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End of nationhood?

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Ed West doesn't think many Europeans would, if the prospect of military action between Russia and the West was actualized, be willing to fight for the EU. I suspect it would be a moot point because the US would end up providing the lion's share of the 'Allied' forces, but his sentiment seems about right.... Read More
The Supreme Court shot down three powerful entities in one fell swoop: The President (and the executive branch more broadly), the ICJ (the UN's judicial body), and those opposed to capital punishment were all rebuked. The state of Texas has some wiggle room in pulling directly from the Vienna Convention. Article 36, Paragraph 2 reads:... Read More
In a recent post on rising economic nationalism within the US, Parapundit's Randall Parker excerpts from economist Robert Samuelson, among others, who writes:Is that not exactly what corporations do, if you just replace the word "countries'" with "corporations'" in each of the sentences, and perhaps change "nationalistic" to "competitive" or something that means essentially the... Read More