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There are those on the right who, attuned to the (liberal) zeitgeist, attempt to bring NAMs into their political ranks by emphasizing the putative social conservatism of blacks and Hispanics. Rick Santorum recently illustrated this, and the late Richard Nadler epitomized it.As the US becomes increasingly multiracial and multicultural, our democratic system will increasingly turn... Read More
Prior to the release of the 2010 GSS data set, finding questions on the perceived danger of nuclear power generation required going back as far as the early nineties. In response to a commenter, I attempted just that. Now, more contemporary responses are available, albeit still prior to the Japanese tsunami.Responses are on a 5-point... Read More
In the comments of the previous post, a reader asserts a common perception (or misperception, apparently) concerning green luddites: The GSS asked a couple of questions concerning the potential dangers of nuclear power generation--one about those posed to a respondent's family, the other posed to the environment in general--in 1993 and again in 1994. Responses... Read More
A few days ago in Jacksonville, Obama responded to McCain's lauding of the lifted executive order on offshore drilling: How about turning that around by saying it would have a long-term benefit in increasing oil production levels but no short-term cost, since it would take 10 years to get any oil? Opposition to increasing the... Read More
Futurepundit's Randall Parker sees restrictions on domestic oil production effectively serving to lower the US' collective time preference for gasoline. We'll pass on the marshmallow now to guarantee a couple of them down the road--or at least we'll let it roast for awhile until it takes on a golden hue: This isn't the first time... Read More
Food commodity prices are up. The price of corn has nearly doubled over the last year. Soybeans and sugar have both risen at annual rates higher than inflation (although sugar has been coming down recently), even as harvests have been good. A significant driver of these increases has been the push for ethanol and biodiesel:... Read More