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Election 2020

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No, we're winning so there's no upside but there is potential downside. And we don't want to platform a fascist. And we don't want people to get Covid: It has nothing to do with senescence or laptops. Nothing!
Net responses to the question of whether the family's financial situation has gotten better or gotten worse over the last year, by state: Trump will win all of the net better and net no change states, but he'll need to win several net worse states as well to be reelected. That's tough. The campaign strategy... Read More
In the recent post reporting on Trump's electoral enthusiasm advantage over Biden, several astute commenters noted that while enthusiasm for Biden was lukewarm among the former vice president's supporters, motivation to vote against Trump burns with the passion of one thousand suns inside many of them. Biden voters express more antipathy towards Trump than Trump... Read More
It's hard to find positive indicators regarding Trump's reelection chances, but voter enthusiasm is one of them: Most Trump voters are "enthusiastic" about backing the president while a plurality of Biden voters are merely "satisfied, but not enthusiastic" about the former vice president. And while only a handful of Trump voters, 6%, are dissatisfied or... Read More
Democrats warn that when the election doesn't go Trump's way, he and his supporters are going to become #TheResistance. It's going to be, they admonish, a repeat of 2016 when Trump refused to abide by the results of that election. To prove how serious they are about the importance of accepting outcomes even when things... Read More
Among those polled who have already cast a ballot--one-quarter of the voting electorate claim to have done so--Joe Biden leads Donald Trump by a staggering 68%-29% margin. The left is pushing hard for people to request ballots and send them in immediately. This may negate the seeming election night victory predicted here for Trump, a... Read More
Are Joe Biden and his corporatist handlers further left than New York City mayor Bill de Blasio? Than Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey? Than Seattle mayor Jenny Durkan? Than Portland mayor Ted Wheeler, whose reelection bid is in real trouble on account of a woman who is challenging him from his left? No, not by a... Read More
The following graph shows the change in Donald Trump's advantage or disadvantage against his Democrat opponent by various demographics from 2016 to 2020. In 2016, Hillary Clinton had a one-point edge among those aged 45-64. In 2020, Trump has a one-point lead over Joe Biden among that age group. The change is thus represented in... Read More
In Manufacturing Consent, Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman describe how the Establishment creates a softly coercive consensus using the combined power of corporate media, DC think tanks, and the military-industrial complex. By laundering information through this vast network, the system is able to fabricate perceived realities at odds with reality itself. Future president Kamala Harris... Read More
Extrapolating from these poll results, well over 100 million Americans do not expect the Trump administration to go gently into that good night after Joe Biden is declared the president-elect: The 12% of respondents who answered "not sure" are included in these results of the residuals that are not shown. Among those with an opinion,... Read More
The Democrats are increasingly the party of the rich and poor, Republicans of the middle and those at risk of sliding out of it: Like other demographic trends--racial, educational, religious, marital--this bodes well for Democrat electoral prospects in the future. The ranks of the top are growing a little, the ranks of the bottom are... Read More
The corporate media is in collusion with the Biden campaign--it's hard to describe Biden reading from a teleprompter during media interviews any other way--so it's safe to assume the former vice president had the questions ahead of time. Biden delivered his rehearsed answers satisfactorily to a general audience and extremely well to people who think... Read More
The betting markets by state have looked a bit better for Trump than polling averages by state have for several months, but the differences between the two have widened recently. Polling presages an electoral blowout: But skin in the game thinks it will be a considerably closer run contest: The most obvious reason for this... Read More
Despite every aspect of the nationwide psyop falling apart over the course of the last four years, the collusion hoax was still largely successful. Four-in-five Americans with an opinion think the Russians have their heavy thumbs positioned to press hard on the electoral scales in November: A couple of things potentially check that dim view... Read More
A minimum of 35% and a maximum of 65% of Democrats say the GOP-controlled Senate should've considered Merrick Garland in 2016 but that the GOP-controlled Senate should not consider Amy Coney Barrett now. A minimum of 17% and a maximum of 40% of Republicans say the Senate was correct in not considering Obama's nominee but... Read More
The First Step Act, attacking Biden/Harris for being tough on crime in the past, bringing the great Herschel Walker on among a host of other soul brothers at the RNC--none of these things are working: Also, dar rEpUbLiCaNs ArE tHe PaRtY oF tHe RiCh! The Democrat party has outraised the GOP in corporate donations in... Read More
Mitt Romney and Lisa Murkowski are less unpopular and modestly more popular, respectively, among Democrats than they are among Republicans: Despite appearing to have settled into his role as professional betrayer, Romney is gesturing towards a vote on President Trump's nominee. Perhaps he intends to pull a fast one and vote "no", finally settling the... Read More
It's not hyperbole: The immediate reaction most people have has to do with Biden's senility. Whew, he's really lost a step, the poor guy. Should he be president? Can he be president? These are understandable reactions. While they illustrate the absurdity of democracy, though, they don't destroy it. The obvious collusion between putative news sources... Read More
It seems Harry Reid's chickens are coming home to roost: The alacritous president is ready to go: Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death was surely less of a shock to Washington insiders than it was to those of us in the provinces--and it isn't all that shocking to us. The late Justice was a decade older than... Read More
Though the betting markets suspect it will be Joe Biden: The people expect it to be Donald Trump: This result comes from a sample supporting Biden by 9 points over Trump. Not only is Trump's party more certain of his impending triumph than Biden's party is of his, independents find a Trump victory more probable... Read More
Joe Biden is wildly out of step with the Democrat electorate in his obstinate opposition to Medicare for All: Some 71% of insurance industry presidential election donations in the 2020 election cycle have gone to Democrats, while just 29% have gone to the GOP. That 71% comes to a little over $6 million in extremely... Read More
Democrats are destined to dominate the mail in vote: Many of those ballots will not have been received and processed by election night. When the time comes to start calling states, will the corporate media extrapolate the results of the yet-to-be-received votes based on the mail in ballots that have been counted up to that... Read More
The following graphs show the perceived sentiments of Joe Biden and Donald Trump towards various major demographic groupings by partisan affiliation of those doing the perceiving: A few noteworthy things: - That Democrats perceive evil orange man as caring about whites, men, and the wealthy does not reflect positively on Trump, it reflects poorly on... Read More
From the large 2016 Cooperative Congressional Election Study: Total fertility rates of non-Orthodox Jews are below replacement. TFRs for the Orthodox are hard to pin down, but they are well above replacement, with estimates ranging from anywhere between 3-8 children per woman. By the time Donald Trump's Orthodox Jewish grandchildren are his age, Jews will... Read More
In a quixotic quest to find reasons to cast doubt on our predictions of a Biden/Harris blowout in November, here's one that may be flying under the radar, apropos the previous post--the Libertarian ticket. The party's presidential candidate: There's a reason (nearly?) all politicians who identify as libertarians (Ron Paul, Justin Amash, Gary Johnson, Bill... Read More
Michael S suggests rather than an electorally unified and active black population directing the Democrat party, the DNC tells blacks what to believe and they believe it: It brings to mind the plantation analogy white conservatives love hearing non-Democrat blacks talk about. There could be some truth to it, though as Michael allows it doesn't... Read More
The extent to which the preference of older black Americans override the preferences of the many other factions of the Democrat electoral coalition is difficult to overstate: It's not predominantly the party of working people or the party of immigrants or the party of government or the party of peace. More than anything else, it... Read More
They are almost perfectly aligned, the only difference being that while the polling averages show Biden winning Ohio, the money is on Trump holding the state: A few words on Queen Kamala, the salvage maven of second-rate wannabe philosophers. Instead of eating the legendary Harris Crow, we now get to quip about being just a... Read More
More evidence UBI is coming. It's implicitly already here. It's a question of when, not if, its perpetual recurrence becomes codified into law: It is almost unheard of for an action explicitly tied to Trump to be this popular. Even Democrats are split down the middle. To say it's a winning issue for the president... Read More
From the 2016 Cooperative Congressional Election Study we see that outside the progressive wing of the Democrat party, there is little desire to defund the police: Body cameras are even more popular on the left than on the right. Whether or not this holds remains to be seen. Rhetorically, it'll be tough for the left... Read More
The inverse correlation between favoring stricter gun laws and Donald Trump's share of the 2016 presidential vote is a remarkable .95. That is a staggeringly strong relationship for the social sciences. Indeed, it is effectively a perfect correlation after sampling noise is accounted for. More than abortion, immigration, taxation, race relations, war, or any other... Read More
Using the 2016 Cooperative Congressional Election Study, we create a white privilege reality index using responses to a question from the racism module about whether or not white people enjoy inherent advantages in American society. Index values are computed by (2*%strongly agree)+(%somewhat agree)-(%somewhat disagree)-(2*%strongly disagree): Think the Democrat indices were off the charts way back... Read More
From the 2016 Cooperative Congressional Election Study, positions of primary voters on five immigration issues: Note that primary supporters of "Another Democrat" (whatever became of Jim Webb?) were more hawkish on every question than John Kasich's primary voters. Several of those endangered Blue Dogs crossed over to Trump's GOP. The Ohio governor has a speaking... Read More
The GSS suggests it occurs. So does the Cooperative Congressional Election Study of 2016, which surveyed 38,465 people who reported voting in a presidential primary during the last election cycle. Of those, 259 were classified as non-citizen immigrants. That comes to 0.7% of the active primary electorate. The party distribution of their primary/caucus party participation:... Read More
In an election year, everything is political, including methods of voting. The question of whether a person plans to go to the ballot box or drop an envelope into the mailbox has partisan contours: Republicans assume vote by mail will permit the leftist power structure to fabricate Democrat votes. The Secretary of State or equivalent... Read More
Does your faith in the integrity of the electoral process need shoring up? Spend more time in academia: Four other responses--"a moderate amount" (28%), "only a little" (15%), "none at all" (11%), and "not sure" (11%)--were offered, so maybe it's not as bad as it looks at first blush. On the other hand, if Americans... Read More
It does not look upon them favorably. Excepting the proper noun "White House" and an instance in reference to the Ryan White fund, the following excerpts exhaustively contextualize contemporary official Democrat doctrine on whites and whiteness: The string "white" makes 23 appearances in the document but is notably absent from the list of "all our... Read More
Net favorability ratings for president Trump and presidential hopeful Biden by selected demographic profiles follow. For being a hidebound old white man, Biden does pretty well with non-white women--and abysmally with his fellow white men. For a Trumpian white pill, note that excepting women under the age of 35, Trump is viewed more favorably than... Read More
Democrat voters overwhelmingly want their vice presidential candidate to be a woman: Most of the residual answers are "not sure". Only 6% expressed a desire the candidate be a man. The "not sure" response will, in many cases, be a legitimate one rather than merely being a non-answer. If identity politics is not your primary... Read More
From a Civiqs tracking poll with an enormous total respondent pool (N = 393,130), president Trump's net approval among non-Hispanic white registered voters by state: State NetApproval 1) Mississippi +62 2) Alabama +59 3) Louisiana +54 4) Arkansas +48 5) South Carolina +40 6) Georgia +34 7) Wyoming +33 7) West Virginia +33 9) Oklahoma... Read More
Sleepy Joe is soporific. It's directionally good but weak, the phoning it in nickname. Creepy Joe sounds nefarious. There is something attractive about a highly successful super villain. And it's been a meme for years. People are already aware. Honing in on the cognitive decline saliently manifesting itself every time Biden speaks publicly is an... Read More
RCP's averages have Trump ceding Arizona, Florida, Maine's second congressional district, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin from 2016 without flipping any states of his own: Biden's prospects have never been better. The betting markets similarly have him winning in a landslide: When we last visited the trading floor back in May, Biden was... Read More
White progressives like pointing out that by nominating Biden over Sanders, the party has ensured no one is going to vote for the Democrat presidential nominee. Instead, they'll vote against Trump. Well, that ignorance is spoken from a place of privilege. It otherizes the lived experience of black bodies that have been eager to support... Read More
Kamala Harris is the people's choice: Her advantage over Elizabeth Warren runs the demographic gamut. The only exception is among voters under thirty years of age, a notoriously unreliable cohort. Harris even beats Warren among Democrat primary voters who self-describe as politically liberal. Harris has a huge advantage over Warren among Hispanics (37% to 16%),... Read More
The polls and the betting markets are working hard to make our prediction of a Biden blowout come true. Here's a potential counterpoint suggesting Trump supporters are, while outnumbered, far more enthusiastic about their guy than Democrats are about theirs:   What, is it really too much to ask of someone to give up a... Read More
Via Trends we see Tara Reade has drawn 75% as much public interest as Christine Blasey Ford did: The New York Times, in contrast, has only seen it fit to provide Reade 12% as much coverage as it devoted to Blasey Ford. Biden's accuser has been mentioned in 68 articles, Kavanaugh's in 570 of them.... Read More
State-level polling doesn't bode well for president Trump's reelection chances, at least as of May 19, 2020: But how did Donald Trump's election chances look at the same point in time during the 2016 campaign? Only modestly better: On the eve of election night, polling prognostications appeared much better for him than they had six... Read More
RCP state polling averages as of May 19, 2020: state favorites as of May 19, 2020: Polling shows Biden winning Ohio and Florida. Bettors think Trump will hold onto both of them. The states both polling and greenskin in the game see flipping from 2016 to 2020 are Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. The... Read More
This doesn't bode well for public trust in our electoral institutions on November 4th, 2020: Though results are not broken down by both race and political orientation in the survey results, we can deduce from the relatively low levels of black trust that white Democrat trust is quite high. The secretary of state in Pennsylvania,... Read More
What other than Who? Whomism? could explain why 54% of Democrats say if allegations of sexual assault against Donald Trump are proven, they disqualify him from the presidency while just 30% of Democrats say the same regarding Joe Biden? A subconscious conversion of "if allegations against X are proven true" to "do you think the... Read More