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If it is necessary to calibrate the climate, calibrating it through technology rather than by Luddism is the preferable way to go about it: On the other hand, Bill Gates is critical of cryptocurrencies. Energy is a big cost to the blockchain: If the sun provides less light, electricity will have to provide more! Elon... Read More
A white circle of protection, that is. And they'll need the mana to use it, so let's get appropriate legislation started now: Via Tusk, Wizards of the Coast understands that the phrase "White Lives Matter" is repugnant. There's a card to deal with the cancer of human history. It remains legal and damned well better... Read More
Is there anything Wokeness won't spoil? Rhetorical: The subsequent pieces of art will all be replaced online with this: With Wokeness there can be no art,
Indulge a humble blogger by taking five minutes to watch this clip: We're witnessing an unWoke left in its seminal stages. After squirming and writhing, Dylan Ratigan and Jimmy Dore begrudgingly and implicitly concede that Wokeness + Power = Invincibility. It's not just the 19 year-old cashier at McDonald's who liked an edgy 4chan meme... Read More
- If Joe Biden folds up his campaign before South Carolina, where will black voters go? The most recent Quinnipiac national poll, taken after Iowa, shows Biden's advantage among blacks down to a devastating plurality of just 27%. In second among blacks is Michael Bloomberg with 22%, followed by Sanders at 19%. How hard would... Read More
An entertainer worth a few hundred million dollars inadvertently offers a teachable moment while singing the praises of Bernie Sanders: The Treasury Department accepts unconditional "Gifts to the U.S. Government". Anyone who wants to pay more in taxes may do so. For someone who enjoys a net worth orders of magnitude greater than that of... Read More
Men report being modestly more interested in watching women's soccer than women are: In The Current Year, it's unclear whether this is cause for celebration or censure. Men showing interest in female sports is a Good Thing, but many of these men are doing it for the purpose of ogling young women's bodies, which is... Read More
Percentages who think jockeys should be allowed to whip their horses: The survey was conducted in the San Diego metropolitan area so it's not necessarily nationally representative and the black sample was too small for the survey to report on. The low Asian figure is the only thing I find surprising about the results. And... Read More
Steve Sailer reviewing David Frye's book Walls: I wondered if that deep historical understanding might manage to manifest itself in contemporary popular nerd culture. It does. There are five colors in the M:TG universe. The colors' predominate attributes and the antithesis of those attributes pithily characterized (heading clockwise from noon; white, blue, black, red, green):... Read More
I'll confess to being pleasantly surprised Disney has permitted a reboot of my favorite childhood movie. The Lion King is, as the enlightened like to put it, problematic. The kingdom is a hierarchical one--a monarchical one, more precisely--that maintains strict borders. It is safe and prosperous because of these things. When the rightful ruler is... Read More
The giddiness among Trumpsters over the Smollett news is gross. This story is awful. He allegedly abused police resources, exploited raw divisions in this country, and made it harder for every victim of a hate crime to report. This is sad no matter your politics. — S.E. Cupp (@secupp) February 17, 2019 This hate crime... Read More
Chaimstream Media: That maverick McCain was a real hero. Thinking American: How do you mean, mendacity personified? Chaimstream Media: Well, uh, he crashed a plane and got captured by the Viet Cong. Thinking American: How does that make him a hero? Chaimstream Media: [Angrily] He pushed more amnesties, started more wars, and bankrupted more future... Read More
(via Heartiste)
One of the humorless, vinegar-drinking scolds dripping with supercilious contempt--the people has done what contemporary comedians spend so much time doing. He has looked at something genuinely funny and proclaimed 'that is NOT okay': normies refer to as "comedians"-- No, Apu was created based on existing stereotypes of South Asians. These stereotypes exist because they... Read More
The women's hockey team thinks so, or at least one heroine among them does. My wife had the replay from last night's game on. As we were watching the medals being given out, I made note of how aesthetically pleasing this line of healthy, nubile white women singing the national anthem and waving the stars... Read More
Steve Sailer on tunnels of oppression: I wasn't alone in noticing a similar pattern in market brands on display at commercial breaks during the Super Bowl: With one exception mentioned below, the anti-white messaging from these giants was devoi
I read the first entries in the Harry Potter series in the span of a couple of weeks in the mid-2000s. My younger brother was enthralled by the books but hadn't seen any of the movies released up to that point. I thought it a nice big brother gesture to watch them with him and... Read More
They're thinking about it: So Vox Day is justified in doing the same: The GSS has (at least) five questions that potentially provide some insight into why Jews appear to be heavily overrepresented among the sexually overambitious. The questions don't get into the sort of criminal harassment and abuse that some of the "predators" are... Read More
From a SurveyUSA poll conducted in the San Diego metro area on Trump intervening in China to pull the pampered thieves from UCLA out of the hot water they jumped into, we see an uncharacteristically strong level of support from a demographic group not generally favorable to him. The percentages, by race, who say Trump... Read More
Junior, who wields the social media rapier exceptionally well, captures why Gen Z is going to be quite problematic for the cultural commissars indeed: A theme revisited frequently here is that being on the left in The Current Year means spending all your time and energy coming up with different ways to say "that is... Read More
Scrolling through Nintendo Wii's old game offerings, I see Super Dodge Ball but not Nintendo World Cup. Both were Technos creations and used the same graphics engines. The costs of putting old titles on offer is negligible--sales must be virtually (heh) all margin. The reason one is for purchase while the other is a no... Read More
The totalitarian instinct on display: In the way of background, "The Incredible Doctor Pol" program is a reality show based in rural central Michigan that follows the professional activities in doctor Jan Pol's veterinarian office and of members of his staff as they're doing field visits. The county Pol operates in, like the state itself,... Read More
More evidence supporting Ben Shapiro's assertion that skin color doesn't matter--it's ideology that does! Opinions of O.J. Simpson (n = 2,988): That black support for Simpson is more than three greater than white support for him has nothing to do with skin color per se. It's the consequence of an unfortunate belief--ideology, if you will--in... Read More
Season 8, episode 7--the golden age. This post has been updated to comply with the hosting company's demand that violence not be advocated by any of its users. I'm of the opinion that was never the case, but Blogger has given me countless hours of entertainment for free, so what could it possibly owe me?... Read More
and finds out firsthand that the National Question is about more than just economic expediency (recorded from my smartphone, forgiveness please):
Hamilton is hell for tradcon propositionalists. It follows historical events pretty accurately and some of the founding fathers are protagonists. There's no angle for criticism. It doesn't even occur to them that Pence showing up to such an ethnomasochistic production is regrettable.The best they can do in the current situation is point out that the... Read More
The Coalition of the Fringes is tearing and fraying more and more by the day. In response to the public pillorying of Mike Pence, #BoycottHamilton started up. Yes, it's silly to think a status-signalling display of conspicuous consumption where the dynamic is one of artificially restricted supply designed to insure demand remains unsatisfied is vulnerable... Read More
This PRI's The World report is delightfully painful to listen to. The show's host, Marco Werman, is an archetypal SWPL who has NPR's breathy unctuousness to a tee. In typical mainstream media fashion he is gently guiding the correspondent at the RNC into insinuating that Trump supporters at the convention are one overly zealous mark... Read More
Single, younger women vote Democrat and older, married women vote Republican, of course. If we adjust for age and number of children birthed, though, I bet Trump's women are aesthetically better than Hillary's are. When we're talking about activist-types, or at least the ones who'll get campaign gear and go to rallies, Trump's girls crush... Read More
Just when you thought everything but the kitchen sink had been thrown at Trump, here comes something else: The assertion that he is president Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho. It looks like that sinking feeling is spreading throughout CultMarx ranks, then, as they preemptively concede the election to one very specific man! What would... Read More
Steve Sailer reflecting on the big three American sports and their relative popularity (football and basketball on the ascent, baseball on the decline) includes this graph from John Rivers: The correlations between the racial composition of the total US population and the racial compositions of the populations of Major League Baseball, the National Football League,... Read More
A high-brow Hispanic 'activist' group followed up the release of its cinematic masterpiece with an offer to pay $5,000 to anyone who would call Donald Trump a racist while he hosted SNL, a production that is recorded live in front of a studio audience in the SWPL paradise of midtown Manhattan. I have to confess... Read More
During its golden age, The Simpsons covered all the bases. An exchange, relevant to today's McCain/Trump 'controversy', that transpired more than two decades ago: Homer: That little Timmy is a real hero. Lisa: What makes him a hero, Dad? Homer: Well, he fell down the well and ... can't get out. Lisa: How does that... Read More
The bugger and scofflaw Jose Antonio Vargas is hosting an upcoming MTV 'documentary' entitled White People. It "tackles the hot topic conversation of white privilege head-on in a special presentation borne out of MTV's Emmy-winning Look Different campaign". It appears that the formula is to prod some college-aged white kids into humiliating themselves about how... Read More
I was in middle school when Gladiator came out, and I liked it when I saw it in the movie theater. The opening battle scene against a loosely interpreted German tribe like the Marcomanni or Quadi is a thrill. That the disorganized combat melee and use of siege weapons in the forest against a mobile... Read More
The idea that Jenner is taking a stand and refusing to bow to social norms is ridiculous. This isn't David standing up to Goliath. The entire Establishment--the entertainment world, the mainstream media, corporate America, academia--is behind him. It's the small mom-and-pop bakeries, the ordinary middle Americans who dare to object to a deviation from the... Read More
Heartiste recently pointed to Bender from The Breakfast Club as "possibly the most iconic charismatic alpha male jerkboy in pre-post-America movie history". Judd Nelson's character is more than just an onscreen embodiment of jerkboy characteristics, he also serves as a great illustration of why so many traditionalists are antagonistic towards the concept, and more importantly... Read More
In The Way of Men, Jack Donovan distinguishes between "being a good man" and "being good at being a man". The two qualities may correlate positively, inversely, or not at all. This distinction strikes me as the most important idea in the eminently readable book, so here's a simple pop cultural visualization of the two... Read More
Despite the general vernacular understanding of the rule, it is not necessary for a receiver to maintain control of the ball as he goes to the ground unless previous control was never established, control being defined by Rule 8, Section 1, Article 3 of the official 2013 NFL rule book as follows: A and B... Read More
Reading Steve Sailer's movie review of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, the sequel to the 2011 Rise of the Planet of the Apes, I expected a mindless, gory, action-packed allegorical illustration of oppressive white America on the receiving end of righteous reprisals administered by the recently liberated non-whites, a la Django Unchained, with... Read More
I've been thinking about how awful the last two US presidents have been at speaking interactively in public. Given that it constitutes a not insignificant portion of what they do (and what they've done with some regularity prior to ascending to the highest political office in the country), I'd have trouble believing it if I... Read More
Steve Sailer has recently been mulling over the idea that bringing in former Australian Rules football players to become NFL punters could shake up the game by giving teams that employ them a competitive advantage and making 4th downs more exciting in the process. Steve suspects that punts often referred to by commentators unfamiliar with... Read More
Today is the 20th anniversary of the release of my favorite album of all time. There are objective measures of things like rhythm, harmony, and melody, but much of what constitutes musical preference is subjective, and much of it is a consequence of time and place. People tend to most favor music corresponding to their... Read More
The Mexican gun-running program, proleishly labelled "Fast and Furious"; the murderous, mendacious Benghazi cover-up; the IRS thuggery, destruction of evidence, and obstruction of justice--all three of these scandals strike me as more corrupt and, in the case of the first two, deadly--literally, deadly--than the Watergate scandal that brought down Richard Nixon was. Yet even in... Read More
Randall Parker has a fun post on hypothetical* time machine travel and what he fantasizes about being able to accomplish if given access to the requisite technology. In that spirit, the first three things that came to this rank amateur's mind: - 326, modern-day Serbia. Locate the place Constantine's (probably) illegitimate but competent son Crispus... Read More
Tapping the GSS from 2000 onward for contemporary relevance, the percentage of black men who agree/strongly agree that there are times when it is necessary to discipline a child with a "good, hard spanking": 86.4%. The percentage of white liberals who concur is 52.3%, and among liberal white women is just 47.4%. Among conservative whites,... Read More
Steve Sailer recently pondered over ways the NFL might make the point after touchdown (PAT, or "extra point" in the vernacular) attempt a little more exciting by making it's outcome less predictable. Over the last five regular seasons, PAT attempts were successful 99.20% of the time. For people other than Americans or Canadians being introduced... Read More