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Environmentalism is the ideology of the young and the privileged: Assessing stereotypes is the blog's raison d'etre, remember. Parenthetically, YouGov just changed the way it displays cross-tabs. "Others" are gone, and whites are broken down by sex and educational attainment but blacks and Hispanics are not.
Washington state governor Jay Inslee briefly appeared on the Democrat presidential debate stage. His tack was environmentalism. He went nowhere, of course. Environmentalism is a boutique political issue. When indigents are defecating in the streets, environmental concerns--concerns more sophisticated than how to remove the scat, anyway--get put on the back burner. It's as true in... Read More
Just as the Latinization of the US does not bode well for Jews, an increasingly non-white America does not bode well for things putatively most concerning to white leftists: The Green trend is even more pronounced on the other side of the Atlantic. The migration crisis is even more pronounced there, too. Do Green voters... Read More
Where do we come up with a thought like that? From what people tell us, that's where. For the first time in 2018, the GSS asked respondents if they agreed or disagreed with the assertion that natural environments tend to be uninteresting. The results wouldn't surprise Teddy Roosevelt anymore than they should surprise Al Gore:... Read More
The latest from the three daily tracking polls have Trump +1 (ABC), Trump +4 (LAT/USC), and Clinton +1 (IBD).Even with all the questionable assumptions and outright rigging that have characterized election polling this cycle, RCP averages now have Trump winning the electoral college if he can flip North Carolina (which Romney won in '12 and... Read More
Reuters-Ipsos conducted month-long poll asking respondents to choose one label from a list of twelve that most accurately described how they identified themselves. The breakdown, nationally (n = 9,124): Label %Total Democrat 25.4 Conservative 22.5 Republican 16.7 Liberal 11.2 Environmentalist 6.5 Feminist 5.0 Libertarian 4.3 Socialist 3.7 Nationalist 2.1 Anarchist 1.1 Populist 0.9 Communist 0.5... Read More
Tangential to Steve Sailer's recent post on the acid test for climate change activists being their positions on immigration is a table showing the percentages of GSS respondents, by ethnicity*, who often/always "make a special effort to sort glass or cans or plastic or papers and so on for recycling". The impetus is a remark... Read More
In a post contemplating the dynamics of a paradigmatic political shift from contemporary left vs. right to localist vs. globalist, Steve Sailer remarks that the buzz phrase "sustainable", while favored by crunchy hipsters more than those identifying as politically conservative, reflects a deeply conservative impulse. An article in Slate illustrates awareness of this shifting, and... Read More
A post where OneSTDV asserted that women, credulous creatures that they be, are largely to blame for the medical industrial complex and social hypochondria (his phrases) made me wonder what the GSS has to tell us about sex differences on questions relating to the willingness to speak openly without regard to the sacred cows that... Read More
There are those on the right who, attuned to the (liberal) zeitgeist, attempt to bring NAMs into their political ranks by emphasizing the putative social conservatism of blacks and Hispanics. Rick Santorum recently illustrated this, and the late Richard Nadler epitomized it.As the US becomes increasingly multiracial and multicultural, our democratic system will increasingly turn... Read More
Half Sigma, a long-time critic of what he terms the Gaia Cult, contends that the enfeeblement of Christianity in the West has created a religious vacuum that said Gaia worship has increasingly come to fill:An atheist himself, HS apparently presumes those of a similar mind on spirituality are similarly antagonistic towards people who promote "green"... Read More
With cap-and-trade in the news, I have a more modest proposal to reduce carbon emissions (or at least suck in government funds by trying to do so) and discourage unnecessary gasoline consumption.Driving home on the interstate yesterday afternoon, I had to kill the cruise control in the face of an irritating line of red brake... Read More
GNXP's Razib alerted me to's listing of average credit scores by state*. Not surprisingly, the scores correlate strongly with a couple of the usual suspects. With the percentage of a state's population that is non-Asian minority (NAM), the correlation is an inverse .74 (p=0). With IQ, the correlation is an even stronger .77 (p=0).... Read More
Awhile back, Fat Knowledge pointed to a report by Ford finding that drivers coached by "eco-driving experts" increased their fuel efficiency markedly:People are actually trained to do this? I presumed most people are aware their driving habits do not optimize fuel economy, but for various reasons (high time preference, not wanting to focus on something... Read More
Ilkka Kokkarinen recalls the ozone hole scare that was part of popular parlance a decade ago, noting that it has essentially disappeared since then:I vaguely remember hearing about ozone depletion and how I'd better where SPF 30 or higher sunscreen when I went to Oceans of Fun unless I wanted skin cancer before I finished... Read More
The most enjoyable news items are those as likely to appear in The Onion as in The Wall Street Journal:(The above happens to come from the latter).
In the previous post on the most recent EPI rankings, Fat Knowledge pointed out that purchasing power parity and environmental performance are apparently related (they correlate at .58), and more strongly so than industrial growth, which is the case.I tend to take for granted that the environmental movement is generally affluent, and to the extent... Read More
The 2008 Environmental Performance Index (EPI), led by professors from Columbia and Yale, was recently released. It uses 25 indicators to assign a score to 149 countries (thanks to Fat Knowledge for clearing this up for me). Three of the thirteen categories used in computing the rankings are based on CO2 emissions, while only two... Read More
India is concerned about a free trade agreement further increasing the deficit it is already running with China: Bilateral trade between the two gargantuans amounted to $39 billion last year, with India receiving $10 billion more in goods and services than it exported to China. Even though India is poorer (with $3,100 in PPP to... Read More
++Addition++Always eager to do my part (and have plenary indulgences, er, credits, granted on my behalf, if you happen to be reading, Mr. Vice President!), I've 'created' a green fitness machine. The control panel on my treadmill just died. It appears to be something electrical. I decided to use it anyway, moving the tread with... Read More
Parapundit's Randall Parker recently reported on competing claims for the Arctic. Five nations are vying seriously for sovereignty stakes. Almost half of the Arctic is encircled by Russia. Through Greenland, Denmark claims closest geographic proximity to the North Pole, with Canada extending almost as far. Norway has the Svalbard archipelago, home to more than 2,200... Read More
Today while working I happened to catch part of a muted news segment on ABC's Good Morning America. The network aired what was clearly designed to be a glowing piece on environmentalist Colin Beaven, who fancies himself the No Impact Man. The segment was entitled "Going Green to the Extreme: No Lights, No Car, No... Read More
I'm looking for suggestions on worthy land preservation funds focusing on native wildlife within the continental US. The personal row with the National Wildlife Federation has augmented to the point that it's no longer an organization I'm willing to donate to. There's a plethora of funds out there, but I'm clueless. The NWF's misanthropy doesn't... Read More