages, by religious affiliation, who identify morality as... Read More
A couple weeks ago, Z Man put up a post that opened thusly: It's a question worth pondering, because whites in the US have been losing such a belief for decades, Among Western Europeans, it's already gone. The GSS queries respondents on their belief in heaven. The survey also asks them whether or not they... Read More
Reuters-Ipsos recently released the results of a poll asking participants how allegations of sexual harassment would impact their senatorial voting behaviors. The following graph shows responses by selected demographic characteristics. Residual responses are "don't know" (N = 3,959): Note the question does not indicate necessary credibility in the accusations, let alone proof of their veracity.... Read More
- Gab Fam man BooksmartBaller wondered about differences in region (presumably among whites) with regards to how they feel about blacks. In 2002, the GSS asked respondents how "warm" or "cool" they felt towards multiple groups, including blacks. The higher the score, the cooler (ie less trusting of and more hostile towards) a region's whites... Read More
They're thinking about it: So Vox Day is justified in doing the same: The GSS has (at least) five questions that potentially provide some insight into why Jews appear to be heavily overrepresented among the sexually overambitious. The questions don't get into the sort of criminal harassment and abuse that some of the "predators" are... Read More
Vox Day, falsely accused of asserting that "intelligence determines virtue", denies it. Jordan Peterson recently denied the same in a podcast with Stefan Molyneux. Assuming we're talking about the contemporary conception of virtue as ethical behavior (as opposed to the latin virtus, which is closer to what we'd refer to today valor or courage) are... Read More
A few comments: - Why did he contract with a major publisher like Simon and Schuster? Milo's celebrity has skyrocketed over the last year. He had become a powerful brand name in his own right, to such an extent that long before his book was even written--let alone published--it was a bestseller on Amazon. Simon... Read More
I'd meant to pass comment on this last year but let it get lost in the sauce. It's an illustration of leftist logic at its finest. Dave Matthews in a Rolling Stone interview: We have the front man for the most successful touring band in history, his net worth is estimated at $300 million, claiming... Read More
Before getting into tactical considerations, let me reiterate that an alpha male shooting the shit in private with a few other guys is harmless. Even more, it's cathartic for a lot of men. In an increasingly feminized world where men have fewer and fewer venues in which they are able to interact exclusively with other... Read More
Ruth Ginsburg attacks Trump. Weeks ago Trump was bombed from outer space for suggesting that a judge presiding over the Trump University case might have it out for him. Well, in either his capacity as a real estate developer or as president, he could find himself in a situation where Ginsburg, who clearly has it... Read More
Sending messages out about an alleged but unsubstantiated last minute dropout to 1,000 or so precinct captains for them to have incorporated into caucus location speeches prior to voting is slimy and evinces a lack of integrity. For one, it'd be absurd to drop out the day of a caucus or primary. Instead, people drop... Read More
Slave morality -- It was an evil thing Europeans did to American Indians, so they deserve to have something similar done to them. Master morality -- This was bad for the people who allowed it to happen to them. We will not allow it to happen to us. Nietzsche's duality is applicable not just in... Read More
A modest suggestion for an addition to further increase the precision and specificity of Jonathan Haidt's eminently useful acronym without detracting from its mnemonic appeal: WEIRDO (Western, educated, industrialized, rich, democratic, and outbred).
The percentages of GSS respondents who say that a woman should be allowed to have an abortion for any reason she wants to, broken down by sex and also by the number of children respondents have had. The question is dichotomous, with "yes" and "no" as the only two answers permitted. For contemporary relevance, responses... Read More
The title of an op-ed piece in the Washington Post inadvertently nails it: Ferguson isn’t about black rage against cops. It’s white rage against progress. This is the same progress we saw in Hispaniola as it its western half became Haiti and in southern Rhodesia as it became Zimbabwe--once sub-Saharan Africa's breadbasket and now a... Read More
Pew recently released a report entitled "Global Views on Morality" in which respondents in 40 countries were queried on the morality of eight traditional 'values'-related issues: Infidelity, gambling, homosexuality, abortion, premarital sex, alcohol usage, divorce, and contraception. Respondents categorized each of them as morally acceptable, morally unacceptable, or not moral issues at all. The following... Read More
Understanding that opposition to bestiality or pederasty is scarcely any more logically defensible than opposition to homosexuality is a worthy exercise in comprehending how human morality expresses itself. Many of the moral positions people hold are a natural outgrowth of their innate personalities. A commenter named Stephen asserted otherwise, writing: Just as logically consistent opposition... Read More
Distinguishing homosexuality from bestiality on an argument based on consent fails in its moral consistency unless the one putting forward such an argument is a strict vegetarian. Many of the people reading this will have just sat down to a dinner comprised in part by the flesh of a creature that was stuck in a... Read More
From the aforementioned social media foray. One commenter to whom I posed the question, were able to choose, would he opt for his son to be gay or straight, answered thusly: My respond to this dodge, which was prompted by the cheap questioning of whether or not I'd love my son if he turns out... Read More
In The Righteous Mind, Jonathan Haidt describes a list of initially five, which he subsequently expands to six, moral foundations. In this theory of morality, there are six major dimensions of morality on which humans operate. Wikipedia provides a brief description of them here. Haidt's research shows that liberals in the US put more emphasis... Read More
The equals sign has become almost ubiquitous as the supreme court considers the issue of same-sex marriage. Why are gay rights so chic at the moment? Putatively fighting for equality is always an easy way to obtain cheap grace. Additionally, though, I suspect it is because the same-sex marriage crusade feels purer than other potential... Read More
With the supreme court considering California's proposition 8 regarding same-sex marriage*, my social media feeds are full of self righteous crusaders crusading for the cause. Leaving alone the legal considerations and even questions about the potential socio-moral fallout in denying people civil rights or alternatively in devaluing marriage, the supercilious sanctimony of so many of the... Read More
A few years ago, I looked at trends in US public opinion on seven major social issues and came to the conclusion that, with the exception of same-sex marriage, traditionalists are doing a decent job of holding the line (see Dan's comments for a more finely grained, contemporary discussion of as much). Levels of support... Read More
Expanding on the idea from a previous post showing that America's Religious Right is more permissive than moderate Muslims throughout the Islamic world are, I'll take a stab at sorting countries by attitudes on social issues. The formula is simple. The WVS asks a series of questions on the justifiability of several different actions and... Read More
The following comment comes from Skadhi the Raverner (Scandanavia's answer to John the Revelator?) on a thread to one of Steve Sailer's posts:Reading this, I instinctively googled "percentage of atheists pro-life" and was somewhat surprised to find scant quantitative treatment of the question, just links to topical forum threads and organizations for those maintaining the... Read More
As if you were interested, my reaction to the morally haughty, celebratory spurt of facebook posts from SWPL friends that have cropped up over the course of the last week in response to the US court of appeals in San Francisco's striking down of proposition 8 follows.Personally, I'm not moved one way or the other... Read More
As someone of a conservative traditionalist bent, I find contemporary Mormonism encouraging. Not for its theological aspects--if I have a spiritual bone in my body, I've yet to find it--but instead for its practical expression. As Jack Cashill memorably said in response to a question about Mormonism's relationship to Christianity at a mock debate in... Read More
++Addition++Commenter Steve astutely pointed out that I forgot to include Italians. The sample size is more than sufficient, I just missed it. The table has been updated appropriately.---The re-posting at R/H/E Notes of a paper on the putative lasciviousness of Swedish women made me wonder about the relationship between ancestry and philandering in the US.... Read More
The biggest reason I was never able to share Jack Hunter's enthusiasm for Governor Sanford has been his poor legislative history on immigration (from a restrictionist's point of view)--Americans for Better Immigration, an outfit of NumbersUSA that issues grade cards for House and Senate members, assigns him an underwhelming 'D+' for his six years as... Read More
Defending hypocrisy is nothing novel. But a previous post on the (favorable) shift in America's moral evaluation of extramarital sex, even if it is not matched in deed, got me thinking about it a little more deeply.Bruce G. Charlton, who is a wellspring of ideas he is frustratingly hesistant (in the opinion of this amateur... Read More
++Addition++In the comments, N/A, who runs Race/History/Evolution Notes, sets me straight on my unsubstantiated presumption that black male-white female relationships are the most common among interracial couples in the US. Note to self: Look at the data before spouting off, dumbass. You'd think, given the content here, I'd have already internalized as much.---In a recent... Read More
One of the arguments against same sex marriage is that it will fundamentally weaken the institution by opening it up to groups who do not take the vows as seriously as they should, thus cheapening the whole enterprise and leading more people to forgo it entirely. Stanley Kurtz is probably the most widely known advocate... Read More
++Addition++Jason Malloy shows that the improvement is one more of words than of actions:When matched for age, those who became adults before or surrounding WWII cheated little (pre sexual revolution, b. 1900-1939). Those who became adults during the 60s and 70s cheated the most (sexual revolution, b. 1940-1959). Those who became adults in the 80s,... Read More
++Addition++The Inductivist did a similar analysis with similar findings a month ago based on voting patterns in the 1996 Presidential election.---With the embarrassing number of hopeful Obama appointments running into tax cheating problems (the latest being Ron Kirk), it's natural to wonder if evasion by high profile leftists is illustrative of a real world trend,... Read More
In a discussion in which Mark of Congenial Times drew a sharp moral distinction between not attending church or having sex with someone of the same gender and having an abortion, the Inductivist responded:More than just seems to be, there most certainly is.